Monday, October 22, 2012

RockCon Report Part 1

Well RockCon has come and gone again.  It seems to go by so quickly.  I had a great time as always.  I saw a bunch of friends I hadn't seen in a long time and got to play a bunch of games of 40k (5 to be precise).  I bought a bunch of stuff as well.

I am going to start off this part 1 of my report with some pics of what I bought at the 'con.

Here is the stuff I got from The Bitz Guy:

The owner is a great guy and he has a store in Toledo.  Its called The Game Room.

I got some Ramshackle games minis from one booth and I won a raffle for 4 Wreck Age miniatures

Here are two of the Ramshackle Minis:

Here are two Ramshackle minis and an old Primaris Psyker and a Engineseer with no arms:

This Ramshackle guy I thought was really cool.  He's got some sort of groovy orb in one hand and what looks like a powerfist in the other:

Here are 3 of the Wreck Age figs.  I thought they could be cool for our Book of the Arbitrator games:

One of my buddies showed up and sold me a Valkyrie and 3 Chimeras.  One is unassembled andthe other two are partially assembled.  As you can see I got a total of three chimera chassis mainly for my other friend Mark who is assembling a guard army and I thought he could use some cheap chimeras.

I want to show off some of the other 40k games my friends were playing throughout the weekend.  We always set up a large area for open gaming and we like to showcase our armies and our terrain.  We have an unwritten rule of 'painted-armies only' especially for events such as this.  Here are some pics of games in progress:

In the next post I will begin the first battle report of the first game I played of the weekend on Friday afternoon.

Until then.......


  1. Those ramshackle figs are brilliant! The orb and powerklaw guy is amazing.

  2. Nice one Jay. Whose death corps army is that?

  3. Its Space Wolves Dan's army. He got a great deal on a couple of Infantry squads and a command squad off of Ebay. The paint job is his and I think they are really well done. He did a great job with doing a 'realistic' paint job on them.

    This is only part one. I meant to do the second part of my RockCon recap yesterday and just didn't get to it. I think later this evening I will try to post the second part, which will be my battle report of my first game.