Thursday, October 29, 2015

Heresy Era Iron Warriors Part 4

This past weekend I went to What-Khan, a local miniatures gaming con.

My friend Chris and I wanted to play some Horus Heresy so I had to get some more Iron Warriors painted up.

The Warsmith's base is not fully done and I think I am still working on Perturabo, but they are all tabletop worthy!

Here is my Warsmith:

Here is my Master of Signal:

And here is the Lord of Iron himself, Perturabo:

Turns out this November 7th is preorders for the new Horus Heresy boxed set.

I started a 30k army just in time!

I also picked up some more figs from the Bits Guy at What-Khan for use in my 30k IW:

Here are some vehicle bits

 I also found some great Rogue Trader Era marines and accessories!

That's all for now, next time I will have my first Horus Heresy Battle Report!

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