Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book of the Arbitrator Battle Report

Its been awhile since I've posted anything mainly because I've been distracted with work and other things.  But here we go my long-awaited Book of the Arbitrator Battle Report!

I for some reason forgot to take pictures of this game, so I only have a few.

Here is a shot of the table set-up:
(The far left side of the table is cut off though)

The scenario was a three player scenario with a new gang of adventurers based somewhat on the show Firefly (which I am only vaguely familiar with).  His mission and mine were completely different.

There were two gangs in this town, one on either side of the table holed up in their respective bases.

Here is a picture of the smaller gang which is on the far left side of the table and cut off from picture above:

In the middle of the board is the Police District house where the Enforcer of Vrall had a gang member from the gang above held prisoner:

In the center of the board above and to the bottom of the image is an arms dealer:

And on the far right side of the board is the other larger gang:

Now my mission was different than the other player's and I didn't know what his was and he didn't know what mine was.  I also kind of forgot what I was supposed to do and kind of botched the whole thing for my crew of course.

I knew that the larger gang were not kind to aliens of any sort and I was a little miffed at that so I sent my half-Eldar Alissa T'kar out right in front of them to lure them into the open.

It worked brilliantly and I began quite a massive brawl with them that lasted most of the game.  I went into full 40k mode and just slaughtered them with my gang.

Meanwhile the new crew from my other friend was busy doing whatever it was he was doing and basically ignoring the gang war that was going on across town.

This fight I was having baffled me a little bit because it was in full view of the precinct house and yet the enforcers were just letting Hulka and the boys go at it with no repercussions.

Eventually one of the gangers I was fighting rounded a corner into view of the Enforcers and they started exiting their precinct house.

I thought at this point they were going after me so my assassin Tor Alcorn throws a hallucinagen grenade right into the middle of about three enforcers and all hell breaks loose!  I'm now fighting a war on two fronts and then the other players crew and Fyord start going at it (which makes it three fronts).

Well at this point the other player pretty much has this mission wrapped up and I have four crewmen down its time for my little gang of crazies to get out of there.

I did end up killing quite a few Enforcers and at one point only Sargent Hulka was standing.  But I had a great time even though I botched the mission.

Here is my crew at the end:

I have to roll for my wounded yet and I will this weekend, but it was an entertaining game to say the least.

until next time....


  1. Truly excellent.

    Sorry the scenario didn't work out so well, good job on doing a report. I was planning on doing a "what's going on on Cassius" report soon, that summarized events, you're now an enemy of the Jordaan I think...

    I know we didn't do after battle actions, maybe we could moderate them if we forget what was happening. I know it was a busy day.

    I made some terrain for our next game. Not as great as yours, but it should help fill up the board a bit.

  2. Mark -

    I will be bringing your binder back this weekend.

    The after battle actions we can do this weekend as well. I kept track of who's hurt and who's fine so no biggie.

    I think being the enemy of the Jordaans is a pretty cool idea.

    I'm looking forward to the 'bucket' game!