Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Big Game 2012 Battle Report Part 2

Here is the second part of the Big Game 2012 Battle Report.

At this point in the game we were still just getting started. It was still Friday night. I was just starting to get my army in and I began to dismantle the ork rearguard.

The Ork's main assault had almost reached the guard's lines. The Rock N Rolla Stompa was very close to flattening a bunch of guardsmen.

Meanwhile The Dragonlords and Blood Angels were in position to attack the traitor marines en force.

Led by Astorath the Grim, a huge force of assault marines gather in preparation for the assault to come.

The Ultramarines and the Thousand Sons are now coming to grips and the battle is escalating on their board.

The faster elements of the Ultramarines try to outflank the Thousand Sons.

At around 11pm the world clock stops and we take a break from 40k until Saturday. Some of us just hang out and talk others start playing other board games. I decided to have a few more beers and listen to music and talk about the game.

The next morning we slowly make our way to the battlefield. Here is an overview picture of all of the boards.

As day two begins I renew my assault on the Ork forces.

The Blood Angels and Traitor Marines close the distance and the assault continues.

The Marines Errant and the Space Wolves move out of their defensive positions and take the fight to the Tau.

The view from the Imperial Guard's position. Not a pretty sight.

A view from the top of the Citadel. Notice the awesome lights we added to some piece of terrain. I though it was really awesome.

The Ultramarines and Thousand Sons continue their battle with a land raider lending support.

Asterion Moloc of the Minotaurs is down to one wound and his combat is not going according to plan. 30 Orks boys is nothing to scoff at.

Astorath leads a huge cadre of jump pack troops into the heart of the enemy's lines.

The Marines Errant and the Space Wolves continue their struggle against the Tau and Daemons over the Power Regulators.

More Khorne Daemons materialize right in front of the Space Wolves' lines.

I am down to one terminator in the assault. I have decided to let him die and then that will open up the door for me to eliminate the rest of that ork squad next turn.

Deffkoptas have now reached the teleporter next to the bridge which is bad news for the defenders.

High Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi leads a squad of Vanguard Veterans into the remnants of the Ork squad to take vengeance for the death of his master.

At this point I have the Ork rearguard under control. I am beginning to worry, however, that I have missed an opportunity to stop the orks from reaching the Citadel. I have been focusing all of my efforts to kill all of them, while their main assault lines have begun breaking the Guard.

Next up will be part 3 and it should be the final installment of the Big Game 2012 battle report.

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