Wednesday, March 1, 2017

D-Company BIG GAME 2017 Coverage Part 3: 4,000pts IW Vs 2 Imperial Knights, Grey Knights and Ad Mech

Time for Game 2 of the 2017 D-Company Big Game!

This game was a 2 on 1 game.  I took 30K Iron Warriors featuring Perturabo and 4 of his Iron Circle and my opponents had multiple Imperial Knights and other nastys which you will see below in the pictures.

This was another custom scenario I came up with just for this game.  I wanted it to harken back to table quarters and city fight games of old.

Here are the scenario rules:


After pushing through the Jungle the day before Perturabo and his Iron Warriors have reached the city.  To ensure a Traitor victory the Imperial held city must fall!

The Mechanicum and Grey Knights await the Iron Warriors within New Jack City, they are dug in and ready to defend what is theirs.  Perturabo has hatched a plan, however to capture the city center and claim it for his own!

The Mission Overview:

By capturing quadrants and buildings the Iron Warriors can take the Imperial held city.  This won't be easy, however, because the Imperials were there first and they already control the majority of the city.

Victory Points:

Victory points will be awarded per side for accomplishing the following goals (whichever side scores the most victory points by the end of the game wins):

Quadrants: If at the end of the game your side controls your beginning quadrant your side gets 3 victory points.  If you control a quadrant that was unoccupied at the beginning of the game at the end of the game then your side gets 4 victory points.  If you control the opponents beginning quadrant at the end of the game your side get 5 victory points.

Buildings: At the end of each player turn if that player controls a building their side gets 1 victory point.  These points remain even if the opposing side captures the building later in the game.

Slay the Warlord: The player that kills an enemy Warlord gets 1 victory point.

The Price of Failure: The player that kills an enemy Lord of War gets 2 victory points. (This means that if a Primarch is killed that player probably gets 3 victory points for that Primarch because it is both a Lord Of War and a Warlord potentially.)

Deployment Map:

Search And Destroy (opposing Quandrants): See page 114 in "The Horus Heresy: Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness Army List" for the map.

Scoring Units and taking Buildings/Quadrants:

Use the Warhammer 40k definition for scoring units.  To control a Building/Quadrant there must not be any opposing units in that Building or Quadrant at the time when it is scored (ie. at end of player turn for buildings and at the end of the game for quadrants.)

First Turn and deployment:

Each side rolls a d6, whoever rolls highest picks their deployment zone.  The opposing side gets the opposite zone.
Then roll off again.  The Imperials get +2 on their roll (This represents the Imperials having home-field advantage).  Whoever rolls highest may choose to go first or second.  If they choose to go first then they also deploy their entire army first then the opposing side deploys their entire army.
Seize the Initiative: If the Iron Warriors are rolling to Seize the Inititave then they add +1 to their roll. (This represents the Iron Warriors being the attackers.)

Mission Length:

The game lasts for 6 turns.


An without further adoo, here are some pics.

Initial Deployment 

The Iron Warriors go first and begin their attack with coordinated fire. 

The Imperials line up bracing for the onslaught. 

The Iron Circle and Perturabo attempt to advance through the ruins. 

After the first turn's firing, the Imperial's line has holes in it.

The Imperials begin deep striking in Grey Knight and Terminator squads. 

The Iron Warriors respond with heavy fire wiping out a squad that dropped behind their lines.  Perturabo and the Iron Circle continue their advance. 

Warsmith Martok leads a squad of Tactical Marines to engage the Ad Mech walkers. 

A tactical support squad loaded with flamers responds to the Grey Knights who dropped in, unleashing a hail of flame! 

The Iron Circle get closer to engaging the enemy. 

The Warsmith and large tactical squad eye up the enemy Ad Mech,

The Iron Circle charge into the Kastelan Robots and do minimal damage. 

 Another Grey Knight squad deepstrikes and attempts to destroy the Iron Havocs.

Martok and the tactical squad engages the Iron Striders. 

 The Imperial Knights close in on the combat.

 On the Iron Warriors' left flank some terminators deep strike in.

The Imperial Knight charges Perturabo.  He is unable to avoid its stomp....

The Iron Warriors charge into the Grey Knight squad. 

The other tactical squad charges into the terminators. 

The Iron Warriors in the building mop up the power-armoured Grey Knights. 

The larger squad that charged the terminators lost the combat and ran away, 
hoping to regroup next turn. 

