Monday, December 19, 2011

The Zorn Artefact Campaign kicks off

The previous 4 scenarios from the Book of the Aribtrator that I played can be called the prologue to this new campaign that I will be playing. This new campaign will pit my crew of adventurers led by Sargent Bruhm Hulka against the crew of Rogue Trader Miguel Quasar.

The last game we played ended with Hulka escaping with an ancient piece of Xenos tech from a downed alien space craft. Miguel Quasar was wounded badly by the alien guard robots at the space craft's landing site. My crew was able to secure the wounded Quasar and escape to a safe house much to the chagrin of his Eldar allies.

And now to the story...

Darkness surrounded him. The cool concrete floor of the room made him shiver as he lay on his side. Slowly the Rogue Trader sat up and rubbed his eyes. Blinking, he tried to make out some details of this room that he some how ended up in.

He looked around noticing the room he was in was only about eight feet by ten. A door with light streaming through a crack at its foot beckoned to Quasar. He could hear talking coming from the far side of the door. He couldn't quite make out what they were saying but they sounded agitated.

Standing was tough, using one of the walls to prop himself up he slowly shuffled to the door. He tried the door knob and it, unsurprisingly wouldn't turn. Reaching down to his belt he noticed that he didn't have any of his equipment on him. "Damn." he whispered.

Suddenly the door opened. Light streamed into the room making Quasar blink quickly trying to fend off the abrasive light. "So I see you're up. Good It looks like we will have something to bargain with." Hulka put his hand on Quasar's head and pushed him to the ground. "You should probably rest some more, you'll want to be at your best when they come for you."

"Why are you holding me?" asked Quasar. "We have reached an agreement with your Xenos allies." said Hulka. "They will do something for us in exchange for your release. Now shut up and stay put. Oh and there is no sense trying to escape, Rocky has been keeping watch out side this door since we captured you. His Heavy Stubber would certainly rip you to shreds if you tried to do anything foolish." With that he closed and locked the door, plunging the room back into darkness.

Cassius III:

Cassius III is a worls on the edge of the Kronus Expanse. It is at the very edge of Imperial space. It is ruled by the Arch-Techno Magus Arduro Lexcrusio Germanus Excelon the XVII. He is an old Tech priest who is clinging to life and has a very loose hold on the comings and goings of his planet. His tech guard who are the law on this planet are seldom seen and their numbers are believed to be less than 20. The Enforcers of Vrall are the police force whom he has contracted with to maintain order. They are actually a private army from the Agrarian Mafia house of Vrall which is said to be the actual house of the Rogue Trader Arminious Vrall who founded the planet 3,000 years ago. He named it after his eldest son Cassius Vrall.

Shortly after colonization, the Adeptus Mechanicus moved in because of the great riches of minerals that the planet had. The Mechanicus made a pact with Vrall that they would be the rulers of the planet but Vrall could be the figure head of the new regime. After 2,500 years of mining, most of the planet has become a wasteland and nearly all of its mineral wealth has dried up. Most of the Mechanicus has moved on and left the aging Excelon in charge.

The Agrarian Mafia of Vrall had taken over five hundred years ago and began the process of terra forming the planet into a more agricultural world. It has only partially worked. There are some farms and they all pay a tax to the house of Vrall. Most of the planet is littered with old decrepit mining vehicles and abandoned cities where thousands of workers once lived and worked for the Mechanicus.

The farming communities are small but make enough food to survive. Because of the planet's location this food is sold in the larger cities and trading posts on Cassius III to Rogue Traders and others who are embarking on long voyages into the Koronus Expanse.

More to come...

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