Thursday, April 27, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon Game 2!

This past Friday I just played my second game of Shadow War: Armageddon!  This time it was against Bob's Orks.

This game was an opportunity to play an actual scenario from the book and try out the campaign system.

My Kill Team was different from the last one.

Aspiring Champion Tiro Protogenes
with Mark of Undivided, Combat Blade, Power Armour, Stealth Field (camo gear), Power Sword, Bolt Pistol

Chaos Space Marine Brother Stolos
with Mark of Undivided, Combat Blade, Power Armour, Boltgun

Chaos Space Marine Brother Acheron
with Mark of Undivided, Combat Blade, Power Armour, Flamer, Weapon Reload

Chaos Gunner Brother Pylaeus
with Mark of Undivided, Combat Blade, Power Armour, Autocannon, red-dot laser sight

Chaos Cultist Eleon
with Combat Blade, Improvised Armour, Autogun

We played the scenario: Scavengers and the sub plot was Corrosive Slick.

Corrosive Slick: If you run or charge, at the end of the run or charge roll a d6 if you roll a 1 you are pinned.

In the scenario Scavengers at the beginning of each turn your opponent rolls a d6.  If a 6 is rolled then one of you kill team members who is farthest away from any one else and/or closest to the board edge must roll on a chart and he may be eaten by an Ambull.

There were 4 objectives.  Whomever had the most at the end won.  The winner could roll a d6 at the end and if a 6 is rolled he gets an additional Promethium Cache.

The Iron Warrior Deployment.

The Orks Deployment.

A couple of sneaky gitz.

My Gunner, Pylaeus, with the Autocannon lining up his shots.
On turn one, the Ambull showed up and ate him!

 My Aspiring Champion gets pinned by Overwatch!

The gitz climb up the ladder!

 The Ork Nob and one of his boyz head towards a ladder.

The Marine with the flamer goes down! 

The cultist and a Marine head down the corridor towards a ladder.

The Marine scoots up the ladder.

The Aspiring Champion pokes his head out of cover to try and line up a 
charge but gets pinned by Overwatch!

The Ork runs towards the Marine across a gangway.

The Marine opens fire! 

The Ork falls to his death!

The Ork Nob climbs the ladder and roars at the Iron Warriors!

They fire at the Nob and knock him down barely avoiding plummeting to his death!

The two sneaky gits grab an objective an try to get away. 

The Orks bottle out and the Iron Warriors win.

In the end 3 guys were eaten by the monster.  2 Orks and one Chaos Space Marine.

After the game I got an additional Promethium Cache, bringing my total to 2.

I rolled on the advance table for my Aspiring Champion and got Destined For Greatness!  In the future he will be able to re-roll his advance rolls.

Brother Acheron had a Painful Recovery and will miss the next mission.  He also gained Hatred for Rippa Dakka, the Ork with the Big Shoota who shot him.

Brother Pylaeus also has a painful recovery after being attacked by the Ambull, he will miss the next mission too.

I decided to spend 100 points on regrouping.  I picked up a new cultist, Heracles.  He has an Autogun, weapon reload, autopistol and a bludgeon.

I will also spend one of my 2 promethium caches to acquire a Specialist.  I am leaning towards a Spawn.

In the next battle report for this campaign we will see if the Orks can regroup and then strike back at the Iron Warriors.

Until then....

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