Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chaos Codex Armory Review

The armory section of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex is a feature that hasn't been seen in a codex for quite a while.  The armory went out of style with the 4th edition codexes.  All 5th edition codexes got rid of it and replaced the options for wargear that a unit could select in the unit entry itself.

This codex still has wargear and weapon options in the unit entries but allows the characters in the unit to purchase an unlimited points amount of wargear from specific sections of the armory which they named 'Chaos Wargear List'.

The sections are broken down into seven sections.  They are labeled: Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Terminator Weapons, Special Issue Wargear, Chaos Rewards, Chaos Artefacts and Marks of Chaos.

Melee Weapons are what you'd expect with the Chain Axe being a new weapon.  The ranged weapons are the same thing, combi's and plasma pistol.  The terminator options are again what you'd expect.

The Special Issue Wargear is not quite as interesting as it sounds.  This section is reserved for Lords and Sorcerors only.  There is Blight Grenades, Melta bombs, Jump pack, bike and the new one Sigil of Corruption.  The Sigil gives you a 5+ invulnerable save.

Chaos Rewards is where it gets cool.  All the HQ options get access to this section.
Soerceror's should probably take Spell familiars so they can re-roll psychic checks.
Aura of Dark Glory and Gift of Mutation are good for close combat oriented characters for the 4+ invo save and the roll on the boon chart.
This section also has the different steeds; one for each god.  All of them are good and should be considered for cc characters.

Chaos Artefacts is the next section.  This section is available for all of the HQs as well.
The Dimensional Key is a really interesting option.  It needs to be unlocked, which is super cool.  Once its unlocked your deepstrikers do not scatter!   I love it from a fluff/character perspective! And think of the modeling possibilities......
The Burning Brand of Skallathrax is going to be staple in my army.  A Warpsmith with the Brand is a nasty combo.  He can shoot the flamer on his Mechatendrils AND The Brand which is a torrent ap 3 flamer!
There are a couple of Daemon weapons as well which are pretty cool(The Murder Sword being the one where you pick an enemy HQ before the game and it becomes gross against that HQ).  And the Scrolls of Magnus are a great psychic power enhancer.

The Marks of Chaos section simply tells you how many points they are for the characters who take them.

I like the fact that all the Artefacts have stories about where they come from which is actual stories in the fluff.  Some of their back stories have been in the official background for years.  The Burning Brand for example is the flamer that Kharn The Betrayer used on the night he was dubbed the Betrayer, where he burned his own men because of the fit of rage he was in at Skalathrax.

I also want to touch on the Vehicle Equipment Section.  The Havoc Missile Launcher has gone down in points but is exactly the same as the last codex otherwise.  The Dirge Caster now stops Overwatch fire within 6" of the vehicle.  Vindicators can now take Siege Shields and the Khorne Destroyer upgrade is back from the 3.5 ed codex.  Warpflame Gargoyles; however, is the star of this section my opinion.  The gargoyles give the upgraded tank's weapons Soul Blaze.  This allows your tanks to continue damaging the enemy's units after you have finished shooting it.  I feel this is an amazing damage multiplier and is perfect for predators, land raiders and rhinos (when equipped with a Havoc launcher and a second combi-bolter).

I was going to do the battle report with this post but I decided to do this post so Mark could get an idea of the options in the codex and what I feel is neat in there.

Up next.....Bat Rep

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  1. Well, thanks man! I do appreciate the summary, it is hard to slog through stuff around town in the limited time I've got.

    What do you need to do to unlock the Dimensional Key (or rather, the lock)? Sounds like a good campaign goal or mini-quest...