Friday, June 1, 2012

Central Services Part 2

As I said in my previous post things start getting ugly in this game right about now.

We like to play Book of the Arbitrator games on 6 x 4 tables because there is more moving before the games really get started.  It extends our game and they truly become a story, which is the whole point of our playing Book of the Arbitrator.

The second half of games is usually where all the action happens and this game was no exception.

Rocky climbed up a ladder and is now perched on top of a tall building and he and Daemon, the Eldar sharpshooter are ready to engage in a long range fire fight which Rocky will not win.

The cultists have been moving steadily forward and have found large pile of crates to hide behind for cover.  Hulka's crew has tried to move up too while trying to stay in cover so as to engage the enemy.  Archy Bunter gets a bit carried away and hurdles the pipe only to get shot and get knocked to the ground.

Shooting back at the cultists Alisa knocks down the enemy Heavy.

Hulka climbed up onto the disposal unit's platform but as soon as he got there an insidious cult preacher transfixed him with his gaze and he was trapped in place until LOS was broken many turns later.
Yog moved up and flamed Tor, knocking him down.

Yog then hurdles the pipe and assaults Ug Splag the Orgyn and kocks him down and out of the fight!  Powerfists are scary in these rules!

Not to be outdone, Archy flies at the cultists and knocks one of em out for the game in brutal hand to hand fighting.

Hulka stands back up and Tor joins him on the platform.  Meanwhile Yog continues his slaughter moving in to take down Fyord.

Fyord goes down to Yog's Powerfist.

Tor has seen enough of Yog Soth'oth's destruction and jumps into the fray, only to get knocked down himself.

Archy Bunter is determined to take out as many cultists as possible and he charges into another one.

Fiery gets up onto the platform and drops off a barrel.

Archy bunter continues his rampage taking out the cultist with the heavy stubber once again in hand to hand combat.

Yog gets up and promptly takes Tor Alcorn out of the fight.

At the end of the game I had 3 men standing and four points, and the other crew also had four points and only about 4 men standing.  We both bottled on the same turn and it ended as a draw.

In the aftermath we both had taken some bad casualties.  Several of my men now only show up some of the time and several of my crew will not be participating in the next few games.  However I did get some nifty upgrades and as good as Archy was this game in HTH, he will be even better in the future.

Coming up next time will be more Book of the Arbitrator action, stay tuned and thanks for reading....

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  1. That was a good read! Power fist eldar was a beast! Man, Expensive weapon to take points-wise, but more than worth it it would seem!