Tuesday, September 18, 2018

2000 Point Horusy Heresy Battle Report: Iron Warriors Vs Night Lords: Attack on Base 716

The Night Lords had captured the informant against the best effort by Captain Erasmus Golg of the Iron Warriors.

The informant was a lowly Sergeant in the Iron Warrior's Imperial Militia regiment that was assigned to Warsmith Martok's Grand Battalion.

While the Sergeant thought that he had been treated poorly by the Iron Warriors and wanted revenge, he couldn't have picked a worse Legion to defect to.  He was never seen again after the rendezous with the Night Lords' leadership.

Base 716 was an outpost on the edge of the Scarus Sector.  The Scarus sector is named after the Word Bearers 52nd Company Captain; Scarus.  It was named by Lorgar himself when Captain Scarus and his entire company was lost in the Warp during The Pilgrimage.

Base 716 has been used by Warsmith Martok as a listening post / weapon depot for the last 3 years.  It was gifted to him from Chaplain Erebus of the Word Bearers himself.  Why Erebus did this remains unknown.

After the debacle of Istvaan V by Martok's Grand Battalion, the Primarch Perturabo had refused to allow them reinforcements or replenishment of supplies.  Martok had faired poorly on Istvaan V, his Grand Battalion getting badly mauled by not only the Raven Guard but also elements of the Night Lords.  Martok had ordered his men to not only fire on the Raven Guard but also to continue to fire on the Night Lords when they closed for close-quarter fighting against the loyalists.

Martok made enemies of the Night Lords that day.  And since Perturabo has denied Martok's Grand Battalion resupply for the foreseeable future, he has had to turn to other sources.  Erebus had offered Base 716 and Martok accepted.

Defending Base 716 was a combined force of Iron Warriors and Imperial Militia.  Led by Force Commander Draxxen Loor and Praetor Holiton Grell.

The Night Lords attacked under cover of darkness......

The Night Lords surround the base.

Surrounding a ruin is an Aegis Defence Line.  In the past this has been all that was needed for defense of this base.

The Command Council discusses supply shipments and other logistical concerns unaware of the Night Lords' presence.

The Night Lords' armour lines up on a flank.

The Night Lords advance.

A large hole in the Militia's line appears and the Contemptor rushed to fill it.

As the Night Lords get within charge distance the Iron Warrior's Contemptor moves to counter them.

The Night Lords have very nearly taken the right flank.

The left flank is being better defended, but it seems like only a matter of time before it collapses.

The large Iron Warrior marine squad joins with the Command staff to provide mutual support and a last defence of the base.

The Militia bravely, or possibly foolishly, charges into the Night Lords.

The Night Lords close in.

There aren't many Iron Warriors remaining.

One of the last battles before the base is taken.

In the end the Night Lords were able to take control of Base 716 only to discover that there was more than meets the eye about the old run down base.

Behind the ruins almost hidden inside a large rocky outcropping, was a metal door which led to a staircase that went down.

The Night Lords had found the actual Base 716 and it was a vast sprawling underground tunnel system.

What awaits the Night Lords as they push into the tunnels?

For the Night Lords Perspective, check out the Eye of Isha blog post here:

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Horus Heresy - Iron Warriors Vs Night Lords - The Campaign continues!

This past weekend my friend Seti and I played another Horus Heresy game in our ongoing campaign.

We played a 2500 point game.  The scenario was Conclave of the Lost from Book 6: Retribution with just a couple of modifications.

Sargent Lox Fillmore of the 312th Lourdian Imperial Militia originally assigned to the 106th Expedition fleet under command of the Iron Warriors' Warsmith Martok, had seen the Horus Heresy develop into something he wasn't very happy with.  He saw brother fight brother and he knew that while he couldn't change the course of the entire war, perhaps he could stop the seemingly endless fighting that the troops under his command had be involved in.

The battles he and his men had been forced into had only escalated since the Iron Warriors and the Night Lords' feud had erupted recently into outright civil war.  He didn't know what had precipitated the hostilities between the two factions and frankly he didn't care.  He wanted out.

He figured that the way he and his men (consisting of about three squads) could get out of this war was to reach out to the enemy.  He decided to contact Praetor Baltar of the Night Lords and give him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Praetor Erasmus Golg was looking through the fleet transmissions because his Master of Signal had alerted him to several encrypted signals that were not sent to other Iron Warriors fleet assets but to some other destination.

Golg was not highly skilled in encryption or cogitations but he was quick to anger and this angered him that protocols weren't being met.

He spent probably more time than he should have trying to decrypt the message but he was focused on nothing else.  He was also lucky that whomever encrypted the message wasn't particularly skilled at the craft.

