Monday, April 15, 2013

Battle Report - Guard VS Traitor Guard - Part 1

A number of weeks ago I visited my friend's new homeworld, the man behind the blog: Excursions Beyond the Call of Duty

We played three games over the course of a Sunday and this will be a battle report about the first game.

We played 2,000 points with his new Guard army against my Traitor Guard army.  Below is our deployment.

For all three missions we played the games straight out of the book with the terrain placement rules and everything.  This mission was the Dawn of War deployment with the mission being The Emperor's Will.

As you can see below I tried to hide my mortars and a sentinel behind a building.  Across from me his army just seems to stretch forever, he has many many models in his army.

My center is where I placed my objective.  I tried to really beef up my defense here and it turned into an offense as well as you will see.

On the opposite side of the table the Guardsmen go on for miles.

Looking across the battlefield the lascannon heavy weapon teams line up a Leman Russ in their sights.

A mortar team and an autocannon team line up in the opposite corner of the lascannons.

My Basilisk sets up shop behind a building hoping to block line of sight to it but not impact its own shooting.

The Fist is central to the Imperial's defense strategy.

Turn one my center moves up to the right with the Leman Russ leading the way.  To the left more guardsmen more to the center of the board.

The missile launcher teams atop the blue building open up with frag missiles and take out a number of unfortunate guardsmen.

The Leman Russ rumbles forward and prepares to fire.

The basilisk in the top of the picture moves around the building and fires!

The loyalist guard move forward in their turn and take up defensive positions behind the large building in the center.

Several guard move into the central building while another squad moves around the side.

On the far flank the guardsmen begin moving up.

The Leman Russ opens up and kills a swathe of the enemy.

The basilisk opens up and takes out most of the autocannon team.

After a devastating shooting phase a large chunk of guardsmen lay on the ground as smoking corpses.

In part 2 the traitor guard begin pushing their advantage.

Until then....

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  1. Sounded like a good game, looking forward to seeing who won the series, rooting for the traitors of course.