Thursday, September 24, 2015

Heresy Era Iron Warriors Part 3

So I have been doing some work on my Heresy Era Iron Warriors.  I have a lot of work to do yet, but I am finally getting back my urge to paint and model so hopefully I can get some progress done soon.

A few weeks ago I had working on stripping a lot of the models I had got along with a Land Raider for my fiance.

After playing that last game where it was IW and Word Bearers versus Orks.  I have decided that having Basilisks in my HH-Era IW will be a good idea.

I am going to repaint and remove the Chaosy bits from my two basilisks.  I am also going to do the same to my other old-school Vindicator.

But that will come in the future.  For now here are some pics of the models I am working on now.  I just base coated a number of figs and pulled out some more tactical marines for the next batch.

 A Contemptor, a regular dreadnought and a whirlwind.

 My new Warsmith Model.

Master of Signal

 A Tactical Sargent.

 Another Tactical Sargent.

 Here are all three along with some tactical marines.

Here is another group of tactical marines I will be spraying soon.

I am very excited to be doing a Horus Heresy army.  I just ordered the Mechanicum Red Book because it has missions in it.  I haven't bought any of the large black books yet simply because of their price, but with the new book having missions in it, its almost as good.

Anyways, until next time..........

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

False Hope Campaign - Iron Warriors and Word Bearers VS Orks

Prologue - 

Perturabo, the Lord Of Iron and Daemon Primarch of the Iron Warriors, watches a view screen from deep inside the his fortress on Medrengard, the new daemonworld home planet of the Iron Warriors deep in the Eye of Terror.  

He is reminded of over ten thousand years ago when he was first introduced to his legion.  He heard of their most recent failures and was not pleased.  

Ten thousand years ago as soon as he was united with his legion he issued the order of decimation.  He ordered one in every ten of his space marines to be killed by their brothers.  This was an act that was meant to send a message to his legion, a message that failure would not be tolerated.

In the present as he looks into the view screen and reviews Lord Boroth's recent failures he can't help but think back to those days long ago.  He becomes motivated to do something, something he hasn't done since the Horus Heresy failed so many years ago.

Perturabo decides to lead an army out of the Eye of Terror.

Campaign Info - 

Battle is on The Shattered Skull Planet, F8&9 vs F13&14.  I played 30k Iron Warriors, Mike played Khorne Daemonkin as Word Bearers against Joe and Bob's Orks.  

3500 points per player.  We played Modified Maelstrom; one deck per team, 4 card hands, remove 6 cards from the deck before we begin playing.  We used the Daemonkin deck and they used the Ork deck.

Because there was a Command Center tile on one side and a Bastion tile on the other, the orks got either a free aegis defence line or bastion (they chose an aegis) and the Chaos side got +1 on one player's (Mike had the +1) reserve rolls.

Army List - 

I really wanted to try out Perturabo since I just got him at GenCon recently.  So I took him and a suitable 30k army to go with him.  This is my first chance playing with these rules.  I used my normal 40k Iron Warriors as 30k Legionaires.

Here is the army list:

Lord Of War -

Perturabo w/Forgebreaker
490 points

HQ - 

Warsmith Morgoth (30k version)
Preator w/Warsmith upgrade(servo arm), 1 Lightning Claw 1 Master-crafted Lightning Claw, Iron Halo, digital lasers, meltabombs
220 points

Master Of Signal
95 points

Elites - 

8 veteran tactical marines with meltabombs, furious charge
1 sargeant with powerfist, artificer armour, meltabombs, furious charge

Dreadnought Talon
1 Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon and heavy flamer
145 points
1 Dreadnought with Twin-linked lascannon and twin-linked missile launcher
165 points
1 Dreadnought with twin-linked missile launcher
140 points

4 Terminators - 1w/heavy flamer, 1w/powerfist
1 sargeant with 2 lightning claws
214 points

Troops -

19 tactical marines
1 sargent wth powersword and meltabombs
265 points

9 tactical marines
1 sargent with powerfist, combi-flamer and meltabombs
in Rhino with Havoc Missile launcher
230 points

