Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eye of Terror Campaign: Iron Warriors Vs Craftworld Eldar Game 4 Part 1

This game was based on the Zone Mortalis Encounter Scenario.
Here is a link to the post I made concerning the rules of the scenario: zone mortalis scenario for eye of terror campaign

I had come up with the changes to the scenario on my own based on what I thought would make for an interesting game.  The night we decided to play the scenario we both went over what I wrote and decided there may be too many things involved.  We cut a few things here and there including mainly the strategems.

We kept the rules for the Control Panels and actually played night fight until one of the panels was activated.

We also kept the end game conditions I laid out which essentially just allowed the game to go until the 8th turn.

We also swapped who would start on the board.  The units which arrived from the previous game would arrive before the 1,000pts of units that we created for this game instead of the other way around.

Here is the table layout, I modified it slightly from what I had posted in the scenario post I linked to above.

Several units deploy onto my right flank but just which units those are only I know.  (They are the white paper squares in the picture)

An Eldar Wraithlord walks into view of my Havoc squad.

Here you can see the Eldar circular markers and their advance into the caves.  The Iron Warriors are receiving blips on their scanners but can't make out which units they are.

This next picture shows the left side of the ballefiled and where some of the objectives are located, note the one on top of the walkway.  The central objective is the pile of barrels which is also worth 3 points as opposed to the other ones which are only worth 1 each.

My squads are moving up towards the central line of the board.

The Havoc squad takes some pot shots at the Wraithlord and takes one wound off it.

On the right flank one of the Eldar blips is revealed to be another Wraithlord, the Iron Warrior squad prepares to fire upon it.

The central Wraithlord moves up closing on the central objective.

Two Obliterators move onto the board to lend their fire support to the Havocs'.

A squad of cultists move on and hide behind a wall on the extreme left flank.  RIght now they are still disguised as a blip.

A squad of Warp Spiders jump up on the left flank trying to counter any sort of flanking maneuver I may attempt with the cultist squad.

More Eldar reinforcements arrive.

The Iron Warrior squad fires on the Wraithlord to little effect.

Reinforcements arrive to help bolster their mates' shooting.

Close to the center of the board a squad of terminators is revealed along with my chaos lord in terminator armour.  They advance and open a door revealing a squad of Harlequins.  They then fire their combi-bolters and prepare to charge the Eldar wardancers.

Charging in the Chaos Lord issues a challenge and the Eldar Farseer accepts.

A squad of Striking Scorpions is revealed to be the support unit for the Wraithlord in the center of the table.

The Eldar advance and the central Wraithlord moves to assault into the Terminators.

Behind the Wraithlord on my right flank emerge a squad of Dire Avengers who open up on my Iron Warriors.

Up next is the conclusion of this battle report....

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