Fifteen minutes after he had begun, Golg had finished his task.  "Alert Warsmith Martok, I will be taking a detachment to the planet.  There is a traitor in our midst and I intend to silence him!"

The mission Golg went on was to disrupt the meeting between the traitor Guardsmen and the Night Lords Praetor.

If The Iron Warriors killed the Praetor within the first 3 turns, then they would receive 5 victory points.  The Night Lords also had The Flaymaster with them and if the IW killed him within the first 3 turns they would get 3 victory points.  The traitor Guardsman was worth d6 points for either side.

Each other unit killed was worth 1 point for either side.

We chose to play 2500 points.

Here is the very beginning of the game.  Turn one, Iron Warriors' movement. 

Praetor Baltar meeting with the traitor. 

Iron Warriors Destroyers with jump packs. 

After bombarding the meeting with Vindicator and Medusa shells, 
a veteran squad closes the distance.

Erasmus Golg's Land Raider moves on to the battefield from reserve.

The Night Lords fire on an Iron Warrior Vet Squad, killing several.

The Night Lords' air force arrives and begins to destroy the Iron Warrior's armor.

The Night Lords' Land Raider continues to move ever closer to the Baltar.

The Iron Warriors Destroyers jump into a building and prepare to assault 
the Night Lords Terror squad.

The Destroyers didn't fare too well against the Terror squad and 
a Veteran Squad believes it can do better.

Riding in his Land Raider, Erasmus Golg orders the crew to fire on the Night Lord's Land Raider Phobos.  Unfortunately their shot goes wide.

The other Iron Warriors Land Raider Proteus arrives and fires at the 
opposing Land Raider, doing no damage.

A Veteran squad of Iron Warriors disembarks and fires on a Night Lords squad.

Another Vet squad in a rhino makes it to the central hill just as Baltar begins his escape.

The Terror Squad makes short work of the veterans.

The Night Lords show the Iron Warriors how close combat is done.

Another Vet Squad disembarks and fires on the Night Lords, nearly killing the whole squad.

An Iron Warriors Cataphracti terminator squad disembarks, fires and prepares for close combat against the Night Lords.

Erasmus Golg and his command squad disembark and fire into the Night Lords.

The Night Lords are beginning to turn the tide against the Iron Warriors
but there is still hope for an IW victory.

The Land Speeders fire on the terminators, doing little damage.

The Night Lords veteran squad backs away from Golg.

The Iron Warrior's vindicator is destroyed by the Night Lords air force and a vet squad moves into a forest to try and flank the last Iron Warriors Vet squad.

Golg advances but can't pull off the charge.

The Night Lords Praetor Baltar escapes with the traitor.

The NL vets stay in the woods.

Golg's command squad is pummeled by the enemy air force as well as the NL ground forces.

Attempting to destroy the Proteus, the NL charge in.

Golg is on his own and the Iron Warriors let the traitor escape.

Praetor Baltar of the Night Lords escapes with Sargent Fillmore, giving the Night Lords a significant tactical advantage against the Iron Warriors.  

The Flaymaster extracts the information needed from Fillmore, whom afterwards wishes he never would have left the Iron Warriors.  

The next battle is set.

Ambushing of the Iron Warriors will be the next step in the ongoing feud between the two legions.  The Night Lords lick their lips thinking of the glorious slaughter to come of the unsuspecting Fourth Legion.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New Necromunda Terrain

We had a Necromunda day a few weeks ago and I decided that I needed to create some new terrain before then.

While I didn't make anything huge, I did cut and paint some large styrofoam pieces which you can see in the pictures below.

I didn't get any action shots, I just took pictures afterwards and put some of my gangers on the terrain for scale.

I used some Erector Set pieces as stand-ins for walkways since I didn't have time to make and paint them. 

In our previous games no one really used walk ways because they were so dangerous.  I had been trying to figure out how to get people to put their gangers up on the walkways for quite a while when it dawned on me that if parts of the ground were dangerous to walk on then you would have to use the walkways.

So I cut the styrofoam so it would be like large concrete blocks.  The blue fabric I laid down was toxic ooze.  The bases that have gravel on them in the blue ooze are kind of like sand bars in a river.

The toxic ooze used the following rules:  While a ganger is in the ooze they are at -1 toughness.  In addition, if they are prone for any reason then each turn they need to roll a d6, on a 1 they drown and are taken Out Of Action.

I want to create new walkways and also new towers with platforms that will rise out of the ooze.

I am working on more new terrain and will showcase it here in the future.

Until then....