Saturday, December 17, 2011

Genestealer Hybrids, Civilian Vehicles and Inspiration

Well I haven't done any work in the last week, but I have found some neat things to inspire me on the interwebs!

Check out this forum blog of a dude making a Genestealer Cult army:

I also found this awesome article on 40k Civilian Vehicles on Dakka:

And check out Combat Zone Chronicles:

One more thing, I have always been interested in Inq28 which I first heard about on DakkaDakka many years ago. It has been very inspirational and in many ways kept me interested in trying something of that sort. One reason why I wanted to try Book Of The Arbitrator was because I could do campaigns with a small group of minis.
Well here is the blog for Inq28:

I am also adding on Migsula's Blog:

Enjoy, until next time.

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