Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Battle Report - Guard VS Traitor Guard - Part 2

And now the exciting conclusion of Guard vs Traitor Guard.

Ursarkar Creed calls in the reinforcements.  Outflanking the Traitors on their left flank, a Hellhound arrives and flames a unit of veterans.

The traitor's commander with his squad try to move forward with their flamers at the ready.

The traitor's Leman Russ continues to move forward as some guardsmen attempt to outflank it.

The loyalists begin to push the traitor's right flank.

An overview shows the progress of the game thus far with guardsmen all over the place.

In the center the traitor's large blob squad moves up.

The remaining vets who got flamed by the hellhound move around the to side of it and blow it up in hand to hand by planting krak grenades and praying to the dark gods.

The blob squad continues their advance to try and get around the central building.

The traitor general and his flamer squad move up and wipe out a guard squad with massed flamer fire.

The Leman Russ continues its overwhelming fire supported by a guard squad with a Rogue Psyker.

The traitors continue their, which at this point has proved to be,  overwhelming fire by again firing the basilisk and missile launchers at the loyalist guardsmen.

The loyalist flank attack begins to founder and the traitors continue their forward march.

The traitor's basilisk rotates and fires at a squad of loyalists, nearly wiping them out.

The traitor Leman Russ with guardsmen support continues moving up attempting to control the objective.

As the battle winds down the traitor general rounds the corner with his fist in the air shouting obscene chaos chants and claims the win.

At the end of this battle the traitor guard proved too much for the loyalists.  The loyalists lost their home objective while the traitors kept their own, winning the game.

This is only the first battle report in a series of three, which will be up soon.  The next game will be Iron Warriors against Guard.

Following that report will be Iron Warriors versus Marines Errant.

Until next time....

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  1. It was so fun losing, I can't wait for next time.