Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Iron Warriors Vs Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle 200 PL Battle Report

Over Labor Day weekend I played 2 games.  One was the 100 PL game versus Ultramarines and the second is the 200 PL game that this Bat Rep will cover.

Both of these games were for the D-Co 2017 Project Mayhem Campaign.

This game was led by Warsmith Morgoth.

He had been retired for most of 6th and 7th edition because he was basically unusable.  He would have been the least effective HQ I could have fielded back then but now with 8th he's a bit better because of the warlord traits and the Stratagems.

He is armed with 2 Lightning Claws.

 200 Power Level of Iron Warriors

100 Power Level of Sisters 

 100 Power Level of Imperial Guard

The mission.

We decided to use the new Open War cards to create a mission from scratch.  It turned out that we deployed opposite of each other like in a classic game of 40k.  We decided that there would be a distance of 18" between the enemy units once they were set up.

The Twist was called "Dead of Night" It is a new twist on the old night fight rules basically it shortens the length of all shooting and psychic attacks to only 12".  At the start of each subsequent turn the player who went first rolls a d6 and on a 4+ 6" is added to the max range everyone can shoot to.

The Objective was called "Burn & Pillage", it is basically three objectives in each deployment zone and each side has to capture the objectives in the opposite deployment zone.  Once an objective is held by the opposing player it is then removed.  Once all three objectives from one side are removed the game is over.  It basically removes the idea of a set number of turns from the game.

The final card drawn was the Ruse.  This ruse was given to me since I had 199 PL and they had 200.  It allows me to pick one of my units that has been destroyed and at the end of one of my movement phases I can place it back on the battlefield 9" away from any enemy unit and within 9" of any board edge.

The Deployment

A Unit of Iron Warriors surveys the battlefield from the top of a ruined building. 

A squad of Havocs equipped with 4 lascannons prepares to fire. 

The left flank of the Iron Warriors. 

 Celestine flys above a ruin.

 The battle commences.
 The Iron Warriors advance on the left flank.

The Penintent Engines advance towards the Ogryn berzerkers. 

The Sisters and Guard advance along the Iron Warriors right flank. 

 The three Predators open up and annihilate the Penitent Engines.

The Iron Warrior squad atop the ruined building moves forward for a better firing position.

 Two rhinos move into position to counter the advancing Sisters' rhino.

Warsmith Morgoth leads the charge into the Imperial Guard tanks. 

The Ogryn Berserkers charge and die to the Penitent Engines, taking one Penitent Engine with them. 

In the center the Iron Warriors meet the Sisters head on.

The Guard counter the Iron Warriors' charge, and the Penitent Engine engages a large Iron Warrior Squad. 

The range on turn three has finally reached 18" 

The Penitent Engine is doing work and so is the Guard. 

The Sisters have done a number to the Iron Warrior's center. 

The counter punch eliminates most of the Sisters' infantry. 

The Iron Warriors squad falls back from the Penitent Engine. 

 A squad of Raptors deep strike in to try to handle the Penitent Engine.

 Morgoth is alone.

 The Iron Warriors move up to the Sisters' rhino.

The Iron Warriors' Helbrute finishes off the Sisters.

 The Rhino dies along with half the squad.
The other rhino dies to two Helbrute fists. 

Morgoth fights on. 

The Sorceror  tries to take on the Penitent Engine but has little luck.

The Sisters fire upon the marines who destroyed their rhinos, killing several. 

Morgoth finishes off the squad he was fighting and the whole Guard line fires on him. 

A squad of Seraphim deep strike onto the board.   

The Sorceror dies, but Morgoth lives on. 

Morgoth lines up a charge on a tank. 

The Iron Warrior Center regroups.

The battle had to end at the end of turn 3.  We had time constraints so we couldn't finish the game.  It was an interesting scenario that we randomly created.  I like the idea of using the cards to create games.

The game end in a tie, neither side had an objective.

Overall it was a pretty fun game.  

Next time I have a series of games to report on.  

