Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eye Of Terror Campaign - Iron Warriors Vs Eldar Craftworld Antares

Seti and I have decided to start a campaign between the two of us.  We have played two games thus far both at his house.

We have decided that his place will be Belial IV, an abandoned Eldar Crone world within the Eye Of Terror.  And my place will be Eidolon an Eldar Maiden World within the Eye which currently is being contested by the four Chaos Gods.

Two games have been played on Belial IV (which features in the Black Library novel, Farseer by William King) so far.

Both games featured my Chaos Sorceror Melkor and have been 1500 points.  The first game was a quarters mission in which we played a modified version of the mission Escape from the Jaws of Hell from the Crusade of Fire campaign book which GW released just a few weeks ago.  His blog, Eye of Isha, will be doing battle reports when we play at his place and my blog will be doing the reports when the games are held at my place.

So far he has the first battle report up and the second one will soon be posted as well, this second one was played last Saturday.

The first two games had Melkor's expeditionary force sent to Belial IV to search for Chaos or perhaps Eldar Artifacts which were rumored to exist there.  Through two games Melkor has been unsuccessful and been beaten fairly soundly, the Eldar are being protective.

The next several games will most likely be played at my place on Eidolon.  Eidolon has long been fought over by the 4 main Chaos Gods and is usually in a state of constant warfare.

This campaign will be set on Eidolon during a rare lull in the battles.  The four Gods are focused elsewhere at the moment for reasons known only to themselves and so the Iron Warriors under the overall command of Lord Boroth have moved their fleet into orbit.

The reasons for being here are two-fold.  Boroth believes that there exist ancient Eldar weapons of extreme power which still lie undiscovered beneath the planet's surface, in underground caves which once may have been created by the Eldar. Boroth also knows that while his Grand Company is still quite powerful on its own, that without allies his army will only last so long.  To command a Chaos army is to fight off the powerful forces of battlefield and internal attrition.  His forces must be constantly rebuilt and allies must be sought and brought into the fold if the Long War against the Imperium is to be continued.

Knowing the Gods of Chaos with their followers fight over this planet on an almost constant basis, Boroth has concluded that perhaps some of the God's champions could be convinced to join his cause in the Long War.

The Eldar of Craftworld Antares know of Eidolon, they know of the constant warfare and they know some of its ancient history.  They know enough of what lies beneath the surface to be scared of what the Iron Warriors may be able to accomplish should they not be stopped.  This is what bring them to Eidolon.

This weekend may be the first battle on Eidolon.  I will take pictures and do a battle report which will show up here probably next week if the battle is fought this weekend.

I have several other posts in the works for this blog.  I have more Work In Progress posts as well as a review of the Crusade Of Fire book.

Until then...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Stuff I've been working on

I think this will be a recurring topic on my blog from now on.  I have been inspired by 6th edition and because of Allies and the new Chaos Codex I have been energized to build new stuff.

Here are some pictures of my latest finished Traitor Guardsmen for my Iron Warriors.

Here are some flamer dudes:

Here are three missile launcher heavy weapon teams:

And here are three either company or platoon commanders:

 I have also started painting up the following guard models:

Another commander, this time he has a fearsome chaos power axe in his left hand!

The guy on the right has a vox caster and the one on the left is holding a rather large bombs, which can be thrown at the enemy to approximate a demo charge!

Here are a couple more dudes with flamers:

I have a medic as well.  I don't know how often he will be used, but I will paint him up none the less.

And we have a guy kneeling with a melta gun:

This guy has a missile strapped to his backpack.

And yet another flamer dude for the heck of it:

I also just got these guys in the mail and I can't wait to put them together and start painting them:

Until next time.....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Battle Report - Iron Warriors versus Marines Errant Part 2

As the battle rages on, the Iron Warriors right flank begins to focus on a small force of combat squads which the Marines Errant had been hoping to hide.  One squad is trying to hold an objective and the other is in a nearby building.

Meanwhile on the Iron Warrior's left flank, the Marines Errant begin pushing forward with their landraider.

The Rhino disgorges a 10 man squad of Iron Warriors who proceed to fire into a combat squad.  Behind them a 5 man squad of raptors prepares an assault.

In the center, a squad of cultists emerge from reserve and cower behind a ruined building awaiting orders.  The Iron Warriors Predator advances into midfield.

Back on the left flank the Iron Warrior's cultists move forward.

While both flanks continue their maneuvering, in the center ruined building and Iron Warriors marine squad unlatches their grenades from their belts and launches an assault against a Marines Errant Razorback.

The Marines Errant, led by their Librarian also launch an assault on an Iron Warriors Helbrute.

