Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mechanicus Requium: Big Game 2012

Mechanicus Requium:
The Fall of Treanda IV

My gaming group's annual Big Game is almost here! The weekend of February 25th is the date. This year we have someone new designing the game. He hasn't done a Big Game yet.

Luckily I am not doing it again. I did last year's Big Game and it turned out great but I put in a ton of work. It was a project where every day after work i would come home and build and paint for at least 3 hours a day. I did this for probably 3 or 4 months. I don't envy my friend's work on this year's game, but I am looking forward to playing in it.

His ideas for this year's game sound very cool and also fairly straight forward. Nothing too complicated which is good when you get 20 or more guys in a room rolling dice at the same time. The simpler the game the better the game.

The tables for this year's game are shaping up to be pretty awesome. There are 4 "island" tables connected by one bridge each to a central table where a large Mechanicus Facility is located. The central table also has a defensive wall/line where the Imperials will be holding back a force of orks that will probably be close 20,000 points.

There are models called 'menials' that the Imperial defenders will need to corral onto the main board from the 4 side bards to save them from the attack by Chaos and other Xenos forces. The attacking Chaos/Xenos forces are attempting to stop the 'menials' from escaping.

That is pretty much the main jist of the game.

Here are some shots of a table in progress:

This is the map of the whole layout:

On the map above the red lines on the outside of the islands represent landing zones where the attacker may each deploy there armies they are each supposed to be roughly 2 feet long. 2 of these lines per attacking player per island is where they can move onto the tables from.

The army I will be playing is Minotaur Space Marines. I am an attacker so my teammates will all be Xenos or Chaos. I need to come up with a fluff reason as to why I am attacking an Adeptus Mechanicus Facility.

I came up with the idea that perhaps its a political dispute between a particular High Lord of Terra with the particular branch of the Mechanicus that operates this facility. There was maybe a breach in negotiations for specific STC vehicles or weapons that would be manufactured and delivered to a region that the High Lord had ties to. I will expound on that idea in a future post I think.

The organizer of this Big Game wants us all to come up with 3 different army lists. They should be 4,000 points, 5,000 points, and 6,000 points. He wants us to do this so that when we are ready for the game, people can be playing against equal sized forces. I might end up playing a 4,000 point army and so is the other guy on my team on my table. Our opponents on the other side will then also have 8,000 points total.

I've come up with a 4,000 point army and additions to it to bring it to 5,000 and 6,000 points.

I will post these lists in a later blog post because I don't the lists on me at the moment.

Until next time.

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