Until then.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bunker Assault Battle Mission Extra Special Rules

The Bunker Assault mission is one I have been looking forward to playing for awhile.  As an Iron Warriors player I have always thought that sieges were some of the coolest battles and we don't always get to play them.

This Sunday my friends Pen_Dull and I will be playing two games.  The first is the Blitz mission and the second is the Bunker Assault mission.

These two games are a part of the Project Mayhem 2017 D-Company Campaign and these two games are a part of a mini campaign in and of themselves.  The first mission's results will impact the second mission.

The Story so Far:

The Iron Warriors led by Warsmith Martok of the 82nd Grand Company have traveled through time from the 31st millenium to the 41st millenium.  They were headed to Mercian 55 to replenish their supplies and when they arrived they were in the future.

To read the story and battle report of the initial landing by the 82nd Grand Company go here:

After the battle Martok left the planet and returned to his ship.  A short time later a bright flash of light and sound like thunder exploded on the bridge.  Kneeling with his head down was Chaos Sorceror Melkor.  He soon collapsed.  Go here for the battle report leading up to this event:

Days later he woke up only to find himself in a cell.  Martok was watching him from a across the room.  He was curious about him.  Melkor had Iron Warrior markings but also other strange sigils were covering his armour.

In the 31st millenium, even after Perturabo declared loyalty to Horus, the Iron Warriors weren't a legion to openly and actively use  psykers.

Martok asked Melkor, "Who are you?"

"I am a Sorceror, and I may be able to help you."  he said cautiously.  Melkor didn't know who this Warsmith was.  He had never heard of Martok before and he prided himself on his knowledge of the legion he served.

"I see you have Iron Warrior iconography on your armour, but I also see other strange signs and symbols.  We have Librarians in the legion but we have never, to my knowledge had a Sorceror." replied Martok, now more curious but also a bit unnerved.

Melkor looked up and examined his captor.  He saw an Iron Warrior in Mark III plate with a servo arm poking over his shoulder.  His markings were certainly of the Heresy era.  There were no Chaos symbols to be found.

Melkor stood up and brushed off his robes.  He looked directly into Martok's eyes and said, "I know of a place where weapons of incredible power reside.  If you want to take to fight to the Imperium, you will need my aid to capture these weapons."  Melkor was taking a risk and made an educated quess that this Warsmith was on the side of Chaos or at least the side of Horus.  He also cast a few subtle powers that let him see into Martok's mind and also influence his opinion slightly.  Melkor would take chances but he would always attempt to at least even his odds.

Martok stood up and said, "I will have to think on this.  We have seen strange things recently and I have many questions."  as he turned to leave Melkor produced a small data crystal.  "Take this.  Examine the data within, I am convinced that if you do you will see that I am your ally." Melkor said.

Martok looked down at the data crystal then looked back up at Melkor, took it and left the cell.

Three days later.

"Release the prisoner and escort him to my personal strategium."  commanded Martok.  The two Iron Circle Automata bowed slightly and went to fetch Melkor from his cell.

Several minutes later Melkor arrived in the strategium.

"I have reviewed the data crystal and I am taken aback by the developments of the last 10,000 years.  Apparently we lost and have been reduced to Chaos worshiping slaves!"  bellowed Martok.

"Oh quite the opposite really.  Chaos is what allows us to continue the fight against the Corpse-Emperor on Terra.  Chaos gives us the firepower, the manpower, the will and the hate to carry on!  Don't you want to continue the fight against the Imperium?"  asked Melkor.

"After reviewing everything you have given me, yes. Yes I believe that for the future of humanity we must fight the Imperium.  I also believe that they do not deserve to rule the galaxy and that their blind devotion to the Emperor is foolish and dangerous!" replied Martok.

"Then let me help you in your fight!  I have much knowledge of these times."

"Tell me.  Tell me your secrets." grinned Martok.

Onto the rules:

We will be playing the Bunker assault mission with the following additional special rules.

Bunker Assault Mission Special Rules

The Attacker (The Iron Warriors) will have a 175 Power Level army and the defender (The Imperials) will have a 150 Power Level army with 2 Bunkers and 1 Fortress.

