Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Change of Plans....

This Friday I was going to play two Book of the Arbitrator Scenarios, one that used the tunnel terrain I have been showing on here (Which by the way I have now finished and will be posting up pics tomorrow.) and another scenario one of my friend's made which can be found here:

The change is that we won't be able to play these games until Saturday because one of the guys coming into town won't be here until late Friday night. Not a big deal right? Well the question popped up: what to do on Friday?

The answer is: Play with the tunnel terrain and use Zone Mortalis rules! So I've been going over the Zone Mortalis rules in more depth today to get ready for the games. I am thinking of playing probably two games.

The first will be a fairly straight up game of 1,000 points played on a 4' by 4' board. We can play the Assault Mission and maybe pick one of the mission goals. And use none of the optional rules except maybe Reaction Fire because I think its a neat idea that harkens back to the second edition overwatch rules.

The second game I would like to try and modify. Maybe we could play the Encounter Mission with either 1,500 points on a 6' by 4' board or still the smaller size board with 1,000 points. I would like to add in some of the optional rules like Reaction Fire and Power Surge. Power Surge I would modify to be a straight up 4+ roll before each turn to see if a surge happens. I also think the Enemy Unknown rules should be tried.

The second game I would also like to include the strategems from the Boarding Action rules from the Badab War books.

The armies in these missions will probably be Minotaurs and Marines Errant. I may want to switch up my army however, to either my Vraksian Renegades or my Apostles of Contagion.

Both games of course we will play with no vehicles, only walkers will be allowed. I am really looking forward to these games I have been wanting to play these types of games for a long time now and finally I have the terrain to do it.

Tonight I will be cleaning up the apartment and I will also set up the table for the first game. I'll take pictures of the set up and post them up here tomorrow.

Until then...

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