Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Battle Report - Iron Warriors vs. Marines Errant

As the night was winding down we decided to do one more game.  This would be the final game of the weekend and it was for all the marbles.  The Chapter Master and Honor Guard in their Landraider were coming to the battle.

We decided to play with the third deployment type that we hadn't yet used, Vanguard Strike.  The Mission was The Relic.  The Relic was a mission I had yet to play in 6th.  Since this game I have played it several times.  I feel its an ok mission but the person who grabs it first seems to have a huge advantagebecause it is fairly difficult to get it back from an opponent.

Here is Deployment.

The Iron Warriors deploy in a semi circle attempting to envelope the Space Marines.  Cover is used as much as possible.

The Marines Errant line up a wall of vehicles not dissimilar to what the Iron Warriors did opposite of them.

Turn one the Iron Warriors take some pot shots and advance to try and close on the objective and force the Marines Errant's hand.

An Iron Warriors Marine squad disembarks from a rhino and advances giving cover to a squad of cultists following behind.

A Rhino with a squad of Raptors following close behind advance up the Iron Warriors' left flank using cover as much as possible.

The two armies begin to close on each other.  The landraider moves up to try and slow the advance of the Chaos forces.

As the landraider moves forward a squad of Raptors lying in wait jump out from behind a building and unleash their meltaguns blowing the huge tank to smithereens!

The Marines Errant do not take kindly to their tanks being blown up.  The advance their entire army into midfield and prepare to attack the Iron Warriors at point blank range.

The Honor Guard's Champion bellows a challenge to the traitorous marines standing mere feet in front of him.

The Iron Warriors are unfazed and grip their bolters tightly ready to unleash a fusilade of fire.

When the dust settled the Marines Errant were far fewer in number and a sneaky cultist squad had seized The Relic and were preparing to sneak away with it.

The Iron Warrior's Warpsmith emerges from his Rhino transport with his hand-picked squad of Chosen.  They unleash a hail of fire and shout threats and challenges at the fast approaching Honor Guard.

The Honor Guard charges the Warpsmith's squad.  The Chapter Master issues a challenge to the Warpsmith and the Warpsmith feels compelled to accept.  Lightning Claws whirled and Mechatendrils flew around smashing both combatants until one final axe swing from the Warpsmith laid low the Chapter Master

The Gods of Chaos were pleased with what they saw and granted the Warpsmith Daemonhood at long last. A huge snarling red-skinned beast with horns and flaming red hair leaped into the Warpsmith's body from another dimension.  The Warpsmith twisted and screamed he grew in height and a massive daemon prince was left standing where the Warpsmith had once been.

Turning around to get its bearing the new monstrosity focused its attention on the two remaining Honor Guard.

The Honor Guard knew they had to avenge their Chapter Master's death and threw themselves headlong into the massive beast.  Meanwhile the cultists took the Relic and began retreating to the safety of the Iron Warriors battle line.

The Daemon Prince and the Honor Guard rained blows on eachother but the outcome was inevitable.

The last thing the Honor Guard saw was a massive Daemon closing for the killing blow.  They knew no more and darkness engulfed them.

The Iron Warriors were victorious, the Marines Errant shattered, and the valuable Relic has in traitor's hands.

The Gods of Chaos were pleased on this day but they hadn't heard the last of the Imperium or the Marines Errant.

And that was the last game of the weekend, only fitting that I would have my first Dark Apotheosis result at the end of a great day of gaming.

Thanks to Pen for having me over for the day and also for letting me re-post some of his pictures he took.

Until next time...

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  1. I remember this game being so gripping at one point, we were both extremely tense about what was going to happen with my landraider. It was ultimately destroyed with melta fire, which spelled the eventual downfall of my plan.

    I just can't let go of this damned honor guard...