Monday, January 23, 2012

GBU V Results!

So this past Saturday I played in the Good The Bad and the Ugly V tournament and I did ok. I am not really a hardcore tournament player. I probably play in about 3 a year, usually really small local tournaments.

I should probably explain the reason I play in tournaments before I go any further.

I am a very competitive person when it comes to games. I play pool to win everytime, no matter who I am playing or where I am playing. Whenever i play a board game or card game or Magic or 40k I am the same way.

I enjoy the competition and in 40k tournaments I enjoy a very rigid style of playing where the rules are set in stone. The scenarios are very specific and its winner take all. I really enjoy playing this way. I do not enjoy demolishing my opponent as much as having a close fought game where I come out on top though.

I also enjoy a more relaxed environment which my Book of the Arbitrator games illustrate. I actually don't know which environment I prefer honestly.

Anyway, on to the results!

I played the Space Marine list that is in my previous post. I had some grand idea that with this list I could win games and show people that the vanilla codex was still competitive. Well I won one out of three.

The list I used has some large weaknesses. I feel theres not enough ap2 in the list. I think adding plasma guns and lascannons would add a lot to the list. I have some ideas on how to do this. I might post a new list tomorrow or some thing.

The first game illustrated nicely how weak this list is against death stars. I played against an ork army that had 2 units of meganobs. a 5 man with Grotsnik and a 9 man led by a warboss. These two units I could not kill.

His army consisted of the 5 nobs and Grotsnik in a trukk, the 9 man and warboss in a battlewagon, a 25 man squad of ard boyz, a 30 man squad of boyz, and i think only a 15 man squad of lootas. Not alot of units, but all he needed against me were really the nobs.

I blew up both of his vehicles almost immediately. I couldn't then kill enough of the orks from then on part of the scenario was kill points and those were the only two I ever got. I was able to make it a game because of my skimmers and rhinos moving to contest objectives. I only lost by like 4 or 5 battle points. I could have been worse.

My opponent in this game however was fantastic. He's the kind of guy that I would easily have over to my place for a few beers and some dice rolling any time. Great guy all around.

My second game was against Dark Eldar. This match up I was looking forward to. I have always done well against the Deldar. I know how to play them and have even almost tabled them before even with my chaos marine army.

This game was the best by far of the three games. It was an incredibly intense game. The first three turns were all me I was blowing up skimmers and killing those pesky Deldar troops like it was going out of style. Turns 4 and five the game totally swung in his favor and I thought for sure I would lose the game. It went to seven turns and it went all the way down to the last five minutes and I came back.

The game ended with me losing the primary objective but winning the secondary and tertiary and pulling out a small 9 to 8 win.

Great game, decent guy. I'd play him at a game store night any time.

The third game was against the new Necrons. It was my first game against the new codex and I wasn't sure what to expect. He took Imotek the Storm Lord. Imotek was the only reason I didn't blast him off the table. If we hadn't played night fight for the first 4 turns I would would have done much better. I lost that game 21 to 7.

For the third year in a row the Bad team won. It is really surprising that they would do so good when everyone on the interwebz says that the most powerful codexes are Imperial ones. Oh well.

My Impressions:


- Good people to play against

- Good Prize Support (Everyone on the winning team each year gets a box of GW figs in addition to all the individual prizes.)

- Good Terrain: well painted and was relatively easy to play with. (In fact I found out afterwards that most of the terrain there was brought up from Chicago and will be used at Adepticon this year.)

- Plenty of time per game (We had 2.5 hours per game for 1850pt games.)


- Players choice should have been separate from painting prize not added together

- Lighting was poor for about half the tables (But the space was free courtesy of the game shop that gave the organizers the space for the event. I can't really complain.)

I will be playing again next year if I can.

I came away from this tourney realizing that I haven't come up with a list I like at 1850 yet for my Marines. I will have to keep working on it.

Look for more updates with new lists soon!

Thanks for reading!

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