With the Iron Circle and Perturabo out of the fight, the Imperial Knights are let loose.  

With the terminators advancing the Contemptor knows what must be done. 

As Ad Mech reinforcements arrive to shoot the tactical squad off the table, the Contemptor valiantly charges into the Grey Knight Terminators. 

 With most of the Iron Warriors' main battle line in ruins its only a matter of time.

The Tactical Support squad moves behind a building awaiting the end.

The Imperials win the day.  Seeing the end was near I capitulated.   The gambit with the Iron Circle and Perturabo would have worked if those Imperial Knights hadn't been there.  Getting Stomped to death is not a fitting end to Perturabo.  He will be back and in the future I will be more wary of Imperial Knights.

Anyways it was a fun game against two great opponents.

Next time will be the third and final game of my Big Game weekend.

Until then...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

D-Company BIG GAME 2017 Coverage Part 2: 10,000pt Game

The first game I played was a big 5,000 point per player 2 on 2 game on Friday.

We started at noon and played till about 10pm or so.

It was the debut of my Iron Circle!  It was also the first time my Iron Warriors fought alongside the Sons Of Horus.

We played against an Astra Militarum and Astra Militarum with Space Marines force.

Here is the mission I drew up:


Imperial Vs Traitor Legions 5000pts per player in the Jungles of Doric-Ar1

The Story:

The Traitor forces of the Iron Warriors and the Sons of Horus have joined up to take the offensive against the Imperials in the strategically important Jungles of Doric-Ar1.  By capturing the Jungle the Traitor Legiones Astartes will be able to advance into the Imperial held sectors to push the attack and potentially end the war.

The Forces:

Horus and Perturabo, Primarchs of The Sons of Horus and the Iron Warriors respectively, have chosen to personally lead their forces against the combined might of the Astra Millitarum, Legiones Titanticus and various other Imperial Adeptus in the deep jungles.

The Mission Overview:

Capture tactical objectives and survive.  There will be victory points awarded for killing warlords, super-heavys, Primarchs, Lords Of War and units.  Victory points will also be awarded for capturing tactical objectives and deployment zones and for first turn kills and secret objectives.

Victory Points:

Victory Points will be awarded per player or per side so that at the end of the game each player adds up their points and, the player with the most points gets bragging rights for winning the scenario.  The side with the most victory points of it two players added up wins the scenario for their team.

First Kill: Each player that completely destroys a unit on their first turn will receive 1 victory point.

Attrition: The side that killed the most units at the end of the game gets 1 victory point.

Dominion Objectives: At the start of each player's turn they gain 1 victory point for each tactical objective they control.  These points are kept even if that objective is lost later in the game.

Slay the Warlord: The player that kills an enemy Warlord gets D3 victory points rolled for when they kill the Warlord.

The Price of Failure: The player that kills an enemy Lord of War gets 2 victory points.  (This means that if a Primarch is killed that player probably gets 2 + D3 victory points for that Primarch because it is both a Lord Of War and a Warlord potentially.)

Command and Control: Each player gets 1 point at the end of the game if they have 3 or more units in the opponents deployment zone.  Each player gets 1 point if they have 3 or more units in the no mans zone at the end of the game.  Each side gets 2 points if there are no enemy units in their own deployment zone at the end of the game.

Secret Objective: Each player writes down on a piece of paper before the game starts (right after deployment is done) a secret objective they will try and accomplish by the end of the game.   This must be something pretty big and substantial like killing a titan or having all of your troops in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game.  At the end of the game the secret objectives are revealed to everyone else, if anyone deems the secret objective of another player is not substantial enough then they don't get the points.  This objective is worth 5 points to each player who succeeds in their secret objective.

Deployment Map:

Roll a d6 before deployment and reroll if a 5 is rolled.  This will determine deployment map.  Use pages 114 and 115 of "The Horus Heresy: Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness Army List" to determine which deployment map you will use.  Reroll the 5 result because the Ambush deployment is not very easy to pull off with a board this big and armies this size.

Tactical Objectives:

After the Deployment Map is determined each player rolls a d3, add up the rolls and this is the number of tactical objectives.  Each side rolls a d6 the side who rolls highest places the first tactical objective marker, each side alternates placing markers until they are all placed.

Scoring Units:

Use the Warhammer 40k definition for scoring units.

First Turn and deployment:

After rolling for Deployment Map each side rolls a d6 whoever rolls highest chooses to go first or second and will deploy their entire army first followed by the other side. Reserves are allowed as normal.  Seize the initiative is allowed as normal.