9 tactical marines
1 sargent with powerfist, combi-flamer and meltabombs
in Rhino with Havoc Missile launcher
230 points

Heavy Support - 

5 Iron Havocs with 5 lascannons
260 points

Predator Squadron
1 Predator with Predator Cannon and Heavy Bolter sponsons
1 Predator with Predator Cannon and lascannon sponsons
210 points

Landraider Phobos
250 points

2 Legion Basilisks
280 points

Fortification - 

Aegis Defence Line with Comms Relay
70 points

 The Iron Warriors Legion Army

Perturabo, the Lord of Iron

Deployment - 

We did the Vanguard Strike deployment and used the entire table, which I believe is 6' by 12'.

Here are some deployment pics:

Battle Report -

The Orks deployed first and went first.  The very first thing they did was fire off grot rockits and blew up my Iron Havoc squad as well as my master of signal.  It was barrage and therefore ignored the cover I had.

There was not much else of consequence that first Ork turn, they moved towards us as well.

The large Tactical Squad then moved forward into where their comrades bodies lay dead on the ground.

On the right flank, the Word Bearers moved forward, blocking some of the future shots from the Orks with their rhinos.

On the left flank, the Iron Warriors fired on the orks and began moving to prepare for the inevitable ork charge.

The possessed Word Bearers squad takes objective 4 while the Grot squad looks on and decides whether they want to interfere.

The Stompa and the Fellblade continue to exchange fire.

The orks destroy a rhino and the Forgefiend and charge the hapless cultists.  Warsmith Morgoth in his Landraider Phobos is grinning, "They've fallen into my trap."

Meanwhile on the right flank, Belakor casts Invisibility on the Bloodcrushers and the Word Bearers begin taking shooting casualties.

With a sharp "CRACK!" and a bright flash of lightning Perturabo, 5 Terminators and a Decimator Engine teleport onto the Ork flank.

Meanwhile Warsmith Morgoth and his veteran tactical retinue disembark from their Land Raider Phobos to assault a squad of Orks.

After an assault by the Blood Crushers, the Ork flank is beginning to disappear.

Morgoth and his squad easily dispatch the Orks.

The rest of the Ork army including an angry Warboss, however, witnesses Morgoth's massacre and is not pleased.  He and his Nobs line up and assault.

The Word Bearers' Fellblade gets assaulted by a large squad of boyz.

The left flank of the Orks, which just moments ago looked wiped out, is now pushing back with a large squad of Nobz, killing the Blood Crushers in close combat.

Morgoth gets assaulted by the Nobs and the Warboss, his armour fails him and his bloody ruin is left on the battlefield to hopefully be collected later by the legion apothecaries.

After seeing their Warsmith crushed by the Ork Warboss, the Iron Warriors unleash the Fury of the Legion and double fire their bolters wiping out the Warboss' squad and almost killing him.

The center Iron Warriors squad leaps over the Aegis Defence line and prepares to fire and then charge the Ork mob in front of them.

The Ork Nob squad spots Perturabo, and led by Mad Dok Grotsnik, they believe that this is their chance to end the Primarch in a brutal hand to hand match.

It was not to be. Perturabo no only ended Grotsnick's life but 3 other Nobs as well.  At the end of the bloody combat he was the only one left standing, and he was not amused.

The Warboss finally gets squished when the Word Bearers along with a Blood Thirster and a Soul Grinder assault him.

Perturabo may be far from the fight but it is at this moment that he calls in an Orbital Strike and nearly eliminates an entire Nob squad that just disembarked from its Battle Wagon.

Belakor, while earlier maintaining his aloofness and cool, now becomes trapped in an enormous mob of Boyz.  His flesh doesn't survive this fight and he is eliminated and banished back to the warp.

At the end of the fight, the Stompa and the Fellblade survive but not a single Iron Warrior marine lives.  It was a bloody fight.

At the end of the game, we added up the points and it was an 18 - 18 tie.


Perturabo returns to his flagship and decides that there needs to be a rematch.  These disgusting greenskins must be destroyed.

It took way too long for me to write this batrep but I will have a new post or two soon.  I have been working on my Heresy Era Iron Warriors and the next post will be about them.

Until then.....