Thursday, August 3, 2017

200 Power Level Battle Report! Iron Warriors Vs World Eaters! (Pre-Chaos Codex)


So this battle happened about a week ago so we didn't have the 8th Edition Chaos Codex we were using the Chaos Index for our rules.

I really wanted to try out a bigger game because we had been playing 50 point games i was annoyed with how small my army was.

One of the stranger things about 8th Edition is that the armies just feel small.  I don't know if its because I have been using just the Power Levels and haven't tried using points yet or what it is.

Although I have heard that some land raiders cost over 400 points so maybe everything does cost more.

Here is my army list (2 Battalion Detachments):

200 Power Level Chaos (Iron Warriors)


Lord with Lighting Claws (Warsmith Morgoth)

Lord in Terminator Armour with Lightning Claws

Sorceror with Force Sword (Melkor)

Sorceror in Terminator Armour with Force Axe and Combi-Bolter


10 Terminators with various weapons and a Reaper Autocannon and Heavy Flamer

5 Chosen - 2 flamers, 2 meltas
in Rhino

5 Chosen - 2 flamers, 2 meltas
in Rhino

Helbrute with Plasma Cannon

Helbrute with Plasma Cannon and Heavy Flamer


10 Cultists

10 Marines - Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun, Champion with Powerfist

10 Marines - Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun, Champion with Powerfist

10 Marines - Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun, Champion with Powerfist
in Rhino with Havoc Missile Launcher

10 Marines - Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun, Champion with Powerfist
in Rhino with Havoc Missile Launcher

20 Marines - 2 Plasma Guns and Champion with Powerfist


Predator with Twin-Lascannon and 2 Sponson Lascannons

Predator with Autocannon and 2 Sponson Heavy Bolters

5 Havocs with 4 Lascannons

5 Havocs with 4 Autocannons

3 Obliterators

Defiler with Battle Cannon, Reaper Autocannon and Havoc Missile Launcher

The above list is exactly 200 Power Level.

The mission we played was the new Cityfight Mission: Firesweep

There are some special rules when playing a Cityfight Game that I want to touch on here.
- When beginning and ending your move on a road, a unit can move an additional 2" or 4" if they advance.
- When a unit of infantry is in a ruins and they don't move for one turn their cover save is a +2 instead of only +1
- If your unit is more than 3" above the unit you are shooting at the unit you are shooting at looses its ruin cover save.
- Grenades are also more effective

There are new Stratagems as well. One of them allows you to spend 1 CP to reroll all hits and wounds for a unit that has a height advantage.  I used this one several times.

The other Strategem with my opponent Eth used was called "Sewer Rats".  It allows you to hold an infantry unit back from deploying it and instead it can essentially deepstrike at the end of any movement phase as long as its outside of ruins. I think its 2CP each time you use it.

These rules are all generic CityFight rules to be used with any CityFight scenario.  In the main rulebook, however, there is only one CityFight Scenario; Firesweep.

The FireSweep Scenario is a Quarters deployment.  You and your opponent alternate choosing Ruins that are the 6 objectives for the mission.  The game lasts 6 turns and there is no option to Seize the Initiative.

The Battlefield

The World Eaters 

The Iron Warriors

There are cultists hiding in that ruins.

The World Eaters advance at the red dawn.

A huge squad of Iron Warrior terminators teleport in.

The large marine squad fearlessly advances.

The terminators prepare to charge.

The center of the World Eaters collapsed.

The terminators eliminated the Berzerkers and brace for another squad.

Another squad of Berzerkers fall to the devastating terminators.

The predator takes some damage.

The vindicator of the World Eaters fires then charges into an Iron Warrior squad.

A squad of Bloodletters annihilates a marine squad.

The right flank readjusts.

The Defiler begins its forward march.

A chosen squad closes with the vindicator hoping its meltas are enough.

The terminators charge a predator.

The Daemons of Khorne fall to the Iron Warrior's guns.

The terminators await the Bloodletters.

The Iron Warriors begin advancing to take the farther objectives.

The Bloodletters embark into a rhino near an objective.

The terminators charge a few Khorne lords on Juggernauts.

The Bloodletters disembark and prepare to charge.

The World Eaters move to counter the Iron Warriors' advance.

The Helbrute charges a predator.

The Bloodletters charge.

Two Khorne lords on Juggernauts move on from reserves and charge a Sorceror.

The Sorceror retreats and the Iron Warriors move to counter.

The Bloodletters make short work of the terminators.

A chosen squad is about to get charged.

Sorceror Melkor and 10 marines charge the Lord.

The Helbrute is dealt with but a rhino moves forward.

The cultists have an objective.

The Iron Warriors marines have an objective.

The Khorne Lords have an objective.

The World Eaters rhino has an objective.

The Berzerkers have an objective.

This objective is contested.

End of the game.

After six brutal turns Warsmith Morgoth surveys the battlefield and feels sick, as while his forces have destroyed the majority of the enemy, they hold the majority of the objectives.

3 to 2 with one contested, is the final result.  World Eaters win.

It was a really great game and I pulled off some interesting maneuvers that haven't been possible since 3rd edition.  

While this new edition seems to be light on rules in certain areas it still plays pretty well and I am enjoying my games.  I like the additional rules that CityFight adds to the game.  I Want to play more of the special scenarios in the book because I think they are much more interesting than anything that was in the previous (7th ed) rulebook.

It was a rather light battle report but I hope it was enjoyable to all of you.  I didn't have a big narrative idea for this game although I probably should have.  I think once I play another game against Eth, then I will begin a narrative between his army and mine.

Until next time..