Friday, June 1, 2012

Central Services AKA The Crate and Barrel Game Part 1

Welcome to June!  My last post yesterday was kind of a downer but I'm in a much better mood today and looking forward to tonight and tomorrow where I will be playing a couple more Book of the Arbitrator games.

In anticipation of those game I have decided to post up a battle report from the last Book of the Arbitrator game I played several weeks ago.

On this blog: my opponent in this game has already posted a battle report and has a bit more info on the scenario for those of you reading this who want to find out more and see more pics as well.

The Central Services Disposal Unit Mission

The object of this mission is to collect crates and barrels and drop them off at the central disposal unit.  Each barrel of crate is worth 1 point.  At the end of the game the crew with the most points wins.  A unit may carry more than one crate or barrel but the point value decreases for each barrel or crate they are carrying.  If they drop off a crate or barrel in the central disposal unit then that counts as a point and they can go pick up more.

We set up the battlefield as shown in the following four pictures:

I split up into two groups, Hulka, Fiery, Fyord Fairlain and UgSplage the Ogryn move up on the left.

While Archie, Rocky, Alsia and Candor hoof it on the right.

The 3 remaining Eldar had gotten disillusioned and joined forces with a Slaaneshi cult.  They start opposite of my crew and begin moving towards the center.

Yog Soth'oth leads the groups of cultists into the fray.

Yog moves into position:

Tor Alcorn the sneaky assassin moves into position with a barrel on top the tall building.

The cultists continue their advance:

Two of the cultists try to be sneaky.

Daemon the sharp shooter moves up getting ready to use his grappling hook.

Tor Alcorn, the assassin, uses his grav chute to float down to the ground with a barrel.  He and the rest of Hulka's crew continue to move into the center of the board.

Coming up in Part II:  Things get ugly.....

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