Thursday, June 20, 2013

Battle Report Links

I realized the other day that I have quite a few Battle Reports on my blog and by clicking the 'label' link on the right side for 'battle report' is not the most efficient way to find my battle reports.

So I figured I would make a new post that has links to all of my battle reports.

We will start off with older 5th ed Battle Reports.

5th ED Zone Mortalis Traitor Guard Vs Marines Errant

5th ED Zone Mortalis MInotaurs Vs Marines Errant
Part 1
Part 2

Three Games with the Apostles of Contagion

One Weekend two Games

Most of the rest of these are newer.

IW and Guard Vs New Eldar

Chaos Vs Chaos

IW Vs Marines Errant - Away

IW Vs Marines Errant - Home
Part 1
Part 2

IW Vs Guard
Part 1
Part 2

Traitor Guard Vs Guard
Part 1
Part 2

RockCon Reports

Game 1 - Chaos Vs Grey Knights
Game 2 - IW Vs Death Guard
Game 3 - IW Vs Grey Knights
Game 4 - IW Vs Blood Angels
Game 5 - IW Vs Eldar

Eye Of Terror Campaign IW Vs Eldar

For games 1 and 2 visit Seti's blog:

Game 3 Part 1
Game 3 Part 2

Game 4 Part 1
Game 4 Part 2

Big Game 2012
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Book Of the Arbitrator

Prisoner Exchange Part 1
Prisoner Exchange Oart 2

Into The Factory Part 1
Into The Factory Part 2

Into The Dark Part 1

Central Services Part 1
Central Services Part 2

Battle Report with GM

Hulka's Bonus Scenario

The Zorn Artefact: Hunt for the Caverns

Book Of The Arbitrator Game

Campaign Game 3
Campaign Game 4

Until next time...

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