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Bonus Scenario for Sargent Hulka and Crew

So last weekend I played two scenarios with my friend the first one was the one I posted in my previous blog post and the second one was one he came up with. The details, which are his work, is detailed below:

"The Captain tapped his finger on the switch simply marked "OPENCOM" repeatedly, even though he knew it wouldn't work. Frustration was beginning to set in. Three full days following the communications blackout after the SPECUP1 Satellite failure, things around the industrial zones were beginning to come back together. Automation would always hiccup now and then, an autolift failing to arrive at the correct floor, or an autocar driving headlong into a crowd of citizens waiting in line for nutri-rations.

Sometimes those queues were so long, citizens at the back barely noticed the car, and would actually stay in line thinking that actual progress in distribution was being made.

The captain's nameplate, pinned to his front left lapel of his navy-blue wool jacket read in loud, black capital letters: RANCO. Captain Jarr Ranco was a native born; one who was born and raised, and incidentally never left, the surface of Cassius. His entire life had been one of relative ease, relative wealth, and relative order.

To anyone else in this galaxy, his life was hard, poor, and chaotic.

Captain Ranco finally gave up on the OPENCOM switch on his main screen panel, stood up from his station and walked across his small office to a grey-green steel door at the opposite end. His boots were black polished leather, and made a squeaky-squishing noise as he walked across the white tile floor. The tile was most certainly synthetic, a type of rubber made in the South Industrial Districts, what most Enforcers of Vrall called the "SID," also joking that the initialism stood for "Sudden Immediate Death."

Ranco reflected briefly upon this as he twirled the combination dial once and unlatched the heavily reinforced steel door, revealing the only portal leading out of his station. Outside, a labyrinth of cubicles spread out before him below a small girded walkway. Jarr stepped out onto the platform, and called out in a demand:

"Mister Lemon! Mister Lemon!"

He scanned the crowd. A small man, clad in a navy blue jumpsuit and clutching a folder of datafile papers and a small vid-screen was weaving his way through the cubicle maze, making his way to his office. Ranco returned back inside. The meeting began a full three minutes later.

"Mister Lemon, I do apologize for taking you away from your station, I will be sure to fill out a Ninety-Five-Stroke-Seven for your absence. You will deliver this to your Secretary-At-Arm-Length and Minister-of-SID-Portfolio, yes?"

Ranco removed a rubber stamp from his desk drawer, and used it no less than nine times on five different datafiles.

Mister Lemon looked shaken. "Sir, since the failure of the Autocoms in the SID, it is highly unlikely that the transportation grid is working fully. Even if I could call one of the services, that is."

Ranco looked displeased, an expression he'd worked upon for years, ever since he was twelve and discovered it when examining his complexion in a mirror at the Northside Youth Training Facility. "Mister Lemon, I put it to you that you should most likely be able to walk there..."

Ranco said many more words while berating Mister Lemon, but Mister Lemon had stopped fully listening. His eyes were scanning the address of the bastion he would have to walk to, and his mind reeled at the prospect at walking the streets of the SID alone. When the meeting was over, Captain Ranco slammed the steel door shut behind Mister Lemon. It took Mister Lemon five minutes to return to his seat. Two hours later Lemon's shift entered the Task Phase, where he filled out another 95-7 form, delivered it to the floor manager and stepped out into the street.

Exactly Thirty-Seven minutes later Lemon found himself disembarking from a public transportation pod, and, still clutching his vidscreen and folder of datafiles, began a slow winding walk through the winding streets to the Ministorium of the SID. Mister Lemon made it about three blocks. His body would be found by a Vrall patrol two-and-a-half hours later. His vidscreen would be missing, but the datafile papers were strewn all around the area, in a diameter twice the radius of the pool of blood surrounding the late Mister Lemon.

Four blocks away, Fjord Fairlane was spending the sunny afternoon trying to get his newly-acquired All-Terrain Vehicle "The Toad," back on four (if not six by tomorrow) wheels again. He had stopped to eat a ham and vegimite sandwich when a whirl of 12" x 18" legal documents (normally called datafiles on this planet) floated on a breeze around the corner and scattered across the oily driveway in front of him. Fjord picked one of them up casually, and sat down on a half-drum. He scowled as he read, trying to decipher what it read. Most of it seemed like gibberish, but there was one section that seemed a little bit more clear:

++372ninrApls++ Start The factory is located at 12099978a 445b SID primary. While the current situation disallows our communication with the factory, it is imp**67++galphaninrBmins++ we make our investigation on the floor production. It is the responsibility ++codvioANSI97.3visio++ of the Ministry and its Portfolio that the code is followed to absolute strictest standards. ++LingophonestartninrApls++ Informants have told us that there are stockpiles of weapons and equipment that have not been delivered due to the Autotruck (v769.9) malfunctions. ++71077345++ JVR has sent courier. ABS will be ready for field testing once Autotruck comms are restored. Please send Vrall Enforcement team to safeguard ABS until then. ++71077345ninrBminsEND+++

Fjord raised one eyebrow upon reading this and paused chewing. Folding it in half, he walked into the small garage and through the back door to where Sgt. Hulka and the rest of the gang were deciding what to do next."

