Sunday, January 12, 2014

1850 Bat Rep: Iron Warriors Vs Adeptus Mechanicus (Grey Knights + Necrons)

I played a game recently as part of this years build up to the Big Game 2014 coming in February (I will have a post soon with more info on that).  I went over to my buddy, LordBranRedmaw's place and we played a game against a new army he is working on.  Using Grey Knight and Necrons he is building a counts-as Adeptus Mechanicus army.

We rolled up 2 random missions to play simultaneously, like the Bay Area Open format missions. We rolled Big Guns Never Tire as the Primary and Crusade as the secondary.  We had 6 total Objectives; 3 for Big Guns and 3 for Crusade.  The Deployment type was Vanguard Strike.  I won the roll for deploy-first go-first and he did not sieze.

Here is a pic of my first turn:

I moved everything forward as fast as I could.  I've made a realization recently with the Chaos Space Marine Codex; as much as I want it to be a shooty codex it is not.  It is an assault codex.  I decided this would be the first game where I try to embrace this feature of the codex.  I used to play a rhino rush Iron Warrior army back in 3rd edition and was very successful.  I may be able to go back to a similar style.  We shall see...

Let me explain a few things going on in the picture above.  The purple rhino my Warpsmith is standing on is borrowed from LordBranRedmaw's collection.  I had forgot to bring a couple of rhinos so I borrowed two from him.  Also the strange looking beast on the square base on the left side of the picture is an objective.  There are several of these we used as objectives another one is in the crater towards the top center of the picture above.

I got first turn and moved everything forward.  I had 4 rhinos, 2 vindicators and 5 Spawn deployed on the table.  In reserve ready to deepstrike in I had 5 raptors, 2 obliterators and 3 terminators.

As you can see from this angle, a large squad of Necron Warriors guarded an objective.

Hiding behind a large immobile vehicle (a piece of terrain) A Necron Overlord stays out of sight hoping to avoid the wrath of the Iron Warriors.

Suddenly after a loud boom and the smell of ozone, Modrak and his Ghost Knights teleport in behind the Iron Warrior lines and let off a hail of fire, wrecking a rhino and rendering the squad inside unable to shoot or assault for a turn.

The next turn the Warpsmith orders an all-out move straight into the enemy lines.  Three Iron Warrior Terminators also teleport  right in front of the Warpsmith's rhino.

As the Iron Warrior Army moves forward the Spawn move into position to charge the large squad of Necron warriors.  While the Vindicators line up shots on the Immortals.

The Marine squad whose rhino got blown up move forward and attempt to surround the Grey Knight terminators to hamper their movement in the next turn.

The Raptor squad also deepstrikes behind the Necron Lines.

The Spawn charge and gets locked in combat with the Necron Warriors.  They would remain there for a while.  Which was my devious plan in the first place of course.

His Callidus assassin then shows up and attacks my raptors hoping to blow them all away.  It doesn't work however.

His Necron Immortals move up and blow away the Warpsmith's Rhino.  The squad emerges unscathed and ready for blood.

A Squad of Grey Knight Terminators deep strike behind one of my advancing rhinos and blow it up.  The Marine squad inside takes some casualties but doesn't get pinned and doesn't run away.

Another squad of Grey Knight terminators deep strike right in the middle of my armoured spearhead.  Their shots, however do nothing.

The Iron Warriors squad, led by the Warpsmith advances to a line of sand bags, while the terminator squad blows away the Immortal squad with shooting.

The Terminators line up an assault on the assassin.  The Warpsmith and his squad moves over the Sand Bags.

The Terminators charge the assassin but it hits and runs out of combat with nary a scratch.

The Spawn continue to hold the Necron Warrior squad in hth while the reduced size marine squad moves back behind the line of sand bags.

The squad of Mordrak's Ghost warriors move around after shooting the marine squad and try to get better line of sight to the rest of the board.  The Terminator squad that deep striked into the middle of the Iron Warriors Armour was obliterated by Vindicators and another Grey Knight squad moved up yo try and shoot the marines who are hiding behind the sand bags.

The Terminators then charge the assassin again and the Warpsmith and his squad continue their march throught the back field, killing the Necron Overlord and getting Slay The Warlord.

Obliterators deep strike in and start their shooting at the Grey Knight Squad.

The Dreadknight deepstrikes in and then the next turn assaults a vindicator and blows it up.

The two terminators charge  the Dreadknight and one is killed.

The Warpsmith and his squad moves over to the squad of Necron Warriors.

The marine squad moves up to target the Dreadknight.

The Vindicator then turns and fires, destroying the Dreadknight.

Mordrak and his Ghost Squad then move around the terrain and blows the cultist squad off the objective.

The Warpsmith and the marine squad fire on the Necron Warrior squad, eventually killing some of them but they wouldn't break

At the end, The Warpsmith stands supreme, winning the the scenario.  The strange alliance of Grey Knights and Necrons are smashed before the armoured might of the Warpsmith's Iron Warriors.

Until next time....