Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hulka's Bonus Scenario

While the Eldar were scouring the town trying to find info about the underground caverns, Hulka decided to take a small crack team from his own crew to a nearby factory. They would infiltrate the factory and attempt to sneak out of it with some goodies.

This scenario is very unique in that I needed to figure out a way into the factory and then once inside it had to search crates that contained random wargear and weapons. My crew were assumed to be wearing workers clothes so the regular workers in the factory would not think twice about my guys wandering around.

If a worker were to spot one of my crew opening a crate they would alert the authorities. The Enforcers would then exit an office and come to attack my crew. The workers have a daily routine where they enter the factory by two doors and then go to various stations. Once at these stations every turn a die was rolled for each worker to see what they would do. They would either keep working where they were, or turn around or go to a different station nearby.

Every hour of the day consisted of four game turns. I had an open-ended goal of getting in somehow, finding as much stuff as I could or dared too and then getting out somehow. I could very easily get in get out and be done, but I had other plans.

Check out this blog post for more info on this scenario:
Bonus Scenario

Here is a picture of the factory. Some imagination is necessary as the outer walls were all immpassable and there were no windows to climb in or out of. The only way in was the two doors the workers entered by or the garage doors that the trucks would later use to get in.

As the work day begins the workers line up outside the doors ready for another day:

Sargent Hulka takes Fyord Fairlane, Alisa T'Kar, assassin Tor Alcorn and Archy Bunter with him on this stealth mission. He decides the best way to get into the factory is by casually walking in dressed as a worker with all the other workers:

As the workers move to their positions Archy and Hulka start their search opening crates as the workers have their backs turned: (We put tufts of cotton on piles of crates that I had already searched.)

As most of my crew deicdes to walk around avoiding the workers' glances, my assassin Tor Alcorn decides to use his grapple and haul himself up onto the top of some machinery and go into hiding, waiting for the moment where he will be most needed:

As my search continues, elsewhere in the factory workers continue about their normal tasks and the Enforcers haul up in a corner office just waiting to be alerted.

Alisa has been searching for some time now and my crew has found a number of cool items. My crew had found quite a bit of useful kit by now: a grav chute, biobooster, lascarbine(Mars pattern), a respirator, and a photovisor. Alisa then decides to walk right up to one of the last pile of crates not yet to be searched and wait for the worker to turn his back.

Now almost all of the crates had been searched and I decided I'd search this one last crate with Fyord. And he couldn't believe his eyes when the crate was opened. A Plasma Cannon was inside! At this point I decided my crew had found enough stuff and all that was left to be done was to get out.

At this point in the scenario the trucks began arriving which would be loaded up with stuff by the workers and then drive out. As the first truck pulled in, Archy Bunter moved close to it and I had hatched a plan! A very A-Team plan if I do say so myself.

I move Archy to the side door of the truck and declare that he is pulling the driver out and then shooting him. With delight the Arbitrator, my friend, agrees that this would be pretty cool and also alert the enforcers. So Archy pulls the trigger and also hops into the drivers seat.

The workers are now obviously a bit scared for their lives and the Enforcers burst out of their office ready to crack some heads.

A this point, knowing the gig is up, Alisa searches the crate right in front of the stunned worker and not finding much of value decides to move over to one of the doors, which is locked. She luckily has a krak grenade and plants it on the door, a big explosion later and the dorr is blasted off its hinges, giving my crew an escape route. Archy however, decides one escape route just isn't good enough and kicks the big truck into gear. He floors it and rams headlong into the garage door hoping to smash through it. Unfortunately the door holds.

Tor Alcorn then makes his move and jumps down from his hiding spot. One of my crew then lets fly with a lasgun and kills an enforcer. With all of this commotion a door opens up inside the factory and out comes an absolute monster with cables all around and bristling with guns. Tor then decides to throw his Hallucinagen gas grenade to obscure its view and it hits two Enforcers and a worker send one of them running in a different direction thinking he has spiders crawling all over him!

Hulka, seeing Archy fail in his attempt to smash through the door climbs on board the truck and tries to smash through the door again. And again the garage door holds!

At this point the Enforcers have rounded the corner and are quite close to my crew, they open fire and my crew tries to get the heck out.

As the rest of the crew try and get out of the blown off door, Hulka gets cut off and has to try to escape gimpy leg and heavy carapace armour an all.

The Enforcers have rounded the corner and begin shooting in earnest at my crew. The first to get knocked down is Alisa:

Fyord then gets hit and also goes down.

Finally everyone but Hulka eascapes out of the door. Hulka is all alone in the Factory at this point and has to run from one pile of crates to another taking cover and trying to avoid not only the Enforcers but the big monstrosity shooting at him with a heavy bolter.

With all of the Enforcers focusing on Hulka he somehow manages to evade capture and escapes through the door to safety!

It was such a nerve-wracking game when Hulka got cut off. I had to decide what to do, try and bring back my crew and try to rescue him or see if he could gut it out on his own. He somehow managed to not get hit TWICE! by a heavy bolter. And the enforcers just couldn't bring him down. He is obviously made of some tuff stuff.

The Monster was a really cool surprise that I didn't know about before the battle. I didn't get a very good picture of it so I will have to wait and see if my friend got a better pic of it before I can put it up.

These kind of game are really great because they are open-ended and have no set end turn. It also showed that this game can be played in a different style than what is normally expected from a 40k game or even a Necromunda game. Having a story and coming up with rules on the fly like driving the truck and ramming the door is great fun. I want to try and play more scenarios like this where there is a definite story and some loose rules to go with it. As the game progresses we can modify and make up new rules when we think of something that would be cool to happen during the game.

After the battle was over I decided to sell off the plasma cannon because we both felt it was a bit over powering to have in my crew. Also it was worth quite a bit of coin so that was nice. The other items I got were pretty awesome and will be put to good use by my crew.

Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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