The scenario:

"Sgt Hulka's team, if they choose to do so, can infiltrate the Factory 71077345 and plunder the overstock.

The scenario will begin with the Arbitrator setting up the Factory. Somewhere in the middle of the factory will be the man known simply as "JVR." He's the factory boss. There will be lots of equipment and crates and stuff around, and the Factory will take up the majority of the 6' x 4' board.

There are three distinct entrance times that the team can take advantage of, at other times the doors to the factory will be locked. Getting in will be much more difficult when the doors are locked.

0100: Workers arrive in two entrances to the factory. If the team can find a way to get into the factory, they'll find themselves surrounded by workers "punching in" and going straight to work.

0600: While the Autotrucks used to take away goods are disabled, there are still delivery trucks bringing raw materials to the factory. There will be a large garage door that will open and allow these trucks to enter and leave.

0800: Worker break. Most workers exit the building and hang around outside the doors for an hour while they smoke.

0900: Worker break ends. Workers enter the factory and get back to work.

1100: Shift change. Doors open for new shift.

1600: Autotruck delivery.

1800: Worker break. Doors open.

1900: Break ends. Doors close.

2100: Factory closes and all workers leave factory. Lights are shut off and nightwatchmen deploy and security systems are enabled.

2400: Factory re-opens. Lights turn back on.

How this will work: The above describes an average day in the factory. Through surveillance, the team can observe one day of movement, which will be performed by the Arbitrator. Then the Player will pitch his strategy for getting into the factory and getting away with the loot, a "plan" as it were. The Arbitrator and the Player will come up with a division of turns between hour schedules that will describe what happens and when.

For example, if the player decided that he wanted to sneak someone into the factory during a break at 0800, he could begin his first turn at 0700. Then the player and Arbitrator could agree that there would be four turns played between 0700 and 0800. The same "pace of play" could be kept until the player sneaks his figure into a hiding spot where he's sure he won't be seen for hours. Play could "time warp" up to 1100 where a shift change occurs- as long as no player movement is needed.

This is a cooperative effort between Player and Arbitrator to allow the Player to plan a break-in and loot scenario. Player should be encouraged to "think outside the box," coming up with elaborate schemes to get in, get loot, and get out without detection.

It should be noted that the Factory Employees are good citizens who will most likely rat out anyone they don't recognize as a real employee. Detection is probably not a good thing, and if it wasn't evident in the fluff, Vrall Enforcers are probably nearby. They like to hang around factories full of weapons.

Furthermore, the Foreman of the Factory, JVR is a most mysterious character. His location will be kept hidden until the Arbitrator feels is is proper to introduce him. He'd probably be worth lots of ransom money...

Finding loot: Player will be able to expend movement and actions to "search" almost anything. If a player rolls a "6," on a D6, he will find loot. Every time a model searches, add a D6 to his roll (to a maximum of 6). The Player will roll on the charts in the Arbitrator book according to category and find those items.

Arbitrator reserves the right to veto any item that probably wouldn't be there (like terminator or power armor, or eldar force weapons, etc).

If, before searching, the Player rolls a "triple six," he may roll on any chart and override the Arbitrators veto!


Each "piece" of terrain may be searched once, excepting obvious things like walls, doorknobs, car tires. They cannot be searched at all. Things that can be searched will herefore be called crates.

Boxes and crates can be searched, but what is inside does not necessarily need to be taken.

If there are multiple models in base contact with a crate, one model may search and deliver an item inside to said adjacent model (the "You Hold the Crate Open" rule).

There are a few ways of alerting the authorities to your location.

1) Search through a crate while in LOS of an unfriendly citizen, Enforcer, or anyone else who is employed by the factory.

2) Shoot any guns inside.

3) Kill someone inside while in LOS of anyone unfriendly, or allow a body of someone killed to be found by anyone.

4) Open an office door (especially that one office full of Enforcers) without disabling the alarm, or making sure there's no one inside.

Billy-Joes-Gun-Shop: Down a dark alley a mere 500 feet from the factory is a minor trader known as Billy-Joe. Billy holds a stake in this operation, and will be willing to help the gang if you wish. He will allow the gang to do the following:

Pre-Game Action: A single member from the gang may pick one item in the armory, and roll to see if it is available. If it is, he may buy or trade items on a 100% value basis to Billy-Joe. If an item or items are traded with Billy-Joe, they must be returned at the end of the mission.

Post-Game Action: Any extra gear hauled away from the Factory will literally be "Factory Fresh," still in its plastic wrapper and smelling like a new car. Billy-Joe will pay full price for these items.

Oh yeah, and the benefits.

For anyone who enters the factory and survives will gain 1xp.

If the leader survives: one bonus xp."

Next posts will be batreps.

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