Thursday, February 8, 2018

Necromunda at the Big Game and more!

This past weekend was a big weekend for Necromunda.

At Warhammer World in Nottingham, Games Workshop had their first Horus Heresy and Necromunda Weekender.

At this event they had seminars about the future of both games and has a lot of new models to show off.

While I wasn't able to attend because of a number of reasons, I did get a chance to look at the coverage of the weekender on several blogs I follow.  The most notable of these which I have a link to on the right is, Battle Bunnies.  If there is ever an event at Warhammer World, they are the ones who cover it!

I strongly suggest to anyone who hasn't been to their blog, to go check it out now and take a look at all the new and exciting Necromunda news.

One thing that was pretty exciting was just how much stuff they want to release for Necromunda.  They talked about Guilds and Enforcers and Ogryns and Brutes and Automata!  Also, the leaders of the entire gangs, and the pets of leaders and bounty hunters and Squats!

They also want to expand the setting to Hive Secundus and other places like Space Stations.  I was expecting they would show off the new Orlock Gang and some new weapon packs and talk about Gang War II, but what we got was so much more!

I am very excited for where Necromunda is going!

Now, one reason I wasn't in England this past weekend is because I was at my gaming group's annual get together, the imaginatively named Big Game.

We had a Necromunda board set up just to get some games in if anyone was interested.  The main focus of the weekend was playing a number of 40k games leading up to a massive confrontation on Saturday evening.

I won't be doing a full report here but I want to share some images from my Necromunda game.

 My Goliath gang, The Shredders facing off against a Van Saar gang.

 I had already played one game with this gang but this was my opponent's first game.

It was a learning game for both him and me since this was also my first 3d game. 

 My Goliath's would try to jump that gap several times and they never made it.

My Leader, "Shredder" Gorak was a beast!  He pulverized two enemy 
gangers including their Leader!

I also bought a great terrain piece from a buddy of mine who came half way across the country to game with us this past weekend.  His blog is Guardsman-a-day, which is linked on the right.

His original intention of his blog was to post a picture every day of a different guardsman of his.  He has a lot of Guardsmen!  But it has evolved into kind of a showcase for whatever it is he is working on at the moment and he updates virtually every day.  

What's really interesting about his blog is that each picture has a caption that tells a small part of a larger narrative which he has built over the years.  Its interesting reading them because it sets a scene of a far-off, evocative universe.  In each blog entry we only get a tiny window into the universe and each post leaves you wanting more.

Here are some pictures of the piece I bought from him:

Not only did I buy this great piece of terrain from him but my other friend Pen Dull, whose blog is Excursions Beyond the Call of Duty found a great classic Necromunda figure for me, which I can't wait to paint up.  Its an old Necromunda Wyrd Telekinetic in its original blister! 

It seems almost a shame to open it.....But I must!  Its such a great model.  I will find a way to incorporate it into my current Necro Campaign.

Another thing I got from Big Game weekend was a fantastic portal painted by my other friend Ethmongul.  His blog is at the following link:  Right now he has some final thoughts about the big game on his blog.

Here is a pic of the portal terrain piece (which I also want to incorporate into Necromunda):

I will leave you now with some pictures of my new table, which is still in development.  I am putting together a table that is not in the basement because it gets really cold around here in the winter.  Here are some pics:

That's all for now.  Until next time...

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Gor Half-Horn, Beastman Bounty Hunter

I ordered Gor Half-Horn from Forgeworld a few weeks ago and he just came.  I was able to get him painted up and I can't wait to use him this weekend.

Here he is in all his glory:

I really like the fact that they brought back beastmen in 40k.  This isn't 30k this is 40k.  I hope they continue to do this sort of thing; bringing things from old fluff back.

Who knows, maybe we will get a squat at some point.....

On to commission work.

I just finished painting up some Bullgryns for a friend of mine.  I don't do commission work often, but occasionally I am ok with it.

I also painted up a master of signal, or whatever the Imperial Guard version of that is.

Tonight I will be working on some Sisters of Battle and some terrain fro Necromunda.  Pics will follow soon....

Monday, January 29, 2018

Necromunda Goliath Gang and Horus Heresy Rulebook

I've been busy painting minis again this past weekend.