The Defender will place an additional two (2) objectives that will be cogitator banks holding important information regarding the location of the weapon stash.  Each of these objectives will be worth 3 victory points to the Attacker or to the Defender at the end of the battle.

Overall when the Defender sets up, he may deploy the 2 Bunkers, the Fortress, Defence Lines, the 2 Cogitator Bank objectives and also move other terrain around (within reason) in his deployment zone.

The Deployment Map will be Hammer and Anvil on a 5' by 6' table.

Depending on the outcome of the previous Blitz mission the following modifications will apply:

If the Attacker won the previous mission:

- Each Bunker will be worth 3 victory points if destroyed or captured at the end of the game.

- The Fortress will be worth 6 victory points if destroyed or captured at the end of the game.

- The Cogitator Bank Objectives will be worth 4 victory points if captured by the Attacker at the end of the game and 2 victory points if captured by the Defender.

- At the end of turn 6 the Attacker can choose to roll a die to go to turn 7.  The Attacker needs a 5+ to extend the game to a 7th and final turn.

The above modifications represent the fact that the Attacker is pressing his advantage and has the Defender on his heels.

If the Defender won the previous mission:

- Each Bunker has a Toughness of 12 and has 20 wounds with a 3+ save and the Fortress has a Toughness of 12 and has 40 wounds and a 3+ save.

- Each Bunker is worth 2 victory points if destroyed by the Attacker or 3 victory points if controlled by either side at the end of the game.

- The Fortress is worth 4 victory points if destroyed by the Attacker or 6 if controlled by either side at the end of the game.

- The Escape hatch Strategem is 0 CP instead of 1 CP.

- At the end of turn 6 the Defender can choose to roll a die to go to turn 7.  The Defender needs a 3+ to extend the game to a 7th and final turn.

The above modifications represents the additional time the Defender has bought with his victory in the previous mission, time to upgrade his defences and also to make the Bunkers and Fortress less integral to his overall strategy.

I still have a 200 point bat rep to do, until next time.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Power Level VS Points

A Chaos Sorceror is 5 Power Level points, but what is it in regular Points?

I have been thinking about this for awhile and I finally decided to do a comparison of army lists Power Level VS Points.  In all of my games of 8th edition I have used Power Level to build my list.  I have made the assumption based on feel that 100 PL is approximately 2000 Points, but am I correct?

Here is my army list from the previous battle report:

100 Power Level


Chaos Sorceror with Force Sword and Bolt Pistol and Eye of Tzeentch Relic
5 Power Level
102 Points

Warpsmith with combi-flamer and mechatendrils
5 Power Level
56 Points


Helbrute with Twin Lascannon and Missile Launcher
7 Power Level
147 Points

4 Chosen 2 Flamers and 2 Meltaguns
1 Champion with Power Sword
7 Power Level
136 Points


19 Chaos Marines, Icon of Vengeance and 2 Plasma Guns
1 Champion with Powerfist
15 Power Level
308 Points

9 Marines with Missile Launcher and Plasma Gun
1 Champion with Power Fist
9 Power Level
180 Points

9 Cultists with 1 flamer
1 Champion 
3 Power Level
49 Points


Rhino with Havoc Missile Launcher
4 Power Level
81 Points

Rhino with Havoc Missile Launcher
4 Power Level
81 Points


3 Spawn 
6 Power Level
99 Points

4 Raptors with 2 Meltaguns
1 Champion with Chainsword and bolt pistol
6 Power Level
119 Points


3 Obliterators
10 Power Level
195 Points

Predator with Twin Lascannon Turret and 2 Lascannon Sponsons
9 Power Level
190 Points

Predator with Twin Lascannon Turret and 2 Lascannon Sponsons
9 Power Level
190 Points

POINTS: 1933

So it seems my feelings were correct.  So far at least my 100 PL army equates to just under 2000 Pts.

Next I am going to point out a 200 power level list which I will feature in my next battle report.

