Saturday, April 21, 2012

MOTF, Command Squad and Assault Squad

I've been working on some stuff recently.  I have been trying to finish off the Minotaurs and so I laid out everything on my table to see everything I have left.  Well I have a lot of models yet to finish.

So I decided to do something fun.  I created a command squad and a captain model.  The command squad is equipped with plasma pistols, power weapons and power fists.  Its a stupidly expensive squad.  But I don't care, I want something big and cool for big games.

Here is a picture of the squad still in progress:

(I want to add an auxiliary grenade launcher onto the captain.)

I also finally finished a Master of the Forge with a conversion beamer.  I have been looking at the conversion beamer and the techmarine model for months and months.  I decided two days ago I was going to glue the bits together and I am glad I did, I like how he turned out:

And finally I started painting this assault squad about a month ago and I stopped.  I am planning on finishing the squad at some point soon.  I also picked up 5 more already built assault marines with jump packs which I plan to give several different weapon options from the assault squad entry and the vanguard vet entry so I can use the squad as either types of assault squad when its done.

Thats all for now.  Coming up soon a Book of the Arbitrator battle report.

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