Friday, March 23, 2012

Deathwatch and New Forgeworld

The big news today of course is Forgeworld just released models for the Minotaurs Chapter Master Asterion Moloc and Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi. Check em out they are pretty darn cool:

And also the Raper Laser Destroyer with Space Marine Crew:

I must admit I want both of them.

And in other news last night I played my first game of Deathwatch, the Fantasy Flight 40k RPG.

I played an Iron Hand Devastator marine with a Heavy Bolter named Vaylund. I was teamed up with two other marines one was an assault marine from the Blood Angels with a jump pack and the other was a Dark Angel Ravenwing biker. I had missed the previous session which was the first session. Apparently our Inquisitor Silas Marr had gotten an Inquisitorial distress signal from a planet and we were sent down via drop pod to check it out.

The first session also had two other marines, one a librarian and one a techmarine of the Black Templars. In this session their players were not able to play.

The game started out with me finally getting untangled from the harness in the drop pod (that was the explanation of the reason I wasn't in the first game) and then shortly there after the Librarian let out a cry and collapsed onto the ground. We decided that the Techmarine should watch over him at the drop pod while we continued on with our investigation.

We sent the biker out on a recce mission to close in on an agri settlement where the signal was coming from. He closed in on a L-Shaped building with 6 large silos attached to it and found a door that was blown open from the inside.

Once that was reported back to us, the Blood Angel and I decided to check it out. The two of us entered the building and got surprised by a Combat Servitor going out of control. I noticed it immediately and began firing my heavy bolter I hit it 4 times and it exploded covering us with gore.

After that we looked around the building and decided there was nothing of real interest and then left.

The biker decided again it would be a good idea to zoom through the gaps in the silos to look for clues as to the source of the transmission. He got ambushed by about 14 orks.

He barely got out of that and led the orks back closer to myself and the Blood Angel. At this point I opened fire again and for 5 turns I blasted away orks. I had killed 6 of them when the assault marine finally charged into combat with the two remaining orks. He killed them after several rounds.

At this point we ended the session for the night.

Well this being the first time playing as a PC in a 40kRPG, I had a good time. It was very combat oriented, maybe more so than I would have liked, but fun none the less.

I've GMed many games of Dark Heresy and one Rogue Trader game but never played in one. I think the last time I was a player was around 2003. I played a Dwarf Fighter in D&D 2nd Ed and then a Psuedo Street Samurai in Shadowrun.

We will be playing every two weeks on Thursdays and I can't wait for the next game. I am painting up my character who I will share on here once he's done.

Coming up next the much delayed final part 3 of The Big Game 2012 Battle Report.

I am also going to take some more pictures of some Minotaur stuff I've done and also more info and pictures of my underground mine terrain for an upcoming game of Book of the Arbitrator.

Until then...

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