Monday, November 7, 2016

What-Khan (RockCon) 2016 3000 Point Bat Rep

At RockCon this past weekend I was able to play my friend PenDull and his Marines Errant and Imperial Guard.

I played 40k Iron Warriors and Traitor Guard from Imperial Armour Volume 13.

It was a 3000 point game.

This game was a continuation of a story line started two D-Company Big Games ago.  Two Big Game's ago, The Iron Warriors lay siege to an Imperial fortress manned by the Marines Errant.

The Iron Warriors were after the Gene Seed that the Marines Errant were guarding but unbeknownst to the Iron Warriors, a Rogue Trader by the name of Miguel Quasar happened to be present in the fortress.  During the Siege he betrayed his hosts, the Marines Errant, and joined the forces of the Iron Warriors.  The only reason Iron Warriors Lord Boroth didn't execute him on the spot was that Miguel convinced him that he knew where more Gene Seed was located.

Miguel was then taken by the Iron Warrior fleet when they left the Siege.

Now Miguel has been kidnapped by Bounty Hunters and Iron Warrior Sorceror Melkor has been sent to retrieve him.

Immediately the traitor guardsmen and their mutants move forward.

Closing in fast, the bounty hunters start firing on the guardsmen.

The Marines Errant drop pod comes crashing down behind enemy lines.

The Deredeo Dreadnought fires across the battlefield and destroys a basilisk!

The Marines Errant's armour is moving to flank the traitors on both the left and right side, but the the reinforcements have arrived in the form of corrupted Leman Russ Battle Tanks and the mighty Malcador!

Storm Troopers deep strike in to assist the Marines Errant.

The Ogryn Berzerkers and their Hounds are locked in a bloody fight with Space Marines.

Most of the Bounty Hunters have been killed and Miguel's command squad races up to try and collect him.

The reserves make a bloody mess of a small scout squad.

Land Speeders attempt to destroy the remaining Basilisk but have no luck in hitting it.

Almost to Miguel Quasar!

Sorceror Melkor's Rhino transport is destroyed and he disembarks.

A squad of Raptors drops in and moves behind a wrecked rhino ready to pounce at their next opportunity.

The Honour Guard disembark from their Land Raider and prepare to charge the Ogryns.

Only one Ogryn remains after the combat.

The Razorback is destroyed and the marines inside of it soon will be also.

Melkor Challenges the Storm Troopers.

The Honour Guard finishes off the last Ogryn.

The loyal guard takes custody of the Rogue Trader Miguel Quasar.

The Hellhound rumbles up and blasts the Mutants.

The combined firepower of the Storm Troopers and the land speeders leaves Melkor alone.

Miguel is taken!

This has been a bloody battle!

A final push with Iron Warrior Space Marines attempt to take Miguel.

The Leman Russ fires!

The Marines Errant Honour Guard charges into an over-matched traitor guard squad.

They leave only bodies in their wake.

The traitors try to close with the Rogue Trader.

The Land Raider moves to block the traitors.

The Marines Errant Forge Lord and his servitors take Miguel.

The game ends and Miguel Quasar is back in the Imperium's custody.  The Iron Warrior's were dealt a blow today but all is not lost and their revenge shall come!

Until next time.....