Friday, April 19, 2013

Battle Report - Guard vs. Iron Warriors Part 1

So this is the second game we played that weekend several months ago.

This game featured his Imperial Guard, this time with a different list, versus my Iron Warriors.

The deployment was short board edges and we were playing Big Guns Never tire.

Here are some pics of deployment:

The Imperial Guard stare down the Iron Warriors armoured formation secure in their faith in the God-Emperor.

A Chimera leads a Hellhound down the Imperial's left flank supported by several squads of brave Guardsmen.

The Iron Warriors deploy in a gun line across the table.  The main force is disguised on their left flank.  The right flank only has one marine squad and a rhino with a chosen squad joined by the Warpsmith.

The Imperial Guard army's full deployment.  Note the light inside the T-shaped building.

The action begins as the Guard move forward and the cultists arrive from reserve to grab the rear objective for the Iron Warriors.

Seeing the Guard advancing down the alleyway with a Hellhound, the Warpsmith orders his chosen to get out of their Rhino.  He then orders the driver to step on it.  The rhino barrels down the alley and skids to a halt blocking the Guard's advance.

One squad of Raptors deepstrikes right next to a Leman Russ battle tank and shoots it with two meltaguns.  The Leman Russ, however, has tough armor and is relatively undamaged.

The Imperial Guard move forward into no-mans land.  The Iron Warriors see this and grin a wicked grin.

Staring down a Predator barrel the central Guard squad advances unfazed by the enemy.

On the Imperial Guard's left flank the Iron Warriors use their armour to block the path of the advance.

The Iron Warriors barely move their line.  On their right flank a squad advances down the alley.

The Imperial Guard continue their advance around the power conduits, moving a Chimera forward with a squad in support.

Frustrated with the Iron Warrior's stalling measures, the Guard attempt to destroy the Rhino in assault.  The Rhino is damaged but is still blocking their way.

Turning their attention to the newly arrives Raptor squad, the center of the Imperial line focuses fire on them. The combined fire wipes out the Raptors who only just arrived moments before.

Imperial fire wrecks the Iron Warrior's Rhino.  The Squad inside emerges from the blasted wreck but not without taking a few casualties first.

The Guard battle line is getting close and after their Rhino gets destroyed, the Iron Warriors know that a counter-punch is needed soon or this battle will turn sour quickly.

The Imperial Guard Command Squad shoots then assaults the Iron Warrior's Marine Squad which emerged from their wrecked APC.  The Sargent issues a challenge and the Iron Warrior's Champion accepts.  After several furious blows the Guard Sargent connects and downs the Aspiring Champion.  No songs will be sung for him because he was not worthy in the eyes of the Gods.

Once again Ursarkar Creed uses his tactical guile and is able to sneak Ace Tanker Pask in his Leman Russ Punisher around the flank.  The lumbering behemoth emerges behind the Iron Warrior's line and begins firing into the rear of the silver and chevroned Chaos followers.

Now that the battle is truly joined we must pause.

Until Next time....

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