Saturday, May 11, 2013

Into the Factory - Book Of the Arbitrator BatRep Part 1

Several weeks ago I got the chance to continue the Book Of the Arbitrator Campaign that Pen Dull and I have been playing for the last few years.  We realized that we hadn't played a game since last May.  We had one day to play so we decided it was time to fire up our campaign again.

We were able to play 2 games the first one on some fantastic new terrain he had been working on.  The second one was a prisoner exchange game which he created with some of the rules out of the Necromunda rulebook.

I was down 4 gangers for this game.  After the previous game two of my guys were injured and unable to participate for 2 whole games.  I misplaced one of my gangers (Tor Alcorn the assassin) and the fourth had been captured by his gang.

I added 3 new gangers, A Squat named Grimm and two sisters Greely and Blurana.

Here is the gang that participated in the two games. From left to right: Blurana, Greely, Fiery McPheerson, Alisa T'Kar, Ug Splag, Sargent Hulka, Archy Bunter and Grimm.

Here is the Eldar gang which was my opposition in both games.  From Left to Right: Daemon, Yog-Sothoth, Hiro, Ouborous, Ver Dante and Shub If-Tael.

The Layout was a number of pieces that he made from styrofoam and it looked just amazing!  They can be assembled in multiple ways so every game with this terrain can be unique.

The Scenario was based around finding objects within the structure and carrying them to the large main room, assembling them and then returning to the control to activate the console which would open a door.  There would be a timer that then starts and everyone would have to try and escape before the timer runs out.

This is the central room where the objects would need to be assembled onto the central circle in the middle of the room.

Each gang breached a hole into a wall.  Sargent Hulka breaks into the hallway.

The control room is currently empty.

A small nozzle module lies on the floor in a hallway.

Ouborous emerges from a hole blasted in the wall and begins his trek to pick up a piece of the machine.

The main chamber is still empty and silent.  But gunfire will soon change all of that.

The white panel on the left is the door that will hopefully eventually open to allow the gangers an escape route.

Grimm decides to emerge from the hole next and follow Hulka down the hallway towards the first component.

Alisa T'Kar emerges from the breach and sprints down to the corridor the opposite direction ready to enter the main chamber.

Ver Dante walks down the hallway, missile launcher in hand, ready to enter the main chamber and set up to cover the rest of his gang.

Daemon, the sharpshooter follows Ver Dante.

At this point my whole gang has arrived and they split into two teams. Alisa, Archy Bunter, Ug Splag, Greely and Blurana move towards the main chamber while Sargent Hulka, Grimm and Fiery McPheerson move to take a piece from the blue chamber.

While Daemon and Ver Dante are moving to the main chamber, Yog-Sothoth, Hiro, and Ouborous move to grab a piece of the machine and Shub decides to stay in the middle and wait to react depending on the needs of the gang.

Alisa sets up on Overwatch while the rest line up behind her ready to break cover and run across the open ground of the large chamber.

Meanwhile across the main chamber, Daemon and Ver Dante set up on Overwatch as well daring my gang to break cover.

The Eldar begin their advance into the complex to acquire the piece of the mechanism.

Sargent Hulka enters the blue chamber about to hop down to the floor and grab the first piece.

Fiery McPheerson follows behind Hulka ready to cover him as he jumps down.

Grimm runs through the yellow ooze and hops onto a ledge ready to assist Fiery and Hulka.

With Alisa covering them, Uk Splag, Greely and Blurana move out.

Uk Splag breaks cover and prepares to take some fire.

The Eldar continue their journey into farther into the complex.

Hulka Jumps down and grabs the piece of the machine while Fiery covers and Grimm prepares to assist if needed.

Thats it for now, up next is the bloody conclusion of this game.

Until then...

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