200 Power Level


Chaos Lord with 2 lightning claws and Fleshmetal Skeleton Relic
5 Power Level
86 Points

Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour and 2 lightning claws
6 Power Level
117 Points

Chaos Sorceror in Terminator Armour and Force Axe and Combi-Bolter
8 Power Level
158 Points


Helbrute with Twin Lascannon and Missile Launcher
7 Power Level
147 Points

Helbrute with 2 Helbrute fists with 2 Combi-bolters
7 Power Level
156 Points

Helbrute with Helbrute Plasma Cannon and Helbrute Fist with Combi-bolter
7 Power Level
144 Points

4 Chosen 2 Flamers and 2 Meltaguns
1 Champion with Power Sword
7 Power Level
136 Points


19 Chaos Marines, Icon of Vengeance and 2 Plasma Guns
1 Champion with Powerfist
15 Power Level
308 Points

19 Chaos Marines, Icon of Vengeance and 2 Plasma Guns
1 Champion with Powerfist
15 Power Level
308 Points

9 Chaos Marines with Missile Launcher and Plasma Gun
1 Champion with Powerfist
9 Power Level
180 Points

9 Chaos Marines with Missile Launcher and Plasma Gun
1 Champion with Powerfist
9 Power Level
180 Points

9 Chaos Marines with Lascannon and Plasma Gun
1 Champion with Powerfist
9 Power Level
180 Points

9 Chaos Marines, 1 with a flamer, 7 with chainswords and bolt pistols
1 Champion with Powerfist
9 Power Level
138 Points


Rhino with Havoc Missile Launcher
4 Power Level
81 Points

Rhino with Havoc Missile Launcher
4 Power Level
81 Points

4 Power Level
70 Points


3 Spawn 
6 Power Level
99 Points

4 Raptors with 2 Meltaguns
1 Champion with Chainsword and bolt pistol
6 Power Level
119 Points

4 Raptors with 2 Meltaguns
1 Champion with Chainsword and bolt pistol
6 Power Level
119 Points


Predator with Twin Lascannon Turret and 2 Lascannon Sponsons
9 Power Level
190 Points

Predator with Twin Lascannon Turret and 2 Lascannon Sponsons
9 Power Level
190 Points

Predator with Twin Lascannon Turret and 2 Lascannon Sponsons
9 Power Level
190 Points

Landraider with Twin Heavy Bolter and 2 Twin Lascannon Sponsons
19 Power Level
356 Points

9 Havocs with 4 Lascannons
1 Champion with Chainsword and bolt pistol
10 Power Level
230 Points

POINTS: 3951

So it appears that 200 Power Level is approximately 4000 Points.

Some interesting observations:

- 1 Power Level point equates to approximately 20 points

- Some units are way more expensive points-wise than they were in the previous edition.

- Rhinos are definitely over-costed in Points and probably also Power Level.

I want to compare certain units builds' Power Level Vs Points.  I have had some thoughts on which units could be abused using Power Level as well as some conversations and I want to see if we were right.  Also the disparity of Power Level Vs Points had been a big concern for me before I started playing 8th and I am not certain it matters.  I will explore this below.

9 Chaos Terminators, 9 with Chain Fists, 9 with Combi-Meltas, 1 with Icon Of Vengeance
1 Champion with Chainfist and Combi-melta
28 Power Level
730 Points

9 Chaos Terminators, 9 with Combi-Bolters, 9 with Power Swords
1 Champion with Power Sword and Combi-bolter
28 Power Level
370 Points

9 Chaos Havocs 4 with Lascannons
1 Champion with Power Fist
10 Power Level
242 Points

9 Chaos Havocs, 4 with Heavy Bolters
1 Champion with Chainsword
10 Power Level
170 Points

Some more interesting observations:

- Some units are a steal when using Power level as long as they are kitted out a certain way.

- The Terminators have a huge points swing depending on the wargear loadout; from 370 to 730!  That's a swing of 360 points!  You could have two units of 10 Terminators with Power Swords and combi-bolters for one unit of Combi-melta and Chain fist terminators in the Points system, but it would cost you 56 Power Level points to have two units of terminators!