On the far right flank the Iron Warriors marine squad assaults into a lone Marines Errant Marine who was the sole survivor of a squad who had gotten shot up by the squad already.

The Marines Errant Landraider then moves forward and out comes a marine combat squad with another Librarian.  The Iron Warrior's second raptor squad also emerges from reserve in response to the large armoured beastly threat that the landraider represents.

Into the central ruined building launches the Librarian, fresh from his landraider he assaults into the Iron Warrior Warpsmith.  The Warpsmith, seeing an ancient enemy bellows out a challenge and the Librarian, sensing an opportunity to end this fight in one swift blow, accepts.

After several rounds of combat and several Marines Errants have gone down, the Helbrute finally dies.  An Iron Warriors squad seeing how important the objective is that is being fought over move into combat range. They yell orders over at the cultist squad and they join the fray.

The Raptors move up and unleash super-heated melta-hell at the landraider.  The gods of chaos are fickle, however, and chose to have their guns jam.  Nothing happens to the landraider and the raptors shrug.

The cultist squad in the center move up behind the predator to take the objective.  On the far side of the table the other squad of raptors begin their advance lining up an assault on another combat squad.  The Iron Warriors marine squad, after killing the lone marine move into the ruins and capture another objective.

The Librarian, hiding behind a pole of the elevator is still alive hacking through Iron Warriors trying to deny them the objective.

The Landraider Redeemer then opens fire on the raptors and immolates them utterly.

The Warpsmith tries to take out the landraider single-handedly, but his melta attachment on his mechatendrils fails to hit.

The Librarian begins fighting cultists and holds his own, unsurprisingly.

The central objective is being contested and the lone raptor can't shift the tactical squad.

A lone Sargent holds an objective in the Marines Errant depoyment zone.

The Iron Warriors marine squad holds onto an objective in the Marines Errant's deployment.

The full 10 man cultist squad hunkers down and holds onto the objective in the center.

The smoke clears and the game ends.

The Marines Errant pull out the win.

9-5 was the final score, I believe.  Please pipe in if you can recall the exact score Pen, my memory is hazy.

Next up......stuff I have been working on.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Battle Report - Iron Warriors versus Marines Errant Part 1

This battle took place a few weeks ago, so I apologize for the delay but I have been rather busy and have also had next to no motivation to post anything recently.

My friend had come into town for a day and we got 2 games in.  This first game pitted his Marines Errant versus my Iron Warriors. We played a 2,000 point game and we rolled up the mission randomly.  We got the Scouring Mission with the Dawn of War deployment.

I took a modified version of my 1371 point list with some added units and wargear.

Here is a shot of the battlefield in turn 2, I had forgotten to take a pic of the deployment:

At this point in the game I had blown up a rhino.  The squad that was in it is now sitting in its remains in the middle of the board.  We used crates and barrels to represent blown up vehicles.

In the middle of the battlefield I had destroyed another rhino.

At the bottom of the board my 10-man marine squad had shuffled a bit to get a bit closer to the objective.

The marines on the hill line up a few shots.

The Iron Warriors have maneuvered into position to get better shots the next turn.  One rhino has moved up behind the central building in preparation for disembarking into the building so they can get shots on the marine squad who got blown out of their transport.

This Iron Warrior squad opened up with its autocannon and blew up the Marines Errant Rhino which was advancing up the center.

The rhino with the Warpsmith stays behind cover for at least one more turn.

The small Marines Errant Combat Squad is protecting the 2 point exploding objective in the far corner of the board.  They are praying to the Emperor that they will remain safe.

A 5-man Marines Errant Combat Squad with a lascannon takes up position on a hill for better lanes of fire.

The combat squad has a good line of sight to half of the battlefield.

A Razorback had moved up to behind the central building.

The Iron warriors in the rhino that got blown up move into the central building and open up on the Marines Errant squad.  Other elements of the Iron Warriors army also open up on that squad and kill them all.

The Iron warriors Helbrute and marine squad move up closer to the objective.

After firing until they couldn't fire anymore the Iron Warriors eliminate all but one Marines Errant Marine.  He had somehow dodged all of the bullets flying in at him.

Another combat squad of the Marines Errant disembark into the central building and fire on the Iron Warriors marine squad hoping that they would do more damage.

The Iron Warrior Squad survived and with some help from the Warpsmith with the Burning Brand of Skalathrax burn the entire combat squad to ash.

Turn 4 is when our reserves began to arrive.  The Marines Errant Landraider makes an appearance.

And on the Iron Warriors right flank, a squad of Raptors fly onto the table to reinforce an Iron Warriors rhino.

In the center of the board a Predator open fire and blows off the turret of a Razorback.

A Librarian and combat squad move forward along with the land raider.

Coming up next post is the conclusion of this battle.