Thursday, April 12, 2012

Zone Mortalis Battle Report 2

At this point in the battle I was down to Stern Guard and my Librarian. I needed reserves and luckily both squads showed up. I moved them onto the board closest to the objective to the right of my deployment zone. I knew he had a Vanguard Vet squad coming down the hall way towards it, but I hoped with my Vanguards and my Tac squad I could deal with the threat.

The Marines Errant Vanguard Vet squad moved around the corner ready to assault. I had not moved properly and would soon pay for it.

The result of the following combat wasn't pretty for the Minotaurs. My entire 10 man squad was destroyed. I did whittle his squad down to just 2 however.

My Tactical Squad prepares to open fire.

Meanwhile on the other side of the board, My Sternguard had gotten shot up and were now facing a tactical squad. There wasn't much time left for the Minotaurs!

My tactical squad moved up to take the objective, knowing the game would soon end. The Marines Errant Vanguard squad 2 however, had other plans for my squad.

The ensuing combat with my Librarian was ugly. He was the sole survivor but still in base with the objective at game's end.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Marines Errant Vanguard vet squad charged into my tactical squad and only my Sarg was left standing. He promptly fled, knowing that on this day, discretion was the better part of valor.

A fantastic game overall and I recommend everyone to try out Zone Mortalis.

It ended with a draw. Neither of us held an objective. At 1,000 points it was a small and short game, but a very intense game.

In Zone Mortalis every model counts. Every time a squad gets shot, its scary because you don't want to lose a single model because of how small the armies are. With the narrow passageways and all of the terrain you can move around quite a bit evading enemy line of sight, but eventually you have to stick your head around a corner and those are the times that can make or break your game plan.

As I said in my last post, night fight is not such a good idea because it further enhances hth and its easy to forget and most times you are within range to shoot anyways. I think when playing with 2 marine armies you could probably get away with 1,500 on a 4' by 4' table because of how few models you will have.

I look forward to more games in the near future.

The next post will be about game 2. This time we up the ante to 1,500 points and up the board size to 6' by 4'.

until next time...

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