Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prisoner Exchange at the Junkyard - Book Of The Arbitrator BatRep Part 1

Last year when we last played Book of the Arbitrator we each had some casualties.  They turned out to be captured by the opposing gang.

Coming back to Arbitrator after almost a year off we decided we should do a prisoner exchange scenario to attempt to get our prisoners back from each others gang.

The scenario starts in a junkyard.  Its a 4X4 foot board and there is a circle in the center.  We line up opposite of eachother on the edge of the circle with the prisoners.  We could each keep several members of our gang off board to enter via reserves.  And we could place other members of our gang in the junk behind where our gangers lined up on the circle.

Here is the setup.

The Eldar have Fyord Fairlane and we have one of theirs.

Note Alissa T'Kar hiding behind the large sign taking up aim.

Ver Dante takes up position with his missile launcher behind some rubble.

The Eldar are not phased by our last victory.

Yog-Sothoth yanks Fyord by the hair to the circle and he promises to have his revenge.

Fyord slowly moves into the circle, as does the Slaaneshi Cultist that Hulka's crew are handing over.

Alissa takes aim; ready for any Eldar trickery.

As the prisoners meet in the center of the circle, the two gangs begin to slowly advance.

Yog-Sothoth bravely continues his advance straight towards the large beastly Ogryn.

Yog-Sothoth pats the former prisoner on the back and Fyord waltzes past his large smelly Ogryn friend.

While the Eldar spread out, Hulka's gang continues to move straight towards the xenos.

Things start getting tense as the Ogryn, Ug Splag is now within squat tossing distance of the Eldar.

Watching from the left behind some debris, Ver Dante slides his finger into the trigger of his missile launcher and Hiro hunkers down on the right ready to fire at a moment's notice.

Using the Necromunda quick firing rules, we roll off initiative to see which order our gangers get shoot in.
The diced are the initiative order with highest going first down to lowest.

Next time all hell breaks loose as both gangs open up at point blank range!

Until then....

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