I painted up the remaining Goliath Gangers bringing up my gang to 8 models.  I originally built the Goliaths as the sample gang as portrayed in the box.  I also the built the Eschers as the sample gang.  It was mainly just to get myself acquainted with how the minis went together.

After playing some games I have realized that when playing a campaign, since you start with 1000credits to build the gang you probably aren't going to have 10 Goliaths, especially not 10 as they are shown on the box.  The wargear is just too expensive.

I've built several gangs for campaigns so far and none of the gangs has had a model count larger than 7.  I figure having the 8 models built and painted below will be fine, at least for a little while.

When expanding this Goliath gang I intend to build Juves out of Catachan models and also add Bounty Hunters and other Hangers on eventually.

In fact, there is a hint in some of the pictures below as to who the next addition to this gang will be.

Without further ado, the pictures:

The whole gang!

I'm quite pleased with how they turned out and its quite a burden that has been lifted.  I am building this gang not just for a campaign but for the annual D-Company Big Game this coming weekend.

We will have some great Necromunda tables set up and Necromunda will play a big role in the Campaign of this year's Big Game.  I intend to play a lot of Necromunda this weekend and I will have plenty of pics and hopefully battle reports when its done.

I really needed to get these guys done and now that they are done I can focus on finishing some Ogryns for a commission I am working on.  After they are done I have a bunch of terrain and some Sisters of Battle to do.

I will keep this blog updated this week as we get closer to the big game.  

And I also got a little something in the mail from Forgeworld:

The Horus Heresy Age of Darkness 30k rulebook!

Finally Forgeworld's amazing Horus Heresy project is completely Forgeworld's and they don't have to worry about the whims of the Games Workshop Design Studio.

The biggest problem with the way Forgeworld had to support the 30k ruleset was not having full control of the core rules.  The Horus Heresy ruleset was always an expansion of whatever the current 40k ruleset was.  When 6th moved to 7th Forgeworld had to scramble and redo rules and make erratas and try and figure out how the new changes effected everything in the Heresy.

Now there is no need to adapt to someone else's design concepts.  Its hugely freeing.

This book is essentially 7th edition 40k but with some significant tweaks.

Here are the most important changes:

- There are a total of 4 force organization charts that can be used by someone building a 30k army.  
- There are no formations.
- There are new Warlord trait charts and Psychic powers.
- The allies chart is 30k specific with different levels of allies than 40k had.
- The fortifications list and rules are updated.
- Multibombing is back!  Everyone in a squad can use their grenades (or meltabombs) as long as everyone uses the same grenade type.
- Some Combi-weapons aren't one shot.
- The list of superheavys available to 30k armys have been updated and now only refer to units that Forgeworld has printed 30k rules for.

I am very excited to have this book and so are my 30k friends!  It has reinvigorated us to play some 30k and once the Big Game is over I am sure we will get right back into 30k.

Anyways, next time you will see some Orgyns and a Bounty Hunter!

Until then..

Monday, January 8, 2018

Necromunda Update!

So its been a while since I posted last and I've done a good amount of Hobbying in that time!

Necromunda has been pretty great, even though I just lost the last game and several Goliaths for the next game, as I've assembled the Goliaths and the Eschers from the box set and built and painted a bunch of terrain.

Here is the first fully-painted Goliath:

I tried my best with the pictures and despite some blurring I think my phone's camera is pretty decent.

I really enjoyed assembling the Eschers but no so much the Goliaths.  The Goliaths were difficult to assemble because their parts didn't fit as snugly as the Eschers' pieces.  Th Eschers, even though they were spindly and delicate just seemed to go together better.  I can't wait to see how the Orlocks fit together.

I intend to purchase each gang as it is released as well as each book.  I will try and do some sort of review for each release.

Now onto some finished terrain pieces.

The above pieces are the look I will be going for when painting the majority of my Necromunda terrain pieces.

I will add more varied colors to some of the pieces and I like the hazard stripes so I will probably do more of those as well.

Next up is some works in progress that aren't quite done yet.

I can't wait to get to work on more Necromunda stuff.  I promise I will continue to update this blog on my progress.

Until then...