Thursday, April 27, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon Game 2!

This past Friday I just played my second game of Shadow War: Armageddon!  This time it was against Bob's Orks.

This game was an opportunity to play an actual scenario from the book and try out the campaign system.

My Kill Team was different from the last one.

Aspiring Champion Tiro Protogenes
with Mark of Undivided, Combat Blade, Power Armour, Stealth Field (camo gear), Power Sword, Bolt Pistol

Chaos Space Marine Brother Stolos
with Mark of Undivided, Combat Blade, Power Armour, Boltgun

Chaos Space Marine Brother Acheron
with Mark of Undivided, Combat Blade, Power Armour, Flamer, Weapon Reload

Chaos Gunner Brother Pylaeus
with Mark of Undivided, Combat Blade, Power Armour, Autocannon, red-dot laser sight

Chaos Cultist Eleon
with Combat Blade, Improvised Armour, Autogun

We played the scenario: Scavengers and the sub plot was Corrosive Slick.

Corrosive Slick: If you run or charge, at the end of the run or charge roll a d6 if you roll a 1 you are pinned.

In the scenario Scavengers at the beginning of each turn your opponent rolls a d6.  If a 6 is rolled then one of you kill team members who is farthest away from any one else and/or closest to the board edge must roll on a chart and he may be eaten by an Ambull.

There were 4 objectives.  Whomever had the most at the end won.  The winner could roll a d6 at the end and if a 6 is rolled he gets an additional Promethium Cache.

The Iron Warrior Deployment.

The Orks Deployment.

A couple of sneaky gitz.

My Gunner, Pylaeus, with the Autocannon lining up his shots.
On turn one, the Ambull showed up and ate him!

 My Aspiring Champion gets pinned by Overwatch!

The gitz climb up the ladder!

 The Ork Nob and one of his boyz head towards a ladder.

The Marine with the flamer goes down! 

The cultist and a Marine head down the corridor towards a ladder.

The Marine scoots up the ladder.

The Aspiring Champion pokes his head out of cover to try and line up a 
charge but gets pinned by Overwatch!

The Ork runs towards the Marine across a gangway.

The Marine opens fire! 

The Ork falls to his death!

The Ork Nob climbs the ladder and roars at the Iron Warriors!

They fire at the Nob and knock him down barely avoiding plummeting to his death!

The two sneaky gits grab an objective an try to get away. 

The Orks bottle out and the Iron Warriors win.

In the end 3 guys were eaten by the monster.  2 Orks and one Chaos Space Marine.

After the game I got an additional Promethium Cache, bringing my total to 2.

I rolled on the advance table for my Aspiring Champion and got Destined For Greatness!  In the future he will be able to re-roll his advance rolls.

Brother Acheron had a Painful Recovery and will miss the next mission.  He also gained Hatred for Rippa Dakka, the Ork with the Big Shoota who shot him.

Brother Pylaeus also has a painful recovery after being attacked by the Ambull, he will miss the next mission too.

I decided to spend 100 points on regrouping.  I picked up a new cultist, Heracles.  He has an Autogun, weapon reload, autopistol and a bludgeon.

I will also spend one of my 2 promethium caches to acquire a Specialist.  I am leaning towards a Spawn.

In the next battle report for this campaign we will see if the Orks can regroup and then strike back at the Iron Warriors.

Until then....

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hero Forge Miniatures

While I am working on a couple of new posts, I figured I would share with you a new web site a buddy of mine showed me.

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures!

Here is the link: Hero Forge

They make custom miniatures.  Their website doesn't work on mobile devices, unfortunately, but the website allows you to build a miniature from scratch!

The first thing you will want to do is create a free account so that you can make a mini and then save it so that in the future you can have it printed.

They have a number of attributes on the right side of the page that allow you to pick what type of Genre, Race, Head, Body, Clothing, Items, Base, Mount, Pose and Material.

Basically there are a bunch of premade options for each of the above categories to build your miniature.  There are four types of materials; Premium Plastic, Nylon Plastic, Steel and Bronze

The Premium Plastic is $29.99 and really is your best bet for a few one-off minis for either RPGs or special characters in war games like Warhammer 40,000.

I am currently in 2 different Shadowrun games, two different Pathfinder games and a Dark Heresy game where I am the GM.  So I decided to make a few minis.  Now I haven't gotten them made yet but I probably will at some point.

Another cool thing is that you can take screen shots of the minis, so here are the screen shots of the ones I have made:

Interrogator Crassius Lorne

Pathfinder Dwarf Fighter Gruenor Bryngyr

Female Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor

Shadowrun Magician Wyatt Duane Munro

The above are the four minis I made recently and all of them are for RPGs but could easily be used in wargames.  The minis you can make really can be used for a multitude of systems.  You can get models that fit a theme and with some conversion work once you get the mini or with a proper paint job, these will easily fit in whatever setting you want them to be in.

I recommend this site for anyone that wants to make a one-off mini (and no they didn't pay me for this review).

And next time I will have another battle report on my 2nd game of Shadow War: Armageddon!

Until then...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon! 1st Game!