- A Squad of 10 Chaos Terminators, if using the conversion I came up with above where 1 Power Level = 20 Points, should cost 560 points.  560 is almost directly between 730 and 370.

- 560 Points is a lot more than Terminators used to cost!

- I am pretty sure any unit that can really be kitted out like terminators, in other words, Chosen and Ork Nobs are going to be able to be taken advantage of in Power Level games.

- The Havocs have a swing of 72 points.  This would allow you to buy a unit of Havocs with 4 heavy bolters and a rhino in a Points based army for the same cost as one unit of Havocs with Lascannons, but in a Power Level game both Havoc units are the same Power Level points.

- When playing Points it seems you can generally get a better deal.

- Power Levels probably balances out between the two players and between the units as long as one person isn't trying to maximize the power out of units like Terminators.

- Power Levels aren't as granular so when you take an under-strength squad you simply end up paying more Power Level points than you probably should.

Closing thoughts:

I think Power Levels are a good way to play games between friends who have armies already built.  Play WYSIWYG and no one should have any issues with balance.

Power Levels aren't a good way to play for Power Gamey Tournament Players (PGTP).  I have played in a number of tournaments where these players exist.  They aren't the same as Win At All Costs (WAAC) players who will literally cheat using fast dice rolling and measuring inconsistencies with tape measures etc. because they have a low self esteem (Or at least I think they must have low self-esteem to cheat in a game like this.), but these are players who will try to create lists that give them every possible advantage to win.

The reason I say this is that both PGTP and WAAC look to use everything they can to their advantage and will build a brand new army from scratch to take advantage of the Power Level inconsistencies.  It would stagnate the tournament environment.  There would exist units and armies that everyone would play with no variety because a PGTP or WAAC player would take the unit at its most powerful build every time and the Power Level would stay the same.

With a Points environment for tournaments more options are available and subsequently more army builds.  As I mentioned above I could take 2 terminator units for the price of one in a Points-environment but I could not do the same in a Power Level environment because both units would cost the same Power Levels even with drastically different equipment.  Each terminator unit fills a different role but Power Levels don't account for that.

I think GW knew what they were doing with Power Levels even though I initially did not agree with the decision.  I feel like if I played in tournaments I would never touch Power Levels; and for good reason!

The separation of Points from Power Levels and the choice to put all the Points in the back of the codex was a smart move.  By separating out Points to a list in the back, GW can simply update Points occasionally to make sure they are balanced with the other armies they make in the future.  The Power Levels can stay the same, because face it, us casual players don't care so much.  We want to play games with our armies!  I can do that with Power Level, slightly easier even than with Points.

Points are more granular and more flexible than Power Level.

In conclusion, GW did a smart and good thing for the players and the company.  I think they have successfully been able to separate the casual from the competitive finally after many many Editions of trying.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Iron Warriors VS Ultramarines 100 Power Level Battle Report

Sorceror Melkor looked down into the dish of water and then touched it briefly with his index finger.

He watched as ripples in the water gave way to an image of flames and death.  The images cleared away and then a fog filled the watery display.  As the fog dissipated, a new image began to make itself visible.  The image of a small box, no larger than the ancient puzzle cubes of ancient Terra.  The difference here is that it glowed faintly and seemed to be reaching out to Melkor's mind from beyond time and space and through the water-filled divining dish.

Just as quickly as he invoked the visage he turned away and the image of the cube disappeared as well.  A name of a planet entered the Sorceror's mind and he knew where he had to go.

AB716, 16th moon of the Mercia system was the name of the planetoid that Melkor had seen in his vision.

He implored Lord Boratheon, now a monstrous Daemon Prince, to allow him to take a contingent to the moon and find the artifact.

Boratheon looked a this small frail Sorceror which he only barely tolerated and held in great contempt and decided that he would honor his request.  He honored it not because he believed that Melkor would win the day or that this artifact he spoke of would be of any use but because Boratheon knew the dangers that Melkor would face.  He knew that the Ultramarines had got there first and that they would be a good test and perhaps one that was too great for the, now ancient, Sorceror to overcome.

He would send a detachment with Melkor that also included his number two, The Warpsmith, to observe.

