Saturday, June 23, 2012

Into The Dark Battle Report Part 1

Over on my friend's blog: Excursions Beyond The Call of Duty He has posted pictures of our last Book of the Arbitrator game.  It was a scenario I came up with using the tunnel terrain I made a little while ago.

The main idea of this game was that there is an underground 'abandoned' mine complex under an old town.

This town has a fell reputation with the locals because of strange sounds that are heard at night and weird lights that are seen coming from the town. 

The artifact that had been found in previous missions had pointed the gangs to this town.  Sargent Hulka and crew were absent from this mission to be replaced with a gang that has just arrived.  They were featured in a previous battle report on this blog.  They have their own ship and are kind of based on a popular tv show. 

The other gang was featured in the previous bat rep and has remnants of the old Eldar gang but with the addition of several Slaaneshi cultists. 

I played the Arbitrator in this scenario controlling the bad guys and making the players do rolls in certain situations to accomplish certain things. 

The mission is to enter this spooky town and find the entrances to the underground mines.  They then had to enter the mines and find the main bad guy, kill him, and exit with his archeo-tech.  The scene is set and here are some pics of the board:

Here is a closer image of the underground mine:

Here is the abandoned spooky town:

The two gangs start on the town side of the board.  They then had to find the entrances to the underground side of the table.  They had 2 elevator entrances and 3 hatches that had ladders that led to the other board.  During the game they cold move back and forth from one side of the board to the other using the ladders and elevators.

The explorers begin searching the town.

As they explore the town, mutants begin to roam the town.

Yog'Sothoth and his crew of misfits find a hatch and have to fight through a mutant to gain access.

Meanwhile the explorers send two of their crew down an elevator shaft.

One of the Eldar pops the hatch and descends a ladder.

A Slaaneshi cultist descends another ladder.

The explorers begin exploring the mines.

Yog'Sothoth and a cultist have the ladder break as they descend and they land on their backs at the bottom of the shaft.

The explorers begin searching for enemies and loot.

Hiro sneaks along the corridors.

Coming up in the next blog post, the explorers and the Eldar clash and our quarry is revealed.....

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