Mission Length:

Standard Random Game Length after 5.


The Imperials won the roll of to take the first turn.  Horus has a rule allowing him to seize on a 4+, which he promptly did.

I had a large unit of Cataphracti termies in reserve with a Primus Medicae.  This unit was built to destroy tanks.  

The Imperials had an assassin that made the first reserve roll become basically a 6 so I rolled on turn one because Perturabo allows you to begin rolling on turn one and I promptly rolled a 6!  This game was already going according to plan.

Here are some pictures of the game:

 The Deployment

 The Deployment continued

 One last shot of the deployment

 Perturabo beginning his march across the central bridge into the teeth 
of the Imperial guns with his trusty Iron Circle.

 The Cataphracti Terminators land on a bridge.

 The Imperial tanks line up their chots on the Lord of Iron's custom-built Automata.

 The march to the opponents' deployment zone begins.

 A look from the Shadowsword's perspective.

The Astra Militarum turn their entire flank to take on the terminators.

The Sons of Horus followed up by the Iron Warriors begin their slow 
advance to the their right flank to take on the Chimeras of the Astra Militarum. 

Several of the Iron Circle have met their fate but so have numerous Imperial tanks.
The distraction that is Perturabo and the Iron Circle is working brilliantly.

The Space Marine Predators line up shots on the traitors.

Horus decides it is time to show up.  He drops in behind enemy lines 
with his own squad of Cataphracti terminators: the Justaerin!

As the Iron Warriors continue to be targeted by everything on the flank, the Sons of Horus have a Contemptor Dreadnought along with a squad of Destroyers outflank behind them! 

The Iron Circle and their creator continue their slow march across the 
central bridge drawing even more fire than before! 

 The Three Malcador tanks advance across the bridge.

More and more Imperial tanks die and their corpses are beginning to litter the battlefield.

Imperial Reinforcements arrive!  The planes of the Imperial Navy 
fly over head eliciting cheers from the guardsmen on the ground!

Terminators deepstrike and land speeders outflank but the Iron Warriors are ready for them. 

The planes continue to fly overhead shooting missiles and dropping 
bombs on the traitor Legionnaires. 

Only one out three Malcadors now remain.

The Imperials blow away the remaining Iron Circle leaving only Perturabo.

Sentinels walk on out of reserve and more terminators deep strike in to 
assist the beleaguered Imperial forces.

The Siege Breaker and a squad of tactical support marines bearing flamers 
emerge from the Land Raider Proteus.

Perturabo makes it across the bridge only to be assaulted by an assassin.

 The Siege Breaker tosses a Phosphex Bomb and kills the terminators on the bridge!

The Iron Warriors eliminate the terminators who dropped in on their rear line. 

 Horus and his Justaerin bodyguard continue to smash tanks.

Perturabo despatched one assassin only to be assaulted by a second assassin!

More Terminators deepstrike in to destroy the basilisks!  Scouts disembark 
from their landspeeder and charge another basilisk!

The Imperial Navy circle around and attempt to destroy the Tormentor, 
Perturabo's personal Shadowsword. 

Another assassin charges into Horus' squad.

The Land Raider Proteus moves onto the bridge to take the objective.

Another squad comes from outflank from the Sons of Horus to assist the 
Iron Warriors in eliminating the backfield threat.

Perturabo kills off the second assassin and moves  to the other side of the bridge 
while the Sons of Horus Breachers eliminate another Imperial Tank.

An Iron Warrior squad attempts to move through the wreckage of their rhino to engage 
an Imperial Guard squad in a firefight.

 Only four of the Iron Warriors terminators remain and that is enough to 
eliminate an Imperial Basilisk.
 Perturabo moves into a fortified zone to capture an objective.

Two Iron Warriors squad destroy an Imperial flyer that had gone into skimmer mode.

 The Siege Breaker and a squad of Tactical Support marines take the 
objective on the central bridge.
At the end the battlefield is littered with dead tanks.  A total of 47 Imperial vehicles were 
destroyed in one of the largest tank battles the Iron Warriors had yet fought. 

And alas at the end the mighty Horus fell but through the power of the 
dark gods he will surely return ad more powerful than ever.

In the end the traitor Legionnaires won the day.  An awesome epic battle that didn't leave much left on the battlefield was the perfect way to start the weekend.

I intend to do a few more battle reports about the big game.  

Until next time...