The Warpsmith is a strange and cunning ally of Boratheon's.  He had trained on Mars as an Iron Hand Tech Marine in the days and years following the Heresy.  He had helped rebuild much of what was lost during the catastrophic events that tore not only the Imperium in two but also the Mechanicum in two and would eventually lead to the once great self-governing Mechanicum to become just another cog in the giant war machine that was the Imperium of Man.

The Warpsmith, as his name would imply, delved into the arcane and the machine and strived to intertwine the two for thousands of years.  He initially worked for the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Iron Hands as a loyal servant but he fell under the tutelage of a Tech Adept who would take his teachings down a dark path.

The Warpsmith and his Tech Adept mentor would eventually leave Mars together and continue their studies far from the influence of the Imperium.  Many strange and powerful devices would they construct and eventually he met Boratheon, then simply a Chaos Lord and leader of a small warband of Iron Warriors.  Boratheon and the Warpsmith would together build vast amounts of weapons of war and build up Boratheon's legion into a force to be reckoned with.

The Warpsmith's name has never been revealed, save perhaps to Boratheon.  It is a mystery, one of many that may never be revealed.

The Warpsmith would accompany Melkor and make sure that one way or another Boratheon's orders were carried out.

What those orders were, only the Warpsmith knew...

Battle Report -

Mission -

The mission was one of our own devising.

Each unit killed was worth 1 VP.  The Ultramarines had a Techmarine worth 2 VP and his Servitor bodyguard also worth 2 VP.  If the Ultramarine player kept the Techmarine alive he would get those points and the same with the servitors.

The Techmarine and the servitors would each move randomly 2d6 inches each turn and could be shot or assaulted to death by me.

I deployed using hidden deployment and on a 4+ roll he would go first.

After deployment he deferred and I went first.

Hidden Deployment. 

Melkor has read the surveillance reports of the Ultramarine camp and knew that his target was a particular Techmarine by the name of Achelos.  His retinue of Servitors were being protected by a detachment of Ultramarines so the could finish their work.  An ancient and powerful artifact was somewhere in this old settlement and Achelos had been tasked with retrieving it, but the Iron Warriors had other plans.

 Iron Warriors' revealed deployment.

Melkor's plan had been to sneak up on the loyalist marines and by getting the element of surprise eliminate their heavy firepower first and then move in to take or kill Achelos.

Lining up shots. 

His plan was sound in theory and his deployment seemed to be perfect.  The Ogryns were going to be a major distraction along with the Obliterators and the Raptors.

Cultists of the MiguelQuasar 

The Cultists had been sent along by Boratheon's orders along with The Warpsmith.  Melkor had an inkling of what this was all about but he wasn't going to let them distract him.

The Ultramarine Devastators 

The first target would be a unit of Ultramarine Devastators all armed with Lascannons.  Melkor knew with his heavy tanks that these lascannons posed an immediate threat.  He tasked the Obliterators along with the the entire left flank of his army to destroy them.  After only a few minutes of focused fire they were blown apart.

The target.

The Ultramarines Techmarine Achelos was the primary target, unfortunately he was seemingly loitering around as far away from the front line as possible.

The three servitor targets  next to another techmarine.

Ultramarine Centurions 

Melkor knew the Centurions could be a major impediment to his plans and he had hoped to deal with them later.

A large 20-man Marine squad. 

Issuing orders to his 20-man Marine squad, Melkor and a large segment of the army advanced.

The left flank of the Ultramarines primarily consisted of a single tactical squad. 

The plan was to distract with the Obliterators, the Ogryns and the Raptors dropping n behind the tactical squad.

Three Obliterators deepstrike and one is killed by intercepting fire. 

Melkor monitored the Obliterator's drop and it didn't go according to plan.  "Perhaps the Gods are in a foul mood today..." muttered Melkor.

The Devastators are subsequently eliminated by concentrated fire. 

"The Ultramarines may be the lapdogs of Guilliman, but they are not tactical fools. But they did not know we were coming.  Taking the heavy fire power they did may indicate something...."  Thought Melkor.

