Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eye Of Terror Campaign - Iron Warriors Vs Eldar Craftworld Antares

Seti and I have decided to start a campaign between the two of us.  We have played two games thus far both at his house.

We have decided that his place will be Belial IV, an abandoned Eldar Crone world within the Eye Of Terror.  And my place will be Eidolon an Eldar Maiden World within the Eye which currently is being contested by the four Chaos Gods.

Two games have been played on Belial IV (which features in the Black Library novel, Farseer by William King) so far.

Both games featured my Chaos Sorceror Melkor and have been 1500 points.  The first game was a quarters mission in which we played a modified version of the mission Escape from the Jaws of Hell from the Crusade of Fire campaign book which GW released just a few weeks ago.  His blog, Eye of Isha, will be doing battle reports when we play at his place and my blog will be doing the reports when the games are held at my place.

So far he has the first battle report up and the second one will soon be posted as well, this second one was played last Saturday.

The first two games had Melkor's expeditionary force sent to Belial IV to search for Chaos or perhaps Eldar Artifacts which were rumored to exist there.  Through two games Melkor has been unsuccessful and been beaten fairly soundly, the Eldar are being protective.

The next several games will most likely be played at my place on Eidolon.  Eidolon has long been fought over by the 4 main Chaos Gods and is usually in a state of constant warfare.

This campaign will be set on Eidolon during a rare lull in the battles.  The four Gods are focused elsewhere at the moment for reasons known only to themselves and so the Iron Warriors under the overall command of Lord Boroth have moved their fleet into orbit.

The reasons for being here are two-fold.  Boroth believes that there exist ancient Eldar weapons of extreme power which still lie undiscovered beneath the planet's surface, in underground caves which once may have been created by the Eldar. Boroth also knows that while his Grand Company is still quite powerful on its own, that without allies his army will only last so long.  To command a Chaos army is to fight off the powerful forces of battlefield and internal attrition.  His forces must be constantly rebuilt and allies must be sought and brought into the fold if the Long War against the Imperium is to be continued.

Knowing the Gods of Chaos with their followers fight over this planet on an almost constant basis, Boroth has concluded that perhaps some of the God's champions could be convinced to join his cause in the Long War.

The Eldar of Craftworld Antares know of Eidolon, they know of the constant warfare and they know some of its ancient history.  They know enough of what lies beneath the surface to be scared of what the Iron Warriors may be able to accomplish should they not be stopped.  This is what bring them to Eidolon.

This weekend may be the first battle on Eidolon.  I will take pictures and do a battle report which will show up here probably next week if the battle is fought this weekend.

I have several other posts in the works for this blog.  I have more Work In Progress posts as well as a review of the Crusade Of Fire book.

Until then...

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