Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eye of Terror Campaign: Iron Warriors Vs Craftworld Eldar Game 4 Part 1

This game was based on the Zone Mortalis Encounter Scenario.
Here is a link to the post I made concerning the rules of the scenario: zone mortalis scenario for eye of terror campaign

I had come up with the changes to the scenario on my own based on what I thought would make for an interesting game.  The night we decided to play the scenario we both went over what I wrote and decided there may be too many things involved.  We cut a few things here and there including mainly the strategems.

We kept the rules for the Control Panels and actually played night fight until one of the panels was activated.

We also kept the end game conditions I laid out which essentially just allowed the game to go until the 8th turn.

We also swapped who would start on the board.  The units which arrived from the previous game would arrive before the 1,000pts of units that we created for this game instead of the other way around.

Here is the table layout, I modified it slightly from what I had posted in the scenario post I linked to above.

Several units deploy onto my right flank but just which units those are only I know.  (They are the white paper squares in the picture)

An Eldar Wraithlord walks into view of my Havoc squad.

Here you can see the Eldar circular markers and their advance into the caves.  The Iron Warriors are receiving blips on their scanners but can't make out which units they are.

This next picture shows the left side of the ballefiled and where some of the objectives are located, note the one on top of the walkway.  The central objective is the pile of barrels which is also worth 3 points as opposed to the other ones which are only worth 1 each.

My squads are moving up towards the central line of the board.

The Havoc squad takes some pot shots at the Wraithlord and takes one wound off it.

On the right flank one of the Eldar blips is revealed to be another Wraithlord, the Iron Warrior squad prepares to fire upon it.

The central Wraithlord moves up closing on the central objective.

Two Obliterators move onto the board to lend their fire support to the Havocs'.

A squad of cultists move on and hide behind a wall on the extreme left flank.  RIght now they are still disguised as a blip.

A squad of Warp Spiders jump up on the left flank trying to counter any sort of flanking maneuver I may attempt with the cultist squad.

More Eldar reinforcements arrive.

The Iron Warrior squad fires on the Wraithlord to little effect.

Reinforcements arrive to help bolster their mates' shooting.

Close to the center of the board a squad of terminators is revealed along with my chaos lord in terminator armour.  They advance and open a door revealing a squad of Harlequins.  They then fire their combi-bolters and prepare to charge the Eldar wardancers.

Charging in the Chaos Lord issues a challenge and the Eldar Farseer accepts.

A squad of Striking Scorpions is revealed to be the support unit for the Wraithlord in the center of the table.

The Eldar advance and the central Wraithlord moves to assault into the Terminators.

Behind the Wraithlord on my right flank emerge a squad of Dire Avengers who open up on my Iron Warriors.

Up next is the conclusion of this battle report....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Prisoner Exchange at the Junkyard - Book Of The Arbitrator BatRep Part 2

The firefight has now started.  On page 119 of the Necromunda rulebook is a scenario called 'Shoot-out'.  Using the rules from there we went into the quick draw rules on the following page.

This shooting phase called 'the fast draw' on page 120 of Necromunda proved rather deadly in this game.

Several Eldar get knocked down immediately.

Then Ug Splag gets shot and loses a wound.  Being a big tough Ogryn, he doesn't seem to care a whole lot.

Grimm opens up with his Bolt Pistol which has Hell Fire rounds.  Hell Fire rounds are awesome because they set the target on fire.  Grimm shoots and hits the Slaaneshi cultist and he gets set on fire! (note the smoke)

Archy Bunter shoots and knocks down Shub If-Tael.

Grimm then gets shot by another cultist hiding behind a big piece of junk.  He gets knocked on his butt.

Fyord Fairlane is miffed that he was held for so long by the Eldar gang.  He shoots his hot-shot lasgun and knocks down another Eldar.

Grimm gets back up just in time to watch a huge melee break out between Ug Splag, Archy Bunter, Yog Sothoth, Shub If-Tael and a Slaaneshi cultist.

Daemon, the Eldar sharpshooter looks down the sight of his long las and targets Grimm the Squat again.  And again Grimm goes down.

Alissa T'Kar watches from the shadows and tries to pick off an enemy with her sharp shooting skills.

Grimm's Hell Fire rounds really start hurting knocking down and setting on fire multiple members of the Eldar gang.

After a few rounds of combat Ug Splag finishes off two of his opponents and emerges with one wound left.  Archy is still engaged with Shub.

Greely meanwhile, had snuck around behind the Eldar gang and pops a shot off at Daemon, knocking him to the ground.

Daemon gets back up and uses his excellent shooting skills to down Greely getting revenge on her for her sneaky ways.

Hulka joins Archy to try and down Shub.  Ug Splag charges into Hiro and Grimm continues to run a massive 4" (hes a squat, what did you expect!) to try and get into the enemy lines.

Grimm lines up a charge on Ver Dante but trips over his feet and will have to wait another turn to charge.  He just doesn't move very fast.

Blurana then bursts from cover trying to get to Daemon but he spots her and downs her with one perfectly timed shot.

Archy is down, Hulka continues his advance and Ug Splag rips up Hiro.

At this point Sargent Hulka and his gang have caused enough damage to make the Eldar bottle and disengage from the fight.

The prisoner exchange at the Junkyard turns out to be a great game for Hulkas crew and not so much of a great game for the Eldar.

Lots of loot was found and lots of experience gained.

At some point in the future I would like to post some rules for experience and post battle advances.  These are some rules that we are still going through and tweeking.  We like what has been put forward in the Book Of The Arbitrator rules but we still think they can be improved upon.

Next time get ready for a Zone Mortalis Battle report featuring the 4th game in the Iron Warriors Versus Eldar Campaign.

Until then.....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prisoner Exchange at the Junkyard - Book Of The Arbitrator BatRep Part 1

Last year when we last played Book of the Arbitrator we each had some casualties.  They turned out to be captured by the opposing gang.

Coming back to Arbitrator after almost a year off we decided we should do a prisoner exchange scenario to attempt to get our prisoners back from each others gang.

The scenario starts in a junkyard.  Its a 4X4 foot board and there is a circle in the center.  We line up opposite of eachother on the edge of the circle with the prisoners.  We could each keep several members of our gang off board to enter via reserves.  And we could place other members of our gang in the junk behind where our gangers lined up on the circle.

Here is the setup.

The Eldar have Fyord Fairlane and we have one of theirs.

Note Alissa T'Kar hiding behind the large sign taking up aim.

Ver Dante takes up position with his missile launcher behind some rubble.

The Eldar are not phased by our last victory.

Yog-Sothoth yanks Fyord by the hair to the circle and he promises to have his revenge.

Fyord slowly moves into the circle, as does the Slaaneshi Cultist that Hulka's crew are handing over.

Alissa takes aim; ready for any Eldar trickery.

As the prisoners meet in the center of the circle, the two gangs begin to slowly advance.

Yog-Sothoth bravely continues his advance straight towards the large beastly Ogryn.

Yog-Sothoth pats the former prisoner on the back and Fyord waltzes past his large smelly Ogryn friend.

While the Eldar spread out, Hulka's gang continues to move straight towards the xenos.

Things start getting tense as the Ogryn, Ug Splag is now within squat tossing distance of the Eldar.

Watching from the left behind some debris, Ver Dante slides his finger into the trigger of his missile launcher and Hiro hunkers down on the right ready to fire at a moment's notice.

Using the Necromunda quick firing rules, we roll off initiative to see which order our gangers get shoot in.
The diced are the initiative order with highest going first down to lowest.

Next time all hell breaks loose as both gangs open up at point blank range!

Until then....