Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Zorn Artefact Part1: The Hunt for the Caverns Batrep

So The first game we played I acted as the Game Master and controlled the Enforcers of Vrall. Yog'Sothoth and crew were tasked with the mission of interrogating townsfolk and searching buildings to find the entrance to underground caverns that supposedly exist below the town. They needed to accomplish this goal to get their leader, Miguel Quasar, back from Sargent Hulka who has been holding him captive.

They had to accomplish this whether they alerted the authorities to their presence or not. Although it would be easier to find the entrance without alerting the authorities.

Here is the battlefield:

The Enforcers of Vrall deploy in the center:

The Eldar sneak up to a building ready to interrogate a townsfolk:

The Eldar Sharpshooter Daemon prepares to get into a better position to survey the battlefield:

Yog'Sothoth prepares to give an Imperial Citizen the shakedown:

Daemon the Sharpshooter climbs up to get a better position and starts knocking off Enforcers. I think he shot 3 or 4 during the game. The Enforcers meanwhile spread out to try and catch the Eldar in the act:

Oblio and Hiro close in on another Citizen but an Enforcer tries to spoil their plans:

The Enforcers spot the Eldar and they send reinforcements in the form of a large Toad Armoured vehicle loaded with Enforcers of Vrall and Oblio takes aim:

The Enforcers disembark from their Toad ready to lay down the law on Oblio:

With time running out and the Enforcers now fully aware of the Eldar, Yog steps up and lays down his law with his flamer:

Hiro makes a break for it to try and get to a building further back. The Enforcers spot him and with a well-placed lasgun shot bring him down.

Yog'Sothoth powers up his powerfist and charges into an Enforcer hoping to knock him on his butt:

Yo'Sothoth is brought down by Enforcers, Hiro is knocked out of the game and unfortunately Oblio gets captured by Enforcers and taken off to the Precinct House. While Daemon the sharpshooter continues to snipe off Enforcers he eventually realizes that he is the only one left and decides to sneak off into the shadows and regroup:

With Oblio captured the Eldar gang is reduced to just three members. They failed in their mission to find either the entrance to the caverns or info leading to the entrance.

When news of their misfortune reaches Sargent Hulka he is not pleased. He decides to take all of Miguel's weapons and wargear and sell him off into slavery.

The next battle report is up next.


  1. That was a fun game! Well, a fun, report of a fun game.

    Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Thanks, we are really having a good time with the Book of The Arbitrator. Thanks for reading.