Saturday, April 20, 2013

Battle Report - Guard vs. Iron Warriors Part 2

Lets get right into Part two of the second game at my friend's place.

The Iron Warriors begin their counter-attack.  Emerging from Rhinos, two squads begin to close the distance with the Guard while another squad in a Rhino advances straight up the middle.

In the alley way the Guard finally blow up the rhino and advance their Hellhound preparing to roast some Marines.  The Iron Warriors react by advancing on it and attempting to destroy it up close with krak grenades.

Meanwhile in the Iron Warrior's backfield the Raptor squad tries to take on Pask's Leman Russ first by shooting it with meltaguns and then assaulting with Krak grenades and Meltabombs.  Pask's Leman Russ proved too tough though, and it remains fully functional at the end of the turn.

In the center of the board the Iron Warriors continue their attack.

The Predator fires at a Guard Chimera and blows it sky high, dazed the surviving Guardsmen emerge from the wreckage.

Pask moves away from the Raptors and tries to smoke some cultists.

Pask's Leman Russ can chew up cultists, and fearing for their measly lives, they jump into an empty Rhino to escape sure destruction.

The Havoc Squad's 4 autocannons make short work of the Chimera.  The Predator shreds the surviving Guardsmen from the other exploded Chimera.  And the close combat ends with the Iron Warriors squad victorious, they then move up.

The other Marine squad advanced and charged into another squad of Guardsmen annihilating them.

From the Guard's perspective the Iron Warriors are getting a bit too close.

The Raptor's failure leads to a Predator turning around and firing at the Leman Russ.

The Hellhound backs up and turns to engage a different target.

The Raptors move up and the Predator moves as well to try and finally kill the outflanking Leman Russ.  The Havocs jump down from the top of the building to take the rear objective.

The two Marine squads move forward and engage the Guard in Hand to Hand.

The Rhino which moved straight up the center of the board gets destroyed on terrain while a marine squad moves up to take an objective which at the start was firmly entrenched in the Guard lines.

At the end of the game Ursarkar Creed is locked in hand to hand with an Iron Warrior Marine squad.

As the dust settles, the Iron Warriors win the day.

With me being 2-0 at this point in the weekend my friend decides to pull out the big guns and challenges me to one more game.  He takes his Marines Errant and we begin to prepare for one more game.

Next post is Iron Warriors VS Marines Errant.

Until then.....

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