Sunday, May 12, 2013

Into the Factory - Book Of the Arbitrator BatRep Part 2

And now for part 2 of this first Book Of the Arbitrator game.

When we left off, Hulka had just grabbed an objective piece.

And now we continue the action with the Eldar, Yog-Sothoth begins to take up a defensive position to prevent Hulka from leaving his chamber.  Hiro continues on in an attempt to get to the control room and Ouborous follows from behind on the right.

Meanwhile Ug Splag runs into the middle of the main chamber heading straight for Ver Dante with Archy Bunter and Blurana taking cover behind his hulking form.

Daemon fires a shot and takes off a wound on Ug Splag but he is so huge and hulking that he doesn't even notice.

Hulka, meanwhile, grabs the part and moves back towards the door of the chamber while Fiery goes on overwatch to cover the other entrance.

Hiro moves down a passage and is about to enter the control room.

Yog-Sothoth debates whether he should advance down the hallway that Fiery is covering, Ouborous continues towards the other piece.

Shub If-Tael decides he should go and help Ver Dante and Daemon after hearing some las bursts coming from the main chamber.

Ug Splag, Archy and Blurana move to encircle Ver Dante and Daemon the Eldar, getting ready to charge.

Alissa and Greely continue to hide in the shadows getting ready to lay down fire if necessary.

Greely cautiously moves out and begins to cross the chamber.

Archy takes a lasshot to the chest and goes down.  Ug Splag jumps up to the platform and Ver Dante goes down from a shot from Blurana.

Hulka takes the machine part and starts moving back down the corridor with Grimm the squat covering his rear.

Hiro enters the control room hoping to find a lever or a switch that could help out his gang as they engage Hulka's crew.

Ouborous moves to the corner of the corridor and grabs a piece of the machine.

Yog-Sothoth begins to back peddle and leave the corridor Fiery was covering behind.

Alissa joins Greely and they begin their slow shuffle across the main chamber covering their comrades.

Ug Splag charges into Daemon and Shub If-Tael smashing them into the ground with his enormous chain-wrapped fist.

Greely moves up to Archy Bunter and pokes him to see if he's still breathing.  He grunts and she breathes a sigh of relief.

Hulka continues down a corridor towards the main chamber hefting his large machine part on his shoulder.

Blurana moves in behind Ug Splag while he stomps on the motionless Eldar bodies.

Yog-Sothoth and Ouborous start heading back towards the rest of their gang as they hear shouts and yelling from the hallway.

Hiro finds a machine part while digging through a back closet in the main control room.  He starts lugging it back towards his mates but he may be too late.

The Eldar decide that they have taken too many casualties and bottle.  They leave the fight after being beaten up by Hulka's crew.  Neither crew was able to get a piece of the machine into the main chamber.  The game ended with Hulka's crew winning by default.

The Eldar were sent a message with this mission.  They now decided to that the prisoner exchange should happen and it should happen soon.  They need their comrade back if they are to keep engaging Hulka's crew.

Up next.....The Prisoner Exchange at the Junkyard.

until then...

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