Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Game 2012 Part III

And welcome to the third and final part of the Battle Report for the 2012 big game.

We will start off with more Daemons arriving to take on the Marines Errant and the Space Wolves. (He got wiped out fairly quickly so we decided that the Daemon player should get another 2,000 points so he could stay in the game until the end.)

At this stage of the game the Chaos Marines/Traitor Guard had taken care of the Loyalist Guard contingent and began pushing onto the bridge trying to make it to the Citadel on the main board.

Quite the log jam!

The Blood Angels and Dragon Lords Assault Marines clash with Chaos Marines.

The Ultramarines continue to hold the Thousand Sons back from the Habs.

At this point the game is winding down and I've nearly cleaned up the main board of the Orks.

Chaos Marines and Guard have reached the main board!

The Thousand Sons corrupted Leman Russ continues to fire on the Ultramarines.

The Attacking General uses some command points and moves the entire Nurgle Death Guard army from the Blood Angels / Dragon lords table over to the Space wolves table.

My Minotaurs move in for the kill.

Meanwhile the main assault force of the Orks that I have ignored have made it to the Citadel and I am now apparently needed to help deal with them.

Ghazkull tries to make it through the screen of Chimeras to get at the leg of the Titan.

The orks continue their assault of the Citadel.

Chronos leads a team of devastators up onto a bridge.

The Orks' rear-guard has been all but annihilated.

The Blood Angels' Storm Raven flies over to the main board to take out the Trator Marines and Guard who made it over the bridge.

A squad of Burna Boyz starts working their way up the bridge to confront the marines and Chronos stops his Devastators in their tracks.

With the Orks' rear guard defeated, the Minotaurs mount up their remaining Battle Brothers and begin their advance to the Citadel.

Now you see the Citadel.

Now you don't.

And here is the guy who finally did it.

So the battle swung from the Defenders having a huge margin of battle points in the beginning to losing right at the end. While I slaughtered more Orks in this game than I think I ever have before, I didn't stop them from getting to the Citadel like I probably should have.

Anyways, great game and I look forward to next year.

Oh and here is my favorite picture from the whole weekend:

Until next time, when I will have pics of my tunnel terrain.....

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