Friday, December 9, 2011

Campaign Game 3 Battle Report

So this past weekend we played through the third scenario I made for Book of the Arbitrator. Our crews had both become smaller since the second game. I had lost only one henchman but my adversary had lost several. He added on a couple of extra henchmen using the Citizens of the Imperium generic entry in the Book of the Arbitrator to make up some points and make the game a bit more even.

The game started off with my Inquisitor leader, Arkhan Lan and his crew having escaped the Rogue Trader and his Eldar allies. Lan had gotten the information as to the location of a downed alien space craft and the Rogue Trader was hot on his heels.

Arkhan Lan decided to make a last stand before reaching the space craft and hope to dissuade his pursuers from continuing their chase.

All the way to the right is the old ruined Imperial Guard outpost where Arkhan Lan and his boys have decided to make their last stand:

The Sneaky Eldar deploy:

Arkhan Lan and his crew deploy in and around the outpost:

Sargent Bruhm Hulka and crew set up on one side of the outpost:

On the other side Lan and his crew setup. Inquisitor Lan decides to take the fight to the enemy in this scenario, he will not hold back and wants to discourage these Xenos and their Rogue Trader leader to just walk away and stop pursuing the Xenos tech.

The Rogue Trader gets the initiative and turn one begins with the Eldar advancing:

As the Rogue Trader and his Eldar allies advance on Lan's position, he throws a smoke grenade to mask their advance:

Arkhan Lan decides that its time to act, he and his crew advance down the road using the smoke as cover just as those sneaky Xenos are doing.

Three of the Eldar work their way around a building and try to catch Lan's crew at unawares.

The Rogue Trader throws another smoke grenade but Arkhan Lan is not phased, his power armour comes equipped with enhanced vision allowing him to see right through the smoke screen. Arkhan Lan get a surge of adrenaline and yells out a fierce battle cry and charges through the smoke straight into an Eldar with a power fist. Arkhan is not phased and slashes his chainsword down to decapitate the xenos scum. The Eldar is not so easily defeated however, and side steps the blow. He then smashes his powerfist into the armored ceramite of the Inquisitor's power armour and cracks open the breastplate sending spears of pain into Lan's body. Lan falls to his knees and spits up blood onto the ground. He lets out a last scream of pain as he falls his last breath of life escaping from is mouth. Inquisitor Lan is dead.

His allies looked stunned for a moment and Sargent Hulka rallies his troops with a battle cry. Trooper Fiery McPhee hurdles a barrier and tries to avenge is former master. As he gets into a position to hurl flaming promethium into the xenos line he too is felled by a well-placed las shot and falls to the ground.

Ogyrn UgSplag lets out a gutteral yell and opens up with his heavy stubber into the Eldar who felled Fiery and quickly dispatches him. The Rogue Trader seeing Sargent Hulka rally his troops decided to put an end to this new potential rival steps up into hand to hand with him. One quick attack later, Hulka too goes down.

The assassin Tor Alcorn decides to take thing into his own hands and leaps over a pipes and tries to get closer to the out flanking Eldar. Alcorn leans too heavily on his over blown ego and over stretches himself. While briefly out in the open, the Eldar warrior steps up and unleahes a hail of deadly shuriken blades and down too goes Alcorn.

Things are looking bleak now for the whats left of the Inquisitor's crew. Alisa T'Kar knew these Eldar would be tough and she had questions about Lan's strategy coming into this encounter. She surveys the field of battle and decides the discretion is the better part of valor. She signals a retreat and at the end of turn six, my crew bottles.

In the aftermath of the battle, Fiery, Tor, and Hulka all survive and my crew regroups for the coming investigation of the downed space craft. Inquisitor Arkhan Lan has seen his final action, however, and muttering a prayer to the God-Emperor, Sargent Hulka takes command of the crew for the final push.

Since I bottled on turn 6, I lost the scenario. I had to survive for 8 full turns and was unable to do so. I only received d6 experience and promptly rolled a 1. Only my Ogryn ally gained a point. The Rogue Trader's crew gained a lot of experience and going into the final scenario would have a small 5 man crew but they would be battle-hardened. I knew the final scenario would be a difficult fight without my Inquisitor but I would do my best the next day.

Scenario 4 battle report coming soon......

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