Monday, December 12, 2011

Campaign Game 4 Battle Report

After having been defeated by Rogue Trader Miguel Quasar and their leader Inquisitor Arkhan Lan dead, Sargent Hulka and the remnants of Lan's crew fled the scene and had to regroup.

"We won't let Arkhan's plans fail," said Sargent Hulka. "We must push on and try to take the artefact, its what he would've wanted."

"But what will we do with the artefact if we do succeed?" asked Alisa, obviously disheartened by the loss of her leader and close confidant.

"We will cross that bridge when we get to it. We must lick our wounds, pick ourselves up, and continue our journey to the space craft."

With that Hulka sheathed his knife and stood up, straightened his jacket and began to walk on down the trail. The grizzled war veteran obviously wanted to keep the crew moving and keep their minds off of Lan's death. He secretly wasn't so sure as to what their role would be in the future of this tale the Inquisitor had begun so many years before, but he knew even though Lan may be dead he couldn't let the man down.

He was nervous about their next encounter with the Rogue Trader because he had proven to be a worthy foe, but he wasn't about to let his comrades in on his secret.

Rocky, Fyord, and UgSplag the ogryn packed up their stuff and began to follow Hulka into the next encounter.

The scene is set:

Alisa, Fyord and Candor advance towards the Armoured Ground car, fingers crossed that it still works.

Sargent Hulka's plan is simple, commandeer a Toad vehicle and drive straight towards the alien space craft.

On the other side of town meanwhile, the Rogue Trader, Miguel Quasar and his Eldar allies sneaking from cover cautiously advance unsure as to what to expect. The roaring of primitive vehicles in the distance and the large wrecked space craft warning them of the coming conflict.

The Eldar sharpshooter takes up position...

Sargent Hulka's crew gets closer to the space craft while the Eldar Hiro jumps into another vehicle and begins a round about way to cut off Hulka's escape.

Rocky meanwhile begins sneaking around behind a building to get into a flanking position.

Alisa and her crew got into the Armoured Ground Car and zoomed up close to the crashed space craft but Oblio, the Eldar marksman spotted their advance. He opened fire and hit with his las weapon penetrating the car's armour, Alisa was forced to take a nerve test which she promptly failed. She then sent the car spinning around 180 degrees and it slammed into the building behind her, immobilizing the car!

Hiro, in his newly acquired assault bus zooms around behind some buildings, knowing he'll need to be in position to cut off my crew's escape.

At this point in the battle, both Miguel Quasar's and Hulka's crew are both close enough to the space craft to trigger its self defense mechanism which in turn wakes up defense robots. Sargent Hulka, sensing the danger quickly hops off the Toad and runs into the ruined space craft attempting to grab whatever he can find of value.

Rocky moves up to the corner of the building and seeing a robot opens fire with his heavy stubber. The robot explodes after being pelted with high velocity solid rounds.

With Hulka inside the space craft the Eldar, led by Rogue Trader Miguel Quasar move up and start taking on the Robots at close range. Miguel and Yog Sothoth assault the robots. Yog has success and destroys one utterly with his powerfist. Miguel stuck in hand to hand combat for several rounds can not take down the robot. It eventually fells Quasar. Quasar drops to the ground apparently lifeless but the Eldar know the fights not over yet, they can still salvage a victory.

Another robot wanders over to the wreckage of the ground car and opens up with its pulse carbine into Fyord Fairlane. Fyord has no chance and gets shredded, falling to the ground.

Sargent Hulka emerges from the space craft with an ancient xenos artefact emitting strange sounds. Hulka jumps into the back of the Toad. "Lets get the hell out of here!" Putting the Toad into gear, they back away from the space craft, turn around and start back the way they came. At that moment Hiro jumps out from his armoured bus and jumps in from of their Toad, levels his pistol and fires.

Hiros shots bounce harmlessly off the Toad, but one of Hiro's mates opens up with his long las and hits home, sending the Toad out of control. Fiery and Hulka jump off. Hulka tells Fiery to take care of that Eldar, while he continues on foot with the artefact.

Hulka escapes with the artefact. He has shown he can lead this crew without their venerable leader Arkhan.

Later on that night at the appointed meeting point agreed to before the final push to the space craft, the rest of the crew meet up. Rocky and UgSplag arrive late with a prisoner in tow.

"Well, well, well. What have we got 'ere?" says Hulka. "We've got a prisoner boss!" UgSplag spurts out.

"So we meet again, Hulka." Says Rogue Trader Miguel Quasar.

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