Monday, December 19, 2011

The Zorn Artefact Campaign Part I

"This Artefact looks like it may be some sort of map, or guide." said Candor Blau placing the roughly disk-shaped object Hulka found on the wooden table. "A map huh? Well can you read it?" asked Hulka.

Candor was always interested in geography as well as ciphers, having studied those disciplines in his days as a youth at the Imperial Academy on Hroth Primus. He pointed at the symbols on the disk and explained, "As you can see here, there are four symbols indicating perhaps the cardinal directions like on a map or compass. We can infer this is the planet it is referring to because of the symbol in the center which corresponds to this planetary system we are in right now. Four planets orbiting a star."

"So besides planets and the directional symbols what else does the piece indicate?" asked Alisa. "Well it would appear that there are directions to some sort of cave system. Do you know of any caves on this planet?"

"Well there are probably many caves and mines below the surface because of this places' past." Responded Hulka. "Perhaps this was what Lan was searching for. He did mention to me in passing many months ago about an underground chamber of some sort."

"Maybe we can use the Eldar's skills in finding the entrance to these caverns." put in the every scheming assassin, Alcorn.

"Brilliant idea, I need you to convey a message to them Alissa. Tell them they can have Quasar if they help us in finding the entrance to underground caverns." Responded Hulka. "But how will they find these caverns?" Asked Candor. "The Eldar have means which you can only guess at. They will be able to find them. I will send them a message." said Alissa.

Mission 1: The Hunt for the Caverns

This mission will be played out with the Eldar taking up the task of finding the entrance to the underground caverns and reporting that entrance back to Hulka's crew. In return they will get their Rogue Trader back.

I will play the part of the GM and I will control the NPCs. The mission will take place in the frontier town where the first mission of the prologue took place. They will need to gather information from the townsfolk and do some investigation to find the clues as to the whereabouts of the cavern entrance.

There will be many NPC townsfolk and buildings to examine. They must do this without getting too much attention from the authorities. While this is still a frontier world and not really controlled by the Imperium, aliens are not totally welcome here.

The board will be a 6'X4' board with a setup similar to the setup of the first game but with more buildings. Each building will be inhabited by at least one member of the town. To question the townsfolk they must move into base contact with them and make a successful nerve check. This will extract the info from the townsfolk.

roll a d10 after questioning the townsfolk, subtract 1 from the number rolled if it is the first time a townsfolk was questioned and look at the chart below:

1-2 - "I don't know what yer talking about! Get out of my house before I call the authorities!!" get a minus -1 on all further rolls, and add +1 on the alarm counter.

3-5 - "I have only heard of the caverns in passing, I cannot help you."

6-7 - "I know who you should talk to!" +1 on future rolls.

8-9 - "I think you should talk to Gregor!" +2 on future rolls.

10 - "I know where it is!" You have the info!

For every failed Nerve check add +1 to the alarm counter.

When the alarm counter reaches 6, the authorities will be alerted to your presence.

The Authorities:

At the beginning of the game disperse the authorities as per the fisrt game from the 4 prologue missions. They respond as described in that mission. If the authorities are alerted to what the Eldar are doing they will respond accordingly. They stop being controlled randomly and I will control them. Also an Armoured Toad vehicle will arrive off a random board edge carrying 4 more Enforcers.

The alarm counter will be set to 6 if any of the Eldar get within 4" of any of the Enforcers as well.

Once the info has been obtained the Eldar must exit off the board edge that they deployed on. As shown in the map below:

Each townsfolk can only be questioned once.

There is another way to find the actual entrance to the caverns. Each building an Eldar unit enters can be searched. They must do nothing for an entire turn and must make a Leadership check. If the check is passed they may then roll on the chart below:

d10 -

1-4 They search for quite a long time and are totally absorbed in the effort of searching. They unfortunately make too much noise in the effort and add +1 to the alarm counter.

5-9 While digging around in the building for awhile they are unable to find anything of value, but are more determined then ever to find the entrance. add +1 to the alarm counter and +4 onto this chart the next time they roll on this chart

10 - They have found the secret entrance to the underground caverns!

Hopefully this scenario will work I may need to update it further.

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  1. Excellent ideas- i really like the +1 or +4 modifiers to the rolls- the more they talk to folks the better their chance of finding the entrance.