Saturday, July 19, 2014

Minotaur Space Marines + Sisters of Battle VS Orks!

Two nights ago I played my first game against the new orks and with the new Sisters Of Battle.

It was 1,000pts of Minotaurs and 1,000pts of Sisters vs 2,000pts of Orks.

Here is My Army List:

HQ -

Librarian Level 2 Psyker Force Axe, Meltabombs, Digital Weapons.
Psychic Powers rolled: Psychic Shriek, Fortitude, Shrouding

Troops -

10 Marines Missile Launcher and flamer
in Rhino

10 Marines Missile Launcher and flamer
in Rhino

10 marines Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun, Sarg with Power Sword

Fast Attack -

Land Speeder Typhoon Missile Launcher, heavy bolter

Heavy Support -

Predator Autocannon and 2 Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Thunderfire Cannon

Fortification -

Aegis Defense Line

Sisters of Battle -

HQ -

Uriah Jacobus

Elites -

9 Sisters Repentia
1 Mistress of Repentance with Meltabombs

Troops -

9 Sisters with Simulacrum Imperialis, Heavy Flamer and Flamer
1 Veteran Sister Superior with Plasma Pistol and Chainsword
in Rhino

9 Sisters with Simulacrum Imperialis, Heavy Flamer and Flamer
1 Veteran Sister Superior with Plasma Pistol and Chainsword
in Rhino

Fast Attack -

5 Seraphim one with 2 hand flamers

4 Dominions 4 Meltaguns
1 Veteran Sister Superior
in Rhino

Heavy Support -

4 Retributers 2 Heavy Bolters
1 Sister Superior

The Ork's list was roughly:

HQ -

Weird Boy

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun

Warboss Zazzdakka

Big Mek with Kustom Force Field

Elites -

12 Burna Boys
in Trukk

Troops -

20 Grots

30 Boyz eavy armour

30 Boyz eavy armour

30 Boyz eavy armour

Heavy Support -

6 Killa Kanz

We decided to roll off on the Eternal War Mission Chart instead of doing the Maelstrom Missions because we don't have the cards yet.

We rolled The Scouring mission and Dawn Of War Deployment.

Here is a shot of our Deployment:

The Orks rolled up a really good Warlord Trait from their codex, it allowed them to infiltrate 3 units on foot.  So the 3 huge ork Mobs started closer to our lines than normal.

We won the roll off and decided to deploy and go first.

We basically did some shooting and killed a few things here and there, nothing amazing.  We kept the Seraphim in reserve to deepstrike and the Dominions are in reserve to outflank.
The Orks also kept their Burnas in Reserve.

Here is the Ork Turn One:

The Orks move forward and shoot a few things and don't do too much damage.  They do kill my Land Speeder right away for First Blood.

Turn two our reserves arrive.

The Dominions come in from out left side and go straight for the Big Mek with the Shokk Attack Gun.
4 Meltaguns ignoring cover because of their Act Of Faith, blows him away.

He was in the ruins.

The Thunderfire Cannon Opens fire and combines with the shooting of the Marine Squad, the Psychic Shriek Psychic Power from the Librarian and some shooting from the SIster's Rhino, the large Ork Squad gets shot up, losing their Nob and falls back.

On the other side the Repentia try to make it out of their building but stumble a bit and end up running back inside and a Sister's Rhino moves forward slightly.

On the other flank, the Seraphim deepstrike in and flame broil the ork squad with hand flamers, killing almost a third of the squad.

The Orks respond in their turn 2 by shooting up the Seraphim and wiping them out.

The Ork Burna Boyz on their Trukk come out from Reserve and fry the Dominions and almost take out the Dominion's Rhino as wel, taking it down to one Hull Point.

Turn 3 begins with more aggressive moves by the Imperials, here is an overall view:

The Thunderfire cannon combined with a Plasma Gun takes out a Killa Can.

The Sisters Squad in the Central Rhino move forward and Disembark and the Repentia move out of the ruined building.

The Sisters Squad flames the Orks with their 2 flamers and then rapid fires their bolters into the massive squad.  Almost half of them a killed in the fusilade but the Repentia are subsequently out of charge range because of that.

The bottom of turn 3 sees the Orks continue to advance.  The Squad that just got shot moves close and gets ready to charge into the sisters who just flamed their mates.

The Repentia squad then gets torn to bits by the shooting of the large Shoota Squad on the right flank which contains the Weird Boy.

On the Imperial's Left Flank the Orks advance with the Kill Kans leading the way.  The Large Grot squad stays back and the Ork squad who lost their Nob early on rallies and begins their forward march again.

The Burna Boys on the Trukk kick it into high gear and barrel towards the enemies.

The Orks charge into the central Sisters squad.  The sisters get counter-attack because of Uriah Jacobus who is right behind them.  They also test for their Act Of Faith which is successful and they are granted preferred enemy for the close combat phase.

Even though the Ork squad is depleted, their Eavy Armour helps them survive and subsequently defeat the Sisters Of Battle Squad in Close Combat leaving nothing behind.

It was getting late at this point and even though we only played three turns we learned a lot and had a good game, we decided to call it at this point.

Here is a final shot of the battle.

I feel that had the game went on, we had a very good shot of winning the game even though the orks were ahead by having first blood and they also killed 3 fast attack units.  We were poised to push them back and did have answers to every squad they had except maybe the Killa Cans.

The Ork player has been playing Orks for a very long time and knows his army well.  He played a good game and was always pressing us, which is the right way to lay Orks IMHO.

We did find out something very strange, though.

The first shot of the game was from my Thunderfire Cannon.
It is now a Barrage weapon.  Barrage in the past has always caused Pinning.  We decided to look it up just because it was a new edition and we might as well try to do things right.

Nowhere in the rule book does it state that Barrage causes Pinning anymore.

If anyone can find it let me know.

Anyways, Until Next Time.....