Monday, March 26, 2012

Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi and Tunnel Terrain!

I finally painted up the High Chaplain of the Minotaurs which I converted almost a year ago. Of course now Forgeworld comes out with a resin model of him. Anywho, I will probly buy it at some point, but until then here is the fig I will use:

I have begun working on the terrain for my split-level board for the Book of the Arbitrator scenario I came up with. I worked on it all weekend while listening to podcasts.

I started out with a hot-wire styrofoam cutter. I cut a bunch of packing foam inserts into shapes I liked that could pass for rock and glued them with white glue onto pieces of corrugated card board.

Then I began working with some Balsa wood. I made a bunch of ladders and the elevators that can transport guys from one level to another.

After that I built some bridges from Demo's Laser Cut Designs and also made a little platform.

Then I began work on one of the doors that will lead into the main chamber where the Tech Priest will be.

I used some land raider doors and balsa wood.

I decided to lay everything out that I had finished on Saturday. This was before I had finished most of the Balsa wood terrain.

I then finished all of the balsa wood and foam terrain for the tunnel portion of the board and laid it all out.

The night we are playing this game is two weeks away so I have quite a bit of work to do. I am going to start painting tonight and will continue to share my progress here on the blog.

Until next time...


  1. Looks fantastic! Excited to see it all painted and set up with figs upon, etc. inspiring stuff, i REALLY need to get onto my own terrain project.

    PS - I like your Chaplain better than the new FW Minotaurs one.

    1. Thanks alot! I like my chaplain alot too. I based it off of the Legion of the Damned Sargent.

      I have begun painting up the terrain and have a few pictures of the stuff I've painted. I will post it up here today in a little bit.