Friday, June 7, 2013

Eye of Terror Campaign: Iron Warriors Vs Craftworld Eldar Game 4 Part 2

And now for the exciting conclusion.....

The Iron Warriors Champion, feeling brave leading a ten man squad of marines points his combi-melta at the advancing Wraithlord readying himself for the charge.

The Warpspiders warp right in front of the squad of Havocs and open fire.

The other Wraithlord charges into the Harlequin and Terminator combat.

The Wraithlord charges the marine squad and the Champion challenges.  It was a foolish move because instantly the Wraithlord squishes him.  The marines attempt to plant grenades on the Wraithlord but are unsuccessful.  The marines may have lost combat but they are resolved to finish this and pass their leadership.

The next round of combat comes and goes and the Wraithlord kills a few more marines but they stay stuck in regardless.

The other marines squad snuck behind the combat and opened fire on the Dire Avengers killing a few and forcing them to retreat.

An Iron Warrior activates the control panel. Immediately the lights turn on and night fight is ended.  No other effects occur.

The Wraithlord in the central combat swings the balance to the Eldar and kills off the remaining terminator squad.  The Chaos Lord is still locked in a challenge with the Farseer and is fearless.  The combat continues.

The Eldar advance and the Iron Warriors' numbers are dwindling.  The Chaos Marines chances are swiftly going south.

A squad of Wraithguard open a door and slowly shuffle into the central chamber.

The Warpspiders move forward and set their sights on another marine squad.

After shooting and killing several marines, the Warpspiders charge into combat supported by their Autarch.

The marine squad is doomed both literally and figuratively and is wiped to the man.

Meanwhile on the Chaos Marines' left flank a squad of disguised cultists advance hoping to remain hidden from the Eldar's sight to try and grab an objective late game.

A squad of Dire Avengers rounds a corner and spots the cultists.  Not a good place to be in if you are a weedy human Chaos Cultist.  After the Eldar Bladestorm not a single cultist remains.

A squad of Fire Dragons advance along with the remaining Warp Spiders and Autarch to wipe out another marine squad.

A Warp Spider and his Autarch turn a corner after dispatching a marine squad.

The Wraithlord chases away the remnants of the marine squad but is then gunned down by another marine squad who then advance and take an objective.

The central 3pt objective is held by the Eldar.

The Wraithguard climb up to a high point and take another objective.

At this point the game is over.  The Iron Warriors were decimated and the Eldar held the majority of the objectives.

This was the final game I played against the old Eldar codex.

Tomorrow I will play my first game against the new Eldar codex.

Watch for pics and a review of the battle.

Until then.....

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