Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its been a month

I haven't posted anything since May 1st and I bet some of you may be wondering whats going on.

I have been busy doing a lot of traveling and work has been pretty crazy.  On top of that with all of the rumors around 6th edition I haven't been very motivated for the hobby.  I have played some games this month both Arbitrator and 40k but I haven't been motivated enough to post anything about them.

This weekend I will be playing several Arbitrator games and at least one 40k game and I hope to be able to post battle reports of them next week.

The rumors about 6th edition have been a downer for me.  I don't like anything I have heard about 6th edition and I hope they are all wrong either that or the stuff we haven't heard about will make the stuff we have heard about tolerable.

I have just gotten into the swing of things with 5th and have my Minotaurs which are the first space marine army I have ever completed and I have really liked playing them with 5th edition.  I worry that 6th will make me completely change how I have to play the army to make it work.

If I have to roll a d6 everytime I have to assault to see how far I can assault, then my Minotaurs will completely change to a pure shotting army with NO hand to hand.  Shooting is already an incredibly powerful part of 40k and this change will make assaulting even less useful to the point where I will abandon it as a strategy all together.

If there is a psychic phase added with random powers I will also abandon my librarians as they will be too random for my liking.

If terrain randomly effects units that enter it even moreso than it does now, I will never enter terrain again with any unit unless absolutely necessary.

If random game length goes away then whoever gets the first turn will once again become a huge deal like it was in 3rd and 4th edition and again change what I bring to a game.

And if I have to deal with people bringing their own terrain that they can buy with points then it had better all be  identical to the size of the terrain piece GW says it should be otherwise there will be a hell of a lot of modelling to advantage.  Imagine a bunker that is 2 foot square and you get the idea.

And if my characters have to issue challenges to enemy characters I am just going to puke because of how stupid that will be.

I can't see how any of these changes are good for the game if every scenario one plays uses all of these rules.  For one-off scenarios and special events and game with your friends who like wacky stuff maybe these changes will be ok.  For creating a level playing field like in a tournament or at a game store for a random pick up game these changes will only result in bitching.

I hope this isn't just the pessimist in me but I am having a hard time seeing how these changes will make 6th better than 5th edition.

Just as a disclaimer I am not a tournament player or a guy who goes to game stores for random games with people I have never met.  I go to one tourney a year and probly play at the local store less than 10 times a year.

Anyways I just had to get some of this off of my chest its been eating away at me for about a month now.

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