The Ogryn Berzerkers (Chaos Spawn) run up the middle.

Things were looking up for the Iron Warriors.  Before the Ultramarines reserves arrived, the Iron Warriors were taking it to the Ultramarines.  First the Devastator squad was eliminated and then the Predator was reduced to only a few wounds.

Five Raptors deepstrike behind enemy lines. 

The Raptors came screaming through the atmosphere after being dropped by Thuderhawk about 5,000 feet up.

The Cultists cower behind cover. 

"Melkor is making a mistake.  Exposing his flank to the enemy.  Perhaps my mission can be accomplished after all." thought The Warpsmith while peering into a viewscreen inside his Rhino armoured personnel carrier.

The Centurions destroy the Obliterators. 

"Curses!  The damned Ultramarines' Centurions have more firepower than our Obliterators!  I will need to talk to our Fleshsmiths and Warpsmiths when I get back to Medrengard and have them look into upgrading the Obliterators weaponry and armour!"  Melkor recorded in his personal mini recorder-cogitator-dictation device.

Ultramarine Terminators deepstrike and successfully charge an exposed Melkor.

A bright flash and an accompanying smell of Ozone marked the arrival by teleportation of a squad of Ultramarine Terminators very close to Melkor's position.

"Die Lapdogs of the Fale Emperor!" Shouted Melkor as he fired frantically with his bolt pistol into the charging Angels of Death.  After a few short seconds of brutal and desperate fighting Melkor had taken many grievous wounds.  With a whisper and a wave of his hand he disappeared.  Where he went no one was sure.  Even The Warpsmith was surprised but also a little worried.  "Hopefully he is gone for good." he thought.

A Tactical Squad charges into the Ogryn Berzerkers. 

The Ogryn Berzerkers fight on hack and slashing at the Space Marines hoping to kill a few but not afraid of death themselves.

The Tactical squad on the UM's left flank charges into the Raptors. 

The Raptors fought bravely against the Ultramarines but were outnumbered.  They would eventually fall.

The terminators plow into a 20-man squad. 

After dispatching Melkor, the Ultramarine Terminators launch themselves into the 20-man marine squad.

 The Iron Warriors encircle the UMs.

"Now focus fire everything we have onto those terminators!" Bellowed The Warpsmith into his vox.  Every Iron Warrior turned and fired relentlessly into the blue terminators until only one was left standing.

 A close combat ensues.

The final terminator was then charged by Iron Warriors intent on his death.  They dragged him down after a concerted effort.

An Ogryn is still alive. 

Screaming and flailing, the giant Ogryn impaled another Ultramarine and smashed a further one in the face.  It was not enough, however, and he would be blasted apart by close range bolter fire after only a few minutes in the melee.

 The Centurions move behind cover.

Remembering the objective, The Warpsmith turns his Rhino's augury sensors to get a bead on the enemy techmarine.  "He is too far away."

A massive combat in which doesn't want to end. 

More Ultramarines move into the center and continue the fight.

The IW back off and prepare to eliminate the loyalists with bullets. 

The Warpsmith then orders all of the Iron Warriors engaged in combat to break off.  "Fire at will!"  He screams into his vox and with many deafening bangs and cracks, bolters and lascannons open up and utterly blast apart the remaining Ultramarines in the center of the table.

This combat ended shortly after this pict was taken. 

Only one remained and was quickly despatched by a number of Iron Warrior marines who cahreged into him, bayonet's fixed.

The battle was over and there was much carnage.  Unfortunately for the sons of Perturabo, the loyalist Techmarine and his servitors survived.

The final tally was:  Iron Warriors: 7  Ultramarines: 9

Epilogue - 

Melkor lay in a pitch black room on a cold stone floor.  His head was throbbing and his memory was fuzzy.  "How did I get here....Where am I?" he wondered softly.

"I would also like to know how you got here.  You are in the a holding cell on the Heavy Cruiser Iron's Fury of the 82nd Grand Company of the IV Legion.  I am Warsmith Martok.  Who are you?"

To be continued....