I got the chance last weekend to play my first Shadow War: Armageddon game!

In case you aren't aware, Shadow War Armageddon is a miniature skirmish game set on the planet Armageddon during the 3rd War for Armageddon when the Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thrakka invaded the Imperial-held world of Armageddon for the second time.

The idea is that you form a warband of usually between 7 and 20 minis (Grey Knights being towards 7 and Orks being more towards 20 and everyone one else somewhere in the middle for warband size) and then you fight a series of small skirmish games over Promethium stashes.

The main rule book has rules for Orks, Astra Millitarum, and Space Marines.  It also has rules for various sub-factions such as Blood Angels and Bad Moons.

The main rule book also has the main skirmish ruleset along with the campaign system and scenarios to play in that system.

If you want additional army lists then GW has them available as a free pdf download from their website.  The only factions they don't have currently are Sisters of Battle and Inquisition.  GW has said they will soon release rules for them as well.

At the moment the main rule set is not available because it was only included in the limited edition box set which included 10 space marines scouts and 20 orks and some terrain and markers and its now sold out.

The soon to be released all-in-one book.

Soon, this Saturday April 22nd in fact, GW will have the new rule book available to pre-order which will last several weeks to make sure they have enough for the demand and it will include all of the factions including Sisters and Inquisition and the rules and scenarios.  I intend to pre-order this.

Now, I don't currently have the rules but my friend Derling does, so he came over and me and Xtine and Derling played a 3-player game with a scenario we just made up.

The old Necromunda rulebook.

The basic rules are the skirmish rules from Necromunda.  There are some differences in that there are only the two standard size blast templates and the one flamer template which are the same ones used in current 40k.  As far as other rules changes I am really not sure.  Its basically 2nd Ed 40k with a special Campaign system designed just for this setting.

This will hopefully be just the first in a series of posts about this game.

The game we played was on my underground tunnels board.  We placed 6 objectives around the board which could be picked up and then ran off the board with models carrying them.  They counted for d3 objective points when the game was over.  I played Iron Warriors (or Chaos Marines becasue they don't have legion-specific rules), Derling played Tau and Xtine played Dark Eldar Wyches.

We each picked a corner and then moved our entire force on from that corner and that was our deployment.  We then rolled for first turn and turn order and began.

The underground mines.

I deployed my force which consisted of 3 marines and 4 cultists in a corner with a nice observation deck that contained an objective.

Xtine then deployed her Wyches who promptly ran onto the board straight towards 2 objectives.

Derling's Tau deployed in the corner opposite of me.  He had some special drone models he bought from a 3rd party model maker, and I have to say they are quite cool looking!

Right away the Wyches start getting shot up both by the Tau and by the Chaos Cultists.

Dropping like flies.

Cultists take aim!

The drones open up!

The game lasted a long time because in Necromunda, er I mean Shadow War: Armageddon, there are no turn limits, you play until someone bottles (Usually this means when a warband has taken 25% casualties the model with the highest leadership has to take a test and if they fail the whole warband runs away,  sometimes the percentage is different based on the scenario.).

My Warband began to split up with my two hand-to-hand marines running at the Tau and my cultists sprinting to an objective while my heavy bolter marine lays down covering fire.

Splitting up.

The Tau perspective.

 Cultists heading towards a ladder.

 My Marines are getting close!

A cultists guns down a Dark Eldar Wych!

I got so close to the Tau but he would never let me charge!  I kept getting pinned.

 Sooo close!

 The cultists make it to the top of the ladder and find an objective!

A sneaky Wych tries to out flank the Iron Warriors.

One of the Wyches assaults my Chaos Marine who is armed with a chainsword and bolt pistol.  On the charge the Wych should have easily dispatched the marine but this combat would end up lasting a very looong time!  My marine eventually won but only because at one point I rolled 4 5+ saves!

The combat that wouldn't end! 

My heavy bolter marine shoots down the Tau leader who is at the top of that ladder. 

My cultists who just grabbed the objective tries to shoot down a tau at long range.

The Dark Eldar were able to secure 3 objectives which they grabbed and ran off the table with!  I took 2 objectives and Derling ended with one.

The end of the battle.

At the end we rolled d3 for each objective and Xtine won with 7, I had 3 and Derling had 1 point.

Overall it was quite fun and I want to play some more.  We were all having a great time with it!  I think the best part of this new game is that GW now has rules for all of the current factions for Necromunda.  Whether anyone uses the included campaign rules or not at least now we have viable rules for something that is not a gang of humans!

Anyways.  Thanks for reading and I will keep this blog up to date with future games of Shadow War: Armageddon!

Until next time...

Monday, April 10, 2017

8th Note Coffeeshouse Open Gaming

So at the local university there is a student-run coffee shop called the 8th Note.

I have recently been running open gaming events at the coffee shop.  They run every other Monday from 6pm - 11pm.

We get three tables set up with terrain all you need to do as an attendee is bring your army.

We also leave it open if people would like to paint or get some other hobby progress done.

Anyways I have taken some photos from these events and I am going to share them here.

We will continue to do these events and hopefully have more people show up in the future.

Until next time....