Sunday, October 28, 2012

RockCon Report Part 5 - Game 4 Battle Report: Iron Warriors Vs. Blood Angels

This battle was pretty fun and I don't get to play against the Blood Angels very often, so this was definitely a game I was looking forward to.

We played 2,000 points and I took the same army list I had used in the previous game.  If you want to see my army list just look at my previous post here.

His list was approximately:

HQ -
Captain in Terminator Armour with thunder hammer and storm shield

Elites -
5 Honor Guard in Razorback


Sanguinary priest

Troops -
10 assault marines with jump packs

10 assault marines with jump packs

10 tactical marines in a rhino

Fast -
Baal Predator

Storm Raven

Heavy -

We rolled up the mission randomly from the book and we got Purge the Alien with Vanguard strike deployment.

I was hoping for something different because I had already played Purge the Alien which is basically kill points with the 3 secondary objectives already this weekend and wanted to do something different.  I do love the Vanguard Strike deployment, however.

He got first turn.  But the Iron Warriors struck first.  A predator swung around and popped his Razorback, giving me first blood.

I then fired the other predator at his large terminator squad and killed one of them setting them on fire from the warpflame gargoyles.

I then also blew up a rhino he had in the backfield.

He then began moving his Vindicator over to flank my army and popped off a shot into the ruins killing several indentured Imperial Guard.

He continued his advance both up the middle and around the flank.  His Baal Predator continued moving and firing taking out a few marines in the ruins.

The basilisks then began to throw their weight around and blew a huge chunk out of his centrally advancing forces.

The large terminator squad on my right flank was being continually hammered by my Helbrute and both of my predators as well as some man-portable heavy weapons from the guard.  I forced a leadership test based on casualties and they decided it was time to retreat.  They fell back only to regroup the next turn as space marines are wont to do.

All of a sudden his Storm Raven comes flying onto the board guns blazing right into the center of my lines.  He fired and blew up one of my rhinos.  My marine squad loses a few models but is not pinned.

His assault squad with jump packs then fly into the ruins and assaults my marines squad after he had vaporized the guard squad in front of them with a well-placed vindicator round.

I then begin to move around my units to start reacting to this central push.

The next turn his other 10 man assault squad and dreadnought disembarks from the Storm Raven ready to wreak havoc on my central lines.

The assault squad in the ruins finishes off my chaos marine squad and his Baal Predator, Vindicator and 5 man Honor Guard squad continue their push towards my lines.  I lobbed a basi shell into the ruins to wipe out his remaining assault squad who killed my marine squad.

The honor guard emerge from the central ruins and assaults my guard command squad, wiping them out.

The assault squad that emerged from the Storm Raven also assaults my guard squad.

After killing the Guard command squad the honor guard moves into the ruined building.

The assault squad rips apart my guard squad with their lightning clawed leader heading the charge.

At this point my whole army turns to begin the counter punch.  Morgoth's rhino moves through the ruins.  His squad disembarks along with the other marine squad who were in their rhino.  Both of those squad along with the marine squad in the rubble of their rhino open fire on the assault squad blasting them to little bits.

The Predators and Dreadnought fire on the Blood Angels Dreadnought blowing off an arm.

The marines in the ruins fire on the honor guard.  At the end of that turns shooting phase, the honor guard had been wiped from the board.

The Blood Angels shoot back blowing up one of my rhinos and killing the squad within.

At this point its end of turn 5 and a die was rolled.  The game ended.  The Blood Angels ended up on top.

He had 7 kill points to my 4 plus one for First Blood.  It was a good game and could have swung back in my favour potentially if it had gone to 6 or 7 turns.

The Warpflame Gargoyles did help a bit.  They set the Terminators on fire and kept them on fire for most of the game.  It did kill one or two terminators, so that's something.

I think the Basilisks did a great job the second game in a row.  Indirect fire strength 9 ap 3 big blasts are fantastic.  Not that they weren't before, but it has been a long time since I played with them.  I am happy that 6th ed has allowed me to play with them with my Iron Warriors again.

The next game was my 5th and final game of the weekend and it featured my Iron Warriors versus Eldar.

Coming soon.

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