Thursday, September 24, 2015

Heresy Era Iron Warriors Part 3

So I have been doing some work on my Heresy Era Iron Warriors.  I have a lot of work to do yet, but I am finally getting back my urge to paint and model so hopefully I can get some progress done soon.

A few weeks ago I had working on stripping a lot of the models I had got along with a Land Raider for my fiance.

After playing that last game where it was IW and Word Bearers versus Orks.  I have decided that having Basilisks in my HH-Era IW will be a good idea.

I am going to repaint and remove the Chaosy bits from my two basilisks.  I am also going to do the same to my other old-school Vindicator.

But that will come in the future.  For now here are some pics of the models I am working on now.  I just base coated a number of figs and pulled out some more tactical marines for the next batch.

 A Contemptor, a regular dreadnought and a whirlwind.

 My new Warsmith Model.

Master of Signal

 A Tactical Sargent.

 Another Tactical Sargent.

 Here are all three along with some tactical marines.

Here is another group of tactical marines I will be spraying soon.

I am very excited to be doing a Horus Heresy army.  I just ordered the Mechanicum Red Book because it has missions in it.  I haven't bought any of the large black books yet simply because of their price, but with the new book having missions in it, its almost as good.

Anyways, until next time..........


  1. Fiance -!!
    I hadn't heard! Congratulations to you both.

  2. These are looking really great. What is the word carved into the plasma pistol? I like the lightning claws (power claws?) that are hung casually from the shoulder. Nice poses.