Sunday, April 14, 2013

Heldrake, Tournament, Chosen and Big Game

So its been a while and I think its about time for an update or two.

Recently I have been working on my converted Heldrake.  I like the GW model but I don't like its style for any of my armies.  Where I to start a new chaos army I could see the official model fitting in well but with what I am working on namely Iron Warriors and Dark Mechanicus, it just doesn't mesh with the style of my minis.

With this in mind I decided to convert the model fairly heavily.  I bought one awhile ago and began the converting process.  I have been telling my friends all about it but no one has really seen it yet.

So its still a Work In Progress but here are some pics:

Another thing I have been working on is putting together a tournament.  It will be 1500 points no allies or forgeworld.

Here is the flier:

The cool thing is this tournament is free!  And I have prize support.

Moving on, I also purchased the chosen and chaos lord from the Dark Vengeance box set from a friend of mine.  I am not sure how I will paint them up but they will probably end up as Iron Warriors.

And finally several weekends ago my gaming group had our annual Big Game.  It was a great success with a lot of people showing up and some new guys and gal.  It was a great time and am looking forward to next year.  Until then, here are some pics of the event:

This combat between my sorceror and Draigo went on for hours and at the end of the big game they were still locked in combat!  My sorceror had terminator armour, mark of Tzeentch, sigil of corruption, was level three and had invisibility.  He was able to cast invisibility every turn making Draigo WS 1 and Draigo's Titan Sword is only AP 3 so we never got anywhere, it was pretty funny.

I have some battle reports I'd like to post soon as well so stay tuned